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Clifford SmartWindows 4 Operating Instructions Manual

Made by: Clifford
Type: Operating Instructions
Category: Car Alarm
Pages: 2
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SmartWin dows 4 Op er at ing Instructions


ongratulations on your purchase of the Clifford

SmartWindows 4, a G4 system accessory. Your

Clifford G4 system is SmartWindows 4 ready and

will automatically close your car’s power windows every

time you arm your Clifford G4 vehicle security system

with the system’s remote control. 

Re mote con trolled fea tures

  Auto Close upon re mote arming  

When you arm your G4 system with the system’s remote

control, SmartWindows 4 will automatically close the two

power windows it controls. If you have two SmartWindows 4

modules installed (to control four power windows), the

second set of windows will AutoClose when the first pair

have completely shut. For safety reasons, the windows will

not AutoClose when your Clifford system AutoArms.

One- time by pass of Auto Close

To arm your system 


 closing the windows, turn the

ignition on and off rapidly. You’ll hear a siren chirp to

confirm the windows will 


 AutoClose when you remotely

arm. (This also invokes the AutoArming Bypass feature

noted in your G4 system manual.) Normal operation is

restored when you next disarm.

  Re mote con trolled vent ing  

To vent the windows on hot days, press button combination 


 (or LevelShift once, then button 1 on the

5-button remote, if so equipped) within 10 seconds of

remotely arming the system. Your installing dealer can adjust

the ventilation opening to the exact amount you desire. 

Mul ti ple vent ing

Pressing this button combination again within the same 10

seconds will further vent the windows by the same increment.

  Re mote con trolled open ing  

Press the button combination noted above within 10 seconds 

of remotely disarming the system to fully open the windows.

  Re mote Quick Stop  

For safety purposes, you can instantly reverse window closure 

by disarming with button 

 or button 1.


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In te rior fea tures

  Touch Down  

Inside the vehicle, simply tap the down-side of the

window switch to fully open the window without

having to continuously hold the switch.


Similarly, a tap up of the switch will fully close the


  In te rior QuickStop  

A tap of the window switch (in either direction) while

it is moving will immediately halt movement. To roll a

window halfway down, for example, you may tap the

down-side of the window’s switch (invoking

TouchDown), then tap again and the window will halt.

  Safety Fea tures  

SmartWindows 4, in addition to the QuickStop safety

features,  can detect obstructions and

electromechanical failures. In such cases, it will

automatically halt movement.

Lim ited fac tory war ranty terms & con di tions

Clif ford ve hi cle se cu rity sys tems and ac ces so ries re quire pro fes sional 

in stal la tion by an Authorized Clif ford Dealer. Un less the sys tem is

sold and in stalled by an Authorized Clif ford Dealer, all prod uct

war ran ties and guar an tees are void. (UK: This does not affect your

statutory rights.) As the manu fac turer, Clif ford Elec tron ics war rants

to the origi nal con sumer pur chaser, the sys tem con trol unit to be free

from de fects in ma te rial and work man ship for one (1) year from the

date of pur chase. Clif ford Elec tron ics will re pair or re place, at its

op tion and free of charge dur ing the war ranty pe riod, any sys tem

com po nent that proves de fec tive in ma te rial or work man ship un der

nor mal in stal la tion, use, and serv ice, pro vided the prod uct is

re turned to our fac tory by an Authorized Clifford Dealer,

trans por ta tion charges pre paid. Prod ucts re turned to our fac tory must

be ac com pa nied by a pho to copy of the pur chase re ceipt. In the

ab sence of such pur chase re ceipt, the war ranty pe riod shall be one (1)

year from the date of manu fac ture. Any dam age to the prod uct(s) as a

re sult of mis use, abuse, ne glect, ac ci dent, in cor rect wir ing, im proper

in stal la tion, de struc tion or al tera tion of the se rial number, re pair or

al tera tion out side our fac tory, or any use vio la tive of in struc tions

fur nished by us will void the war ranty. This war ranty is lim ited to

de fec tive parts and spe cifi cally ex cludes any in ci den tal or

con se quen tial dam ages con nected there with. This warranty is not

transferable. Clif ford Elec tron ics makes no war ranty against theft.

This war ranty is not to be con strued as an in sur ance pol icy against

loss. War ranty on in stal la tion la bor, re moval and re in stal la tion

charges are not the re spon si bil ity of Clif ford Elec tron ics, Inc.

© Copyright Clifford Electronics 1999               31-293A/SW4om/0399