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Clearlite Bathrooms Spa Bath Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

Made by: Clearlite Bathrooms
Type: Installation And Operation Instructions
Category: Hot Tub
Pages: 4
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Spa Bath Installation and Operation Instructions


Dear Purchaser/Installer 


Thank you for purchasing a Clearlite Bathrooms product. We are proud to be 100% NZ owned and operated 
with over 30 years experience in the bathroomware industry. We hope you enjoy your Clearlite Bathrooms   
The unit that you have purchased


has been designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards. 

Please read and ensure that you fully understand the installation instructions and how they apply to your unit. 
Bear in mind that useful old adage - “measure twice and cut once”. 
Please note that prior to wrapping this product it was cleaned and polished under bright lights. 
For your own peace of mind please unwrap and check the product carefully on receipt. This is a precaution to 
ensure that the product has not been damaged by handling or transport.  No  claim  will  be  recognised           
regarding face damage to the product anytime after installation. 
Whilst we at Clearlite Bathrooms take great pride in producing what we consider the best products available, 
we cannot accept responsibility for damage that may occur in handling or installation.  

Important Note


All Clearlite Bathrooms Spa Baths are supplied with a self-supporting wooden 
frame for easy installation and have been extensively factory water tested prior 
to dispatch. Please check the screw connections of the pipe work (as indicated 
on the product) as these can sometimes work loose during transportation. 
All Clearlite Bathrooms Spa Baths are manufactured to the highest standard and 
are designed to provide maximum therapeutic benefits. As a standard feature 
Clearlite Bathrooms Spa Baths are fitted with a heated pump. The heating can be 
manually controlled from the safety and comfort of the bath, its  function is to 
maintain the water temperature, removing the need to add hot water whilst     
bathing. It is not designed to heat water from cold.  

Installer - Please make the “Operating Guide” section of this 


document available to the Homeowner 


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Spa Bath Installation Guide 






First check that there will be adequate pump access before proceeding with installation. A minimum of 
300mm square unobstructed clearance is needed if pump servicing or removal is necessary. If sufficient 
room is not made available the equipment 


 will be nullified. When the bath is located in the correct 

position and the bottom of the bath is 

fully supported

 by the floor and is sitting level, fix bath in place,      

connect the waste outlet and fit taps. 



In the interests of safety, we advise that a qualified electrician connects the pump, in accordance with       
relevant electrical standards. 
The pumps supplied are suitable for connection to a nominal 

240V 50HZ power supply

 and are equipped 

with a lead and three-pin plug. 
This product must be installed so that it can be turned off 


 of the on/off air switch and/or touch 

pad (a standard on/off power point provides this). 

Installers Responsibility 

Before enclosing the bath you are required to water test and check bath for satisfactory operation to ensure 
that damage has not occurred during installation. To protect your 

factory warranty

 you must observe this 


Water Testing 

Before filling the bath with water and testing, be sure that no debris or materials are left in the bath, which 
may enter the pump and cause an obstruction to the flow or damage to the motor. 
Check all pipe work and fittings are properly sealed and firmly fixed. 
Fill the bath to at least 100mm above the jet and check pipe work for leaks. 
Activate the pump, by pushing the air switch button and/or touch pad switch. 
Run the pump for 10 to 15 minutes, checking for leaks during this period.



Now proceed to enclose the bath ensuring that access to the pump has been provided for.  



Cutting & Drilling


Use a fine tooth hacksaw very carefully if the acrylic needs to be cut. Smooth edges with fine ‘wet and dry’ glass 
paper and burnish with an abrasive cleaner such as ‘Brasso’. Small holes can be drilled with a twist drill, BUT the 
cutting edge should be backed off with an oilstone to prevent ‘grabbing’. Use a fine hole saw for larger holes. 





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Operation Guide For A Clearlite Spa Bath 

(Hydro or Whisper Jets) 


When filling the bath it is recommended to partially fill with cold water to allow the bath to gradually adapt to the 
temperature. Also the heated pump features a safety protection device, which cuts out the heater if water     
temperature exceeds 50 degrees. 

Electronic Touch Pad  

For the pump and heater to operate the 


light  on  the     

control touch pad must be on. 
Pushing the 


button will start or stop the pump and heat 


Eco Heat

 button enables the heater to be turned off/on 

while the pump continues to operate

Air Controller (Hydro and Mini Jets Only) 

Opening and closing of the air controller determines the 
amount of air drawn into the jet stream.


When the controller is open the jet is drawing maximum air 
creating a vigorous massage. 


When the controller is closed, only water comes through for a 
gentle soft massage. 


Hydro Jet Option 

These jets can be adjusted to suit individual preference. 


To adjust the direction of the jet, use the tip of your index    
finger on the edge of the eyeball to change direction or       


To obtain maximum water flow, turn the jet face clockwise.


To obtain minimum water flow, turn the jet anti clockwise.


Whisper Jet Option 

These jets are designed to create a flow of water and small    
bubbles down under the bather. This creates a light soothing 
massage without the direct force of a hydro jet.


The jets are not adjustable.


To remove the jet cover, push a thin piece of wire into the hole 
located near the top of cover and then slide the cover up. To 
refit, slide the cover down until it clips onto the jet body


Jet Options 


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Operation Guide for A Whisper Jet And 

Mini Jet Combination  

Lumbar & Foot Mini Jets 

The Lumbar & Foot Mini Jets are one quarter the size of a      
normal jet. Simply turning the jet faceplate will vary water flow 
through the jet. This means you can turn up or down some or all 
of the Lumbar & Foot Mini Jets.


Air Controllers 

Opening and closing of the air controllers determines the amount 
of air drawn into the jet streams of the Lumbar & Foot Mini Jets. 


When the controller is open the jet is drawing maximum air     
creating a vigorous massage. 


When the controller is closed, only water comes through for a 
gentle soft massage. 



Jet Selection Diverter 


For personal bathing preferences the rim-mounted diverter   
enables the  bather to direct water accordingly. 

Position 1: 

  Lumbar & Foot Mini Jets only 


Position 2: 



 Jets,  Lumbar & Foot Mini Jets  

Position 3:  

Whisper jets only 

  Position 2 


Position 1



Position 3


Electronic Touch Pad  

For the pump and heater to operate the 


light  on  the     

control touch pad must be on. 
By pushing the 


button this will start or stop the pump and 

heat together. 

Eco Heat

 button enables the heater to be turned off/on while 

the pump continues to operate

Whisper Jets  

The jets are designed to create a flow of water and small       
bubbles down under the bather. This creates a light  soothing   
massage without the direct force of a hydro jet.


The jets are not adjustable.


For further information contact: 

Clearlite Bathrooms 
54-58 Hillside Road 
Private Bag 40902 Glenfield 
Auckland 1310 New Zealand  


(09) 444 3780 


0800 88 00 11 






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