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ClicClock Q50 User Manual

Made by: ClicClock
Type: User Manual
Category: Watch
Pages: 9
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User Manual 




Please read this quick start user guide carefully before using. 

The illustration in this quick start user guide is for reference   

only,please refer to the actual product. 


Product parameters 



MHz/L1,1575.42MHz C/A code 

GPS watch /GPS positioning   

accuracy:5-15 meters 

Base station location accuracy: 

100 ~ 1000 meters 

GPS channel number:22 channel 


Content in Box 

The watch                                                             


USB charging line                                               


The instructions                                                   











1.Preparation before use 

(1)Check all the accessories if they are complete. 

(2)Choose the SIM card which match to the GSM network, you can refer   

            to opinions of the dealer.(Power off before you insert the SIM card) 

(3)The SIM card need to open the GPRS function and call screening   


(4)Install the APP on the phone,you can ask the dealer if you don't know   

how to download it. 

(5)The bar code and QR code is used to registered users. 


2.Product function 

  GPS+ base station localization way 

  You can control it via mobile client. 

  GPRS real-time positioning, tracking, monitoring 

Phone book 



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 Alarm clock 

 Electronic fence 

  SOS for help 

  Warning if watch was taken down 

  Warning if low power 

  Remote Power Off 

Touch to add the friends (only some models and function   

is optional) 






Instruction of buttons 

The picture is for reference only, please make adjust depends on the real watch 

Button 1

Press for enter the “touch to add friend” interface. The watch( don’t have friend) can add 

friend by touching. Long press to start recording, then release the watch for send the message   

Button 2

Long press for power on; in the main interface,long press for voice recording, release for 

sending the voice message to the APP; short press for hang up the incoming call. 

Button 3

Short press enter the phone book, then short press for choose phone number, long press 

for dialing, The phone number in the phone book can make double talk with the watch . If you 


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have set the family number 2 in the APP, you can long press to dialing the family number3 


Button 4

If the APP have setting SOS number, long press SOS button for dialing, if got no answer, 

the watch will call the family number one by one. When you have incoming call, short press to 

answer the incoming call. when you got voice message,short press for play the voice message   


5.Mobile client operate instructions 

5.1 APP register( Note:Please choose the right language and region before register) 

Register first before login in please. Input the ID number(The registration code/ID is on the back 

cover of the watch) in the APP. the device name can not be empty,the family number must be 

real(when you lost the password, you can use this number find the password ), the password can 

be change( 6-12 letters or Numbers ), The registration interface is as below: You can get your 




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5.2 Login 

APP Functional menu interface 

Enter the correct account and password in the APP interface and click   

login, then you can enter the main interface. The picture is shown as   





Function description 


(1)Intercom: watches and app voice dialogue.Mobile phone can   

also send text to watches, the text can be read in watches    directly. 

App sends the voice: after start the recording, APP starts recording, 

then sent it to watch. The longest speech is for 15 seconds.Press the   

SOS key to play the tape. 

Watch recording: Press the power button for 3 seconds to start   

recording, then sent the tape after loosen the watch,the longest   

recording is for 15 seconds.APP receive voice prompt information   


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(The time of receiving voice is related to network status). 

(2)Map: check the position of the watch at any time 

The interface of map can display the location of the watch and mobile   

phone APP.Click on "localization" watch then start real-time positioning   

for 3 minutes, upload interval is 10 seconds and restore to the default   

operating mode after 3 minutes. 

Setting: set all the parameters of the watch. 




Set SOS number: After connection with your mobile phone, you could   

choose 3 numbers in your phonebook to save as emergency contact   

persons. In emergency, you can long press the SOS key for 3 seconds   

to alarm. If the call is answered, it won't dial any more,or it will keep   

dialing until the second round finished. 

Listening:General settings for the parent number, watch dial the   

number    be set initiatively after determine, Watch can't hear the 

  sound of the phone, Mobile phones can listening watch. 

Don't disturb period: The three period of watches to block all calls. 

SMS alerts Settings: low power, SOS, Remove the watch . Three alarm   

message switch. 

Baby contacts: You can set a contacts list included 10 person. 


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The phone book

The watch can be set    10 phone    numbers, and   

these 10 phone numbers can dial the watch with each other, is a   

 two-way conversation. 

Restore the default work mode: The default work mode: open the GPS   

24 hours per day, upload interval of 10 minutes. 

Remote power off: The watch can

t power off by the power off key when 

it is starting up and normal working. 

Touch to add the friends:Add or delete friends. 

(4)Electronic fence

Fence minimum radius is 500 meters, it will produce   

the alarm of the fence when a user walk outside of the fence. 

(5)Love reward: Select the number of hearts on the app and click the   

determine key, then the information will be sent to watch. And the screen   

will show love hearts and number. 

(6)Watch alarm: can installed three alarm clock, alarm clock can be set   

according to their own requirements. 

(7)Looking for watch: You can send this instruction when your watch lost,   

the watch will ring the bell for a minute, then you can look for your watch,   

and you can press any key to stop ringing the bell. 


Attention: You can find the ID number in the iquipment lise, if this ID do not match the ID sticked 

on the    watch, the watch will not be able to link the APP. 

"Help" documentation for all functions are made more detailed instructions, you can go into the 

instructions carefully. 


5.3 Watch alarm instructions 

Once device receive any alarm, alarm notice will be sent to the client,   

click to the notice, the client will see the list of alarm details and view them.   


6.Watch working mode functions 

Three basic working mode: The normal mode, the power saving mode   

and the following mode. The work upload interval of three patterns are different.   

Normal mode:upload interval is 600 seconds 

Power saving mode:upload interval is 3600 seconds 

Following mode:upload interval is 60 seconds 


7.Device related instructions 

7.1 SOS emergency alarm 

Press the SOS button for 3 seconds, the terminal screen SOS,the   

terminal will into alarm state, it will dial three SOS number for two rounds.   

If the call is answered,it won't dial any more,Or it will keep dialing until   

the second round finished.And at the same time it will send a alarm   

notification to the APP. 

7.2 Warning for taking down the watch 

The terminal strap is equipped with the sensor switch, you should wear   


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the watch for at least 3 minutes, then it will alarm if the strap was taken   

off, and terminal will send a alarm message to the center number (The   

default setting is off), and send a alarm notification to the APP. 

7.3 Low power alarm 

If the power percentage is less than 20%, it will alarm, and terminal will   

send a alarm message to the center number. At the same time it will   

send a alarm notification to the APP. 

7.4 Health 

7.4.1 Smart pedometer 

A vibration sensor mounted on the device, when the client are doing   

healthy exercise, and reach a moving limit, smart pedometer application   

program will begin. Client could know their movement through the APP. 

7.4.2 Sleep Management 

Based on the upturned frequency of the device, the device can determine   

whether a reasonable night sleep of the client. The default detection time   

for 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. of the following day. Data could be viewed on   

the APP. 

7.4.3 Physical activity 

Calculating according to the steps, step and weight, and the interval and   

weight can be set up 

7.4.4 Sports journey 

According to the result of step and step distance calculation, the interval can be   

set up. 

7.5 Talkback 

Long press the button 2 to start recording,then release for send the message to the APP .    When 

you got voice message, the watch will show voice symbol, short press the button 4 play the 

message, After you read all the message, the message will delete automatically. and the voice 

symbol will disappear. 

7.6 Remote monitoring 

Firstly, you need set tutelar number, and send opening voice monitoring   

instructions to device , then device will dial to the tutelar number, turn to auto   

answer state. And for one-way conversation, device can't hear voice of the   

other side. 

7.7 Turn off 

Remove SIM card then click turn off button ,APK remote control to power off.   

7.8 The phone book 

You can be set 10 phone numbers for the watch's phone book in APP, these Numbers can make 

double talk with the watch. press button 3 enter the phone book, then press button 3 for choose 

phone number, long press for dialing. 

8.Trouble diagnoses 

Device can't connect to server at the first time and the backend show off   

line. Please check below:   


Check if you have put the SIM card correct, and the screen display is   

        normal, please refer to the picture instruction. 


background image



If your SIM card is out of service, please check if you have open the GPRS   



Whether GPRS service was canceled 


Check whether the parameters of service is right from the supplier, and   

  then set it right. 

  9.The instruction for put in the SIM card 


1. Open the dust plug, you will see the SIM card slot as the picture as below: 

2.Prepare the standard Micro-SIM card, insert the SIM card, the directionis as the picture 2



3.Push the SIM card into the card slot as the picture 3. And close the dust plug



10.QR code scanning entrance   









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This device been tested and meets applicable limits for radio frequency (RF) 


During testing,This device radios are set to their highest transmission levels 
and placed in positions that simulate use against the head, with 10mm 
separation, and on the wrist, with no separation. When placing This device 
near your face, keep at least 10mm of separation to ensure exposure levels 
remain at or below the as-tested levels. 


This device is also designed to meet the requirements for exposure to radio 
waves established by the Federal Communications Commission (USA). The 
SAR limit adopted by the USA is 1.6 W/kg averaged over one gram of tissue. 
The highest SAR value reported to the FCC for this device type complies with 
this limit. SAR Max. Values:0.36 W/Kg (10g) for extremity; 0.11 W/Kg (1g) for 
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