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Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Manual

Made by: Click & Grow
Type: Manual
Category: Lawn and Garden Equipment
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Plant Capsule






2. Name your plants 

1. Insert the plant pods

Happy growing!

3. Fill the tank

Let’s get started!  

4. Plug the garden in

Pour water into the tank until the water 
level indicator reaches the top of the 
garden. Don’t overwater. It’s time to 
refill the tank once the water level 
indicator reaches the bottom of it.

Your garden will start running the 
minute you plug it in. To make sure the 
lamp isn’t bright when you sleep, plug 
your garden in during the morning. This 
will set the lamp’s automatic cycle of 
16-hours on, 8-hours off to your 
waking hours.

The Smart Garden comes with two 
lamp arm extensions, which should be 
used to raise the lamp when the plants 
start reaching it. Simply lift up the lamp  
and add the extensions between. Push 
the lamp back on to the extensions 
and you’re good to go.

NB! When starting with new plants 
remove the extension so that the lamp 
is back in its lowest position.

Notice that the Smart Garden comes 
with a narrow groove on the tank, 
lamp and extensions. The groove is 
designed to hide the power cord for a 
sleeker and cleaner look. Simply push 
the wire into it and lock it from the 
bottom of the tank.

5. Fit the power cord

6. Use the lamp arm 

extensions once the 

plants reach the lamp

50.7 us fl oz / 1.5L

Remove the Smart Soil pods from their packages 
and insert them to the plant cups as shown above. 
Click the U-shaped lids in place and add the clear 
germination domes. 

Germination domes create a greenhouse effect 
and help your plants grow.  Remove the domes 
once the sprouts reach them. 

3x germination dome

3x Smart Soil pod

3x U-shaped lid

3x plant cup

1x water tank

1x lamp

2x lamp arm 


(use later) 

Keep track of your plants by labeling 
each plant cup. The plant cups are 
reusable so use a washable marker or 
a sticker to be able to change plant 
names on your next growing cycle.

How does it work?

Chili Pepper

Wild Strawberry

Yellow Tomato

Dwarf Pea


The user-logic of the Click & Grow gardens is similar to that of Nespresso 
and Keurig capsule coffee machines only instead of coffee capsules, we 
offer biodegradable pre-seeded plant pods through our website. 

Whenever you've used up your edibles, replanted your flowers or feel like 
it's time to try a new plant, head to clickandgrow.com to order refills. 

The easiest way to always have plant pods on hand, is to subscribe to 
automatic deliveries through our website. Save in time and money! 

Head to our online store and choose from a variety of herbs, fruiting 
plants, salad greens, flowers and other decorative plants. We are 
constantly improving our selection. To be the first to know about 
upcoming plants and receive special offers, subscribe to our mailing list 
on the website.

*Just a few examples of the plants available.


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Go to support.clickandgrow.com

for help and support. 

Welcome to your

Smart Garden 3

You can expect sprouts to appear in 1–3 weeks.

Personalize the lamp cycle.

Pro Tips for A Perfect Garden

Remember to:

Remove the germination domes once the plants have sprouted.
Adjust the lamp height with extensions when the plants start reaching it. 
Letting the plants grow too close to the lamp is not good for them.
Keep the float level with the top of the garden by adding water when it 
reaches the bottom of it. Make sure not to overfill!
Keep the plastic plant cups and domes. They are reusable for your next 
growing experience.

Different plants grow at different paces, so some of them will sprout within 
a week, while for others it may take up to 3 weeks. Be patient!

The lamp has an automatic cycle: 16 hours on, 8 hours off. The cycle starts 
the minute you plug your lamp in. To reset the lamp’s schedule, unplug the 
garden and then plug it in at the time of day when you want the cycle to 
start. Easy as that!

Your garden comes with a full warranty.

In the rare case your garden has any defects, let us know! 
We’ll exchange it for a new one within the first 12 months from purchase.

Please help us to track the faulty unit and understand at which point in 
production the anomaly occurred, by providing the units serial number 
when contacting support. It is on the bottom of your garden. Plant pods 
serial number is on their package. In any case, our support team is happy 
to assist you!

Plant care tips:


 prefer growing at temperatures from 64 to 79 °F (18 to 26 °C). 

Herbs like to be cut! First harvest is feasible usually after 3 weeks of 
planting the pods. It is a common rule to leave at least two pairs of true 
leaves to grow, soon there will be more to harvest. Use sharp scissors for 
a cut, don’t tear the plant. Never allow herbs to grow so tall that they will 
reach the lamp. They might get burnt. Most herb pods will last at least for 
10 weeks. 

Tip against food waste!

 Extend using time by drying 

harvested herbs on a clean paper towel at room temperature, hidden 
from direct sunlight. Store it in a sealed jar until next cooking.

Fruiting plants

 prefer warmer temperatures up to 79 °F (26 °C). If 

multiple seeds germinate per one pod, leave one seedling to grow per 
plant pod to ensure enough space and nutrients for the plant to grow. 
Once your plant is flowering, it needs to be pollinated by hand in order 
to produce fruits. For that, gently shake your plant or carry pollen from 
one blossom to the next with your finger or with a small brush.

Flowers and other decorative plants

 do not require much care. It is only 

needed to remove some withered leaves or flowers for more beautiful 
looking plants. Expect first flowers in about 50 days after planting the 
pods. Foliage decorative plants, except trees, can be trimmed in order to 
keep them full and low.

Salad greens

 prefer growing at temperature range of 64 to 72 °F (18 to 

22 °C) for best performance. Higher temperatures will decrease germi-
nation. For best quality it is recommended to harvest greens 30 to 35 
days after planting - all at once. If you prefer harvesting periodically by 
cutting off larger outer leaves first - do it within the first 40 days to avoid 
decreased plant quality. 

Tip against food waste! 

Extend using time by 

storing harvested greens wrapped in moist kitchen towel in a fridge.