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Clifford IntellVoice 4 Operation Instruction Manual

Made by: Clifford
Type: Operation Instruction
Category: Car Alarm
Pages: 2
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In tel li Voice 4 Op era tion In struc tions


on gratu la tions on your purchase of the Clifford IntelliVoice 4, a G4 system accessory.

Your Clifford G4 vehicle security system is IntelliVoice 4 ready and will automatically

provide the following human voice synthesis features.

  Arm ing  

When you arm your Clifford G4 vehicle security system with its remote control, IntelliVoice 4 

will announce 


 instead of the usual siren double-chirp confirmation.

  Dis arm ing  

When you remotely disarm, IntelliVoice 4 will announce 


 instead of the usual

single-chirp confirmation.

  Full pe rime ter pro tec tion  

If someone brings his hands and face to the window to see what is inside your vehicle, a verbal 

warning will sound: 


If the

person continues to linger near your vehicle,


IntelliVoice 4 will issue a second warning:



  Im me di ate alarm sound ing  

If someone actually leans into the passenger compartment, the verbal warnings are bypassed

and the full alarm sounds immediately.

  Si lenc ing voice ac knowl edg ments and warn ings  

You may use your G4 system’s chirp muting feature to silence the




 announcements. The warning messages will not be effected.

If you wish to switch from the voice synthesis to your G4 system’s standard siren chirps and

sounds, you may do so using the remote control button combination noted in your G4

system’s user’s manual. IntelliVoice 4 will issue a door-bell-like acknowledgment when you do 

so. Repeating the remote control button combination restores IntelliVoice 4 to normal

operation (confirmed with two door-bell-like chimes).

  Auto matic re mote con trol low- battery warn ing  

If your remote control battery is low, you’ll hear a low-pitched chirp when you disarm instead of

the “DISARMED” acknowledgment.  Replacement remote control batteries are available from

any Authorized Clifford Dealer.

  Chime upon re mote arming  

If the door-bell-like chime sounds immediately after you arm, IntelliVoice 4 is warning you

that the hood or trunk is open. If the chime sounds 5-10 seconds after the “ARMED”

acknowledgment, a sensor is active.

Ver bal di ag nos tic

If you receive the chime upon arming, disarm, enter the vehicle and turn on the ignition.

IntelliVoice 4 will verbally name the trigger or sensor that was active when you armed.


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  Chime upon re mote dis arm ing  

If the chime sounds after you disarm, IntelliVoice 4 is alerting you that there was an intrusion

attempt made on your vehicle while you were away

Ver bal identification  

If you receive the chime upon disarming, IntelliVoice 4 will verbally name the trigger or

sensor that was tripped while you were away when you turn on the ignition.

  About the Digi tal Dual- Zone Prox im ity Sen sor 4  

The Digital Dual-Zone Proximity Sensor 4 is a radar sensor that detects movement both

inside the passenger compartment and several inches to a foot outside the windows and

soft-top (if you have a convertible). IntelliVoice 4 uses this sensor (whether it was standard

on your particular G4 system or was added as an option) to detect such movement. The

sensor’s radar waves pass through nonmetallic materials like plastic, carpet, glass and wood.

However, metal and metallic paint, plastic and even some metallic window tinting materials

will interfere with or completely block the radar waves. As such, it is not unusual that the

Proximity Sensor zones may need a little readjustment when you first have the system

installed. In some instances, your Clifford installer may need to try a different location for the


If needed, you or your installing Clifford Dealer can adjust sensitivity of these sensor zones as

noted in your owner’s manual. To prevent falsing, system sensors are bypassed when the

engine is remotely started (if you have the IntelliStart 4 option). 

Metal above or near the Proximity Sensor will have a significant impact on
operation. You should not place coins, CDs, cassettes (due to the iron oxide
tape) or other metallic objects above or near where the sensor is mounted.

  Cliff Net Wiz ard soft ware  

With the free CliffNet Wizard software and an optional #60-539 CliffNet Replicator, you can 

plug your Windows PC into your Clifford system to gain extensive feature control: you can

select the language (English, Spanish, German or Dutch), set the volumes of the interior and

exterior voice, alter the pitch of the chirps, and make other interactive adjustments. See

www.clifford.com/wizard for details.

Lim ited fac tory war ranty terms & con di tions

Clif ford ve hi cle se cu rity sys tems and ac ces so ries re quire pro fes sional in stal la tion  by an Authorized Clif ford

Dealer. Un less the sys tem is sold and in stalled by an Authorized Clif ford Dealer, all prod uct  war ran ties and

guar an tees are void. (UK: This does not affect your statutory rights.) As the manu fac turer, Clif ford

Elec tron ics war rants to the origi nal con sumer pur chaser, the sys tem con trol unit to be free from de fects in

ma te rial and work man ship for one (1) year from the date of pur chase. Clif ford Elec tron ics 

will re pair or

re place, at its op tion and free of charge dur ing the war ranty pe riod, any sys tem com po nent  that proves de fec tive 

in ma te rial or work man ship un der nor mal in stal la tion, use, and serv ice, pro vided the prod uct is  re turned to

our fac tory by an Authorized Clifford Dealer, trans por ta tion charges pre paid. Prod ucts re turned to our fac tory

must be ac com pa nied by a pho to copy of the pur chase re ceipt. In the ab sence of such pur chase re ceipt, the

war ranty pe riod shall be one (1) year from the date of manu fac ture. Any dam age to the prod uct(s) as a re sult of

mis use, abuse, ne glect, ac ci dent, in cor rect wir ing, im proper in stal la tion, de struc tion or al tera tion of the se rial 

number, re pair or al tera tion out side our fac tory, or any use vio la tive of in struc tions fur nished by us will void

the war ranty. This war ranty is lim ited to de fec tive parts and spe cifi cally ex cludes any in ci den tal or

con se quen tial dam ages con nected there with. This warranty is not transferable. Clif ford Elec tron ics makes

no war ranty against theft. This war ranty is not to be con strued as an in sur ance pol icy against loss. War ranty

on in stal la tion la bor, re moval and re in stal la tion charges are not the re spon si bil ity of Clif ford Elec tron ics, Inc.

© Copyright Clifford Electronics 1999                                                                                31-593A/IV4om/0399