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ClearWater BMW K1600GT Installation Manual

Made by: ClearWater
Type: Installation Manual
Category: Motorcycle Accessories
Pages: 12
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Installation Manual


Glenda LED Light Kit



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Page 2

Step 1: Parts List and Bike Preparation

•  Check Parts list below with your kit to be sure all parts are handy. If 
something is missing, please call us at (916) 852-7029.

Please be sure to read our instructions thoroughly 

before attempting installation.

Please take the time to review the included instructions. Installation 
of the new Clearwater Krista Lights is straightforward. But, be sure to 
follow some of the suggestions to keep the installation safe and reliable. 
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you!


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Page 3

Step 2: Disassembly


Remove the 4 bolts 
holding on the windshield.

Gas Tank Shroud:

In order to remove the 
gas tank shroud plastics 
you must flip the plastic 
back as shown to get to 
the bolts. Follow images 
continued on the next 


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Page 4

Gas tank shroud removal 

Your bike should look like 
this after removing the gas 
tank shroud plastics.

Step 2: Disassembly


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Page 5

Step 2: Disassembly

Dash Board:

Remove the 2 bolts 
holding the speaker 
covers. In order to get 
the shroud above the 
navigation off, you must 
remove the windshield 
mount. To do this remove 
the bolts and clips as 
shown. This allows you 
to remove the black 
plastic shroud above 
the speedometer and 


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Page 6


Remove the 3 bolts 
holding the speakers in 
place and unplug the 
connector on the back.

Step 2: Disassembly


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Page 7

Step 3: Mounting The Lights

Fender Mount Overview:


detailed diagrams on next page


•  One side at a time, remove both fender bolts. Be sure to keep fender 
from hanging in a fashion that damages it. Use a wire tie or piece of wire 
to hold the fender until you are ready to install the new bolts. Inspect the 
female threads on the brackets for dirt or foreign substance. If possible, 
use compressed air (wear protective glasses) or small bottle brush to 
clean the threads.

•  Pre-assemble the lights, mounting bracket, shoulder washers (if 
needed) and spacers with new bolts. Add 1 or 2 plastic washers to 
shoulder washer to make up difference in thickness of front fender if 

•  Gently screw all bolts in hand tight. Inspect the bolt length and spacer 
alignment before tightening the bolts. Assembly will resemble one of the 
diagrams below depending on model.

•  The mounting bracket can be mounted facing down (shown) or up to 
give the desired adjustability range.


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Page 8

Step 4: Mounting The Volume Control Knob

Mounting The Volume Control Knob: 

(Bar Mount)

•  Mount the Volume Control Knob to handlebar by using supplied 
bracket and bolt to the existing controls.

•  Route wires from lights and volume control knob bracket to area 
under left side of forks. Connections can be made here and be kept 

•  Hint for High Vibration installations:

 To keep the Volume Control Knob from 

rotating itself under high vibration, put a dab of silicone adhesive under the knob 
and let it dry. Then push the rubber knob back on. The friction of the glue under 
the knob will keep it in place.

Step 5: Wiring

Wire Routing:

•  Be sure to route wires so that they cannot become tangled or caught 
in either a suspension part or steering part. Check movement of both 
steering and suspension before riding the bike.
•  It is sometimes helpful to follow existing wire routing.


•  Main power needs to be connected to a switched hot. This means one 
that turns off with the key. An Auxiliary hot can be used as an alternative. 
Using the supplied Posi-twist connectors, connect the wires according 
to the accompanying color wire diagram. Attach ground lug to ground 
on frame tab or other suitable location. Be sure not use a Low beam 
headlight wire on H4 headlight bikes or else the lights will shut off when 


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Page 9

Step 5: Wiring 


the high beam is activated.
•  Find a good solid ground point for the black wire terminal ring.
•  Use a Posi-twist to connect the green wire from the volume control knob 
to the two green wires from the lights (3 wires).
•  Use a Posi-twist to connect red wire from the fuse holder to the red 
wires from lights and volume control knob (4 wires)
•  Connect ground/black wire to black wires from lights and volume control 
knob. (4 wires)
•  If you would like to use the high beam feature (recommended), use a 
Posi-tap to connect the white wire from the volume control knob to the 
High Beam headlight hot lead (+). This will be on only when the high 
beam is illuminated.

(Wire Routing / Battery)

(Headlight Wiring)

Red Wire

Tap Into
White Wire

White Wire

(Wire Routing)

(Wire Routing)

Tap Into
Blue / White Stripe


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Page 10

Step 5: Wiring



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Page 11



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Thank you for purchasing your Clearwater lights. We hope this product 
will help make you a safer rider. Please feel free to send us comments 
or suggestions at any time. We learn from you. Visit our website for more 
exciting products such as our flashlights and our 36W LED Krista light to 
help you see better at night.

Ride safe!


Glenn and the team at Clearwater.

The Clearwater Company 


 2546 Mercantile Dr. Ste B 

Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Phone: (916) 852-7029




Fax: (916) 852-9410





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