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ClearWater CWC-9 Installation Manual


Made by: ClearWater
Type: Installation Manual
Category: Car Stereo System
Pages: 12
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Installation Manual

CWC-9 and CWC-9B

(2006-2008 MX-5 / Miata Sound Systems)


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Page 2

Step 1: Parts and Overview

Congratulations on your purchase of the ultimate car audio upgrade 
available for the Mazda Miata/MX5!

Below are some of the features associated with this speaker component set:

•  This system was specifically designed for the Miata/MX5.

•  Hundreds of hours have gone into the testing and design of this audio system.

•  Measurements were made with the industry’s top equipment.

•  No other speakers in the world have been so meticulously designed 
specifically for one vehicle.

•  The system was designed so that anyone can install it with minimal tools.

•  As with all Clearwater purchases your satisfaction is guaranteed!!

Please be sure to read our instructions thoroughly before 

attempting installation.

Parts Included:

1. Door Speakers (2)

2. Custom Tweeters (2)

3. Sound Modules (2)

4. Screws (8)

5. Large Zip Tie (Cable Ties) (2)

6. Small Zip Ties (Cable Ties) (12)

7. Door speaker water shields (2)

8. Installation Manual (1)

Tools Needed:

1. Phillips Head 
Screwdriver #2

2. Knife or wire cutters

3. Pliers

4. Small (very small) flat 
head screwdriver

We are passionate about our audio and you should be too!


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Page 3

Step 2: Factory Speaker Removal

•  With the door handle 

held in the “open-the-

door” position, gently 

insert a small flat head 

screwdriver behind the 
blank plastic insert and 
apply enough prying force 
to loosen.

•  With the door handle 

still in the “open-the-door” 
position, insert the small 

flat head screwdriver 

into the front of the now 

loosened blank plastic 
insert and pry it out.

•  Using a #2 Phillips 
head screwdriver, 

unscrew the screw from 

behind the blank plastic 
insert that you just 

•  Gently insert your small 
flat head screwdriver 
upwards into the base 

of the plastic cap at the 

top of the main door grab 
handle. Apply upward 

pressure until the plastic 

cap comes off into your 
hands. Be ready to catch 
these because they have 
been known to take flight.


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Page 4

Step 2: Factory Speaker Removal

•  Remove the screw at 
the top of the grab handle 
with your #2 Phillips head 

•  Locate the screw inside 

the doors cup holder and 

remove with your #2 Phillips 
head screwdriver.

•  Using your hands, start at the bottom of the door panel and pull outward 
to release the snaps from the back side of the panel. These snaps will 
make a “pop” sound as they release one by one. Once all 8 snaps have 
been released, the door panel can be lifted and pulled away from the door. 
Push the door panel upwards to remove from the door. (These clips can 
break, we have included a few replacements just in case. Also they some


times get left in the door instead of sticking to the panel, if this happens pry 

them off the door and re-insert into the door panel)


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Page 5

Step 2: Factory Speaker Removal

•  Press the door handle from the back to “pop” it off of the door panel. Twist 
the door handle assembly so it can pass through the hole in the door panel.

•  Remove the connector from the door lock wires on the back side of the 
door panel. Remove the connector from the factory tweeter. (these connec


tors can be tricky as they require the insertion of your small sized flat head 
screwdriver into their “release” tabs as you are pulling them out)

CWC9 Factory Tweeter

CWC9B Factory Tweeter


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Page 6

•  Unplug the remaining 
factory wire connectors from 
the back of the door panel. 
(one connector is removed 

in the same manner as the 
tweeter connector, the other 

has a thumb tab to release)

•  Place the door panel on 
a flat smooth surface (to 
prevent scratches) with the 
back side of the panel facing upwards.

•  Remove the two screws holding the factory tweeter into place.

•  Remove the factory tweeter.

•  Remove the four screws holding the factory door speaker into the door.

•  Disconnect the plug on the rear of the factory speaker.

•  All the factory door speaker components have now been removed.

Step 2: Factory Speaker Removal

Speaker Mounting Location Modifications:

•  For CWC-9 installation: Follow the instructions below for plastic tab 

•  For CWC-9B installation: All that needs to be done is to remove the 
plastic tabs that are on the outside of two mounting screw locations. This 
is easily done by grabbing the plastic with pliers and twisting them off.

•  Note that your factory speaker is oval and the CWC-9 replacement 
speaker is round. Following are instructions on putting this round peg in 
the oval hole.

Step 3: Clearwater Speaker Installation


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Page 7

Step 3: Clearwater Speaker Installation

•  There is a “groove” 
around the top and bot


tom of the oval opening 
that the factory put in 
place for us to easily be 
able to install the round 
CWC-9 speakers. Using 
the corner of your small 
flat head screwdriver, 

score the plastic along 

this groove until you have carved into the plastic about half way through. 
Be patient here, this will take about 5-8 minutes per door and will result in 
plastic shavings falling away as you go. The deeper you make the grooves, 
the easier the next steps will be.

•  Using your pliers, grab the corners of the plastic and gently pry the 
plastic along the score marks until you reach the screw holes. Do this on 
the top and the bottom of the opening. (The plastic should “tear” easily. If it 
doesn’t, please go back to the previous step. We will wait here for you.)

•  Now grab the plastic in 
between the torn corners 
and pry outwards until 

the rest of the plastic 

tears free, top and bottom.  
(This should happen fairly 
easily, however you may 
need to use both hands, 

the installer pictured here 
possesses super human 


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Page 8

Step 3: Clearwater Speaker Installation

Custom Sound Module:

•  Inside the door cavity there is a side impact protection bar. Using the 
provided large zip tie secure the “Custom Sound Module” to the bar using 

the following directions:

a) Feed the zip tie through one of the holes on the sound module.

b) Insert the sound module into the door cavity through the speaker opening.

c) With the wires pointing toward the front of the car, wrap the zip tie 
around the protection bar and back through the second hole of the 
sound module. (this will not compromise any protection). After the 
module is secured against the bar, cut off the excess tie.






d) Remove the tape from the factory connector and plug it into the 
“input” plug on the sound module.

e) With one of the small zip ties, attach the wires labeled “input” and 
“tweeter” to the factory wires located above the woofer cutout between 
the plastic and metal parts of the door. Cut off the end of the zip tie.


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Page 9

Step 3: Clearwater Speaker Installation



f) Place the tweeter wire in the “groove” with the factory input wire and 
hold in place with a small zip tie. Cut off the end of the zip tie.

g) The factory tweeter wire will not be used. Wrap the factory tweeter 
wire around itself and hold in place with a small zip tie. (the tweeter 
wire will make a rattling sound if it is left loose) Cut off the end of the 
zip tie.

Door Speaker:

•  Plug the wires coming from the sound module labeled “woofer” into 
the rear of the Clearwater door speaker. The red wire connects to the 
“red” terminal, the black wire connects to the “black” terminal, the white 

wire connects to the “white” terminal, and the green wire connects to the 

“green” terminal.

•  Make sure that the included gasket is securely attached to the frame.

•  The water shield is provided to protect the speaker from the top, not the 

•  When properly installed, the water shield should be located at the top of 
the speaker as shown below and the terminals to the left and right (front 
and back of the car).


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Page 10

Step 3: Clearwater Speaker Installation

•  Insert one of the supplied screws through the frame and the top hole 
of the water shield.

•  Insert the door speaker and water-shield into the door and loosely 
secure the top screw into place. 

Make sure that the wires do not get 

pinched between the woofer and door.

•  Using the screwdriver and the three remaining supplied screws, 
gradually tighten each screw making sure the speaker goes in straight. 

Be careful not to slip with the screwdriver, this could seriously 
damage the door speaker.

Custom Tweeter:

•  Place the custom tweeter into the tweeter hole on the rear of the door 
panel and attach with the factory screws.

•  Connect the wires from the tweeter to the wires labeled “tweeter” from 
the sound module. (Connect the red wire to the red wire, and the black 
wire to black wire)


•  Before completely re-installing the door panel, verify the tweeter 

wires are connected together and turn on the radio to confirm that all 

connections are secure.

•  If there is no sound from the tweeter, re-check the tweeter wire 

•   If there is no sound from the woofer, re-check the woofer wire 

•   If there is no sound from either, re-check the input wire connections.


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Page 11


•  Make sure to re-

connect the wiring for 
the power door locks and 

electric window controls.

•  The door panel can 
now be re-installed in the 
reverse order that it was 

•  Make sure that all of the 
snaps are pushed into place. (Don’t forget the one in the middle of the 
door, shown above on the right)

•  Make sure to re-install all of the factory screws back into place.

Step 3: Re-Assembly & Product Specs.

Treated Paper
Waterproof acoustic damped UV treated foam
200 Watts
1 Ω (CWC-9B), 4.0 Ω (CWC-9)
2.25 lbs. each.
2.50” w/ Water shield

150 Watts
0.22 lbs. each

2900 Hz
2900 Hz
2.0” x 3.0”

Product Specifications:


Cone Material:
Surround Material:
Power Handling:
Nominal Impedance:
Mounting Depth:


Power Handling:

Crossovers (Custom Sound Modules):

Woofer Crossover point:
Tweeter Crossover point:


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Thank you for purchasing your Clearwater Speakers. Please feel free to 
send us comments or suggestions at any time. We love to hear from our 
customers. If you have the time we would love to see some pictures of you 
and your car. Send your photos to us at sales@clearwateraudio.com or 
mail them to us at P.O. Box 428, Folsom, CA, 95630. 


Glenn and the team at Clearwater.

The Clearwater Company 


 2546 Mercantile Dr. Ste B 

Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Phone: (916) 852-7029




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