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Clear2O CCT2000 Owner's Manual

Made by: Clear2O
Type: Owner's Manual
Category: Water Filtration Systems
Pages: 4
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Clear2O or Clear2OWater

Clear2O Products or Clear2Go 

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S C B   T E C H N O L O G Y


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Thank you for purchasing the Clear2O


Countertop Water Filter System.

The Clear2O


 Countertop Water Filter System filters hundreds of gallons protecting you 

and or your family from the dangers of water-borne contaminants.  Perfect and convenient 

for home, apartments, office, studios, dorm rooms, RVs and campers.  Our formulated, 

OPTICLEAR SCB solid carbon block filter reduces contaminants including Lead and 

Chlorine for great filtered tasting water.  

Register your product at www.clear2o.com.

If you should experience a problem or have a product question, please visit our website at 

www.clear2o.com or e-mail us at support@clear2o.com. Include your product model 

number on your e-mail.



 Replacement filters are available at our website www.clear2o.com.

Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.

A.  Filter Canister Housing

B.  Solid Carbon Block Filter

C. Filter Base

D. Filter Hose

E.  Diverter Valve

F.  Diverter Lever

G. Spout


It is recommended that before purchasing the countertop water filter system, 

you have your water supply tested to determine your actual water treatment needs.  

Filter performance may vary based on local water conditions.

Model: CCT2000
Replacement Filter: CCF2001
Rated service 


ow: 1.06G/min @45 psi

Max working pressure: 100 psi
Min working pressure: 15 psi
Max operating temp: 95FMin operating temp: 34F


Visit our website at www.clear2o.com.  Replacement filters (CRF1000 series filter) 

Auto Ship Program:  Register and order our Auto Ship Program to receive filters directly

sent to your home every few months.  Makes it easy to keep fresh filters on hand.

For service and questions contact: support@clear2o.com

You may easily find product information and/or product updates on our social media forums:

For purchases made in Iowa: This form must be signed and dated by the buyer and seller prior to 

consummation of this sale. This form should be retained on file by the seller for a minimum of two years.




















*Not shown

consumer replaceable/

removable parts









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Please read carefully all instructions before using the product.

1.   Read all instructions carefully before installing the Countertop Water Filter System


and store instructions manual.

2.   Replacement filters can be purchased on our Clear2O


 website at www.clear2o.com.

3.   The actual capacity of the filter may vary from the rated capacity. 


This may be due to the volume of contaminants or sediments present in your water  


supply.  For optimal performance, replace your filter when flow rate diminishes,


notice a taste or odor reoccurrence, the rated capacity has been reached,


and recommended to replace filter.

4.  Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or from unknown source.

5.   Filter is only to be used with cold potable water.


Do not use with hot water, filter will be damaged.

6.  Do not allow for the water filter system to sit for extended periods without being used  


(over 10 days). If system must be left unused for longer than 10 days, it is 


recommended to drain the water and remove the filter and let dry. Upon your return,  


re-insert filter to into the system or replace with a new filter and flush the system


for 10 minutes.

7.   Only use Clear2O


 Countertop Water Replacement filters (CRF1000 series)


with this system.

8.   Clear2O


 is not liable for consequential or incidental damages due


to improper installation.

9.   Installation must comply with state and local laws.


Refer to your local agencies for details.

10. Unwrap and make sure any plastic/other shipping material is removed before using.

11. Once installed, do not remove filter housing while water is flowing from spout. Turn off  


water and allow pressure to decrease prior to attempting to remove filter housing.

Save these instructions.



Leaks at fittings are rare and can usually be corrected by tightening the fitting or wrapping 

the treads with Teflon tape. If the unit leaks at the bottom where the tower screws to the 

base, be sure the O-ring in the tower is in place and screw the pieces together firmly. 

At annual cartridge change, lubricate the O-ring lightly. Silicone grease is the preferred 

lubricant, but petroleum jelly will work.

1.  The filter housing can be washed with dishwashing soap followed by a thorough rinse.

2.  Sometimes the diverter valves may become clogged with minerals from the water


and begin to stick. Remove the diverter valve from the faucet about once a month


and drop one or two drops of vegetable oil into the small hole where water enters


the valve. Rinse thoroughly.

3.  If significant mineral build up occurs within diverter, remove diverter from faucet


and soak in white vinegar for 10 minutes to remove build up.  Rinse thoroughly


and re-attach diverter to faucet.



Keep a record of the purchase receipt and/or installation receipt. This product has a 

90-day Limited Warranty (which applies only in the United States and Canada) when 

strictly used in accordance with instructions to filter municipally treated/private well, 

potable tap water.

What does it cover?

Any defect in material or workmanship.

For how long?

90 days after the date of original purchase.

What will we do to help you?

Provide you with a reasonably similar replacement product that is either new or factory 


How do you get service?

1. Save your receipt as proof of the date of sale.

2. E-mail our customer service department at support@clear2o.com detailing the matter.

3. Make sure to include your contact information, model number and order number.

What is not covered by the warranty?

• Damage from commercial use.

• Damage from misuse, abuse or neglect.

• Products that have been modified in anyway.

• Products used or serviced outside the country of purchase.

• Shipping and handling costs associated with the replacement of the unit.

• Consequential or incidental damages (please note, however, that some states

   do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential or incidental damages, 

   so this limitation may not apply to you).

How does state law relate to this warranty?

• This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights

   that vary from state to state or province to province.




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PLEASE NOTE: This product is not intended for use with faucets which have a pull-out

or sprayer-type faucet or uncommon threaded faucet types.

1.  Select a convenient flat surface and location on the sink where you have enough


water line length to attach diverter to a faucet.

2.  Determine the type of thread on your faucet.

3. To install, unscrew the current aerator from your faucet spout by turning aerator in a  

  counter-clockwise direction. Normally this is done by hand, but you can use pliers if  

  need be.  Save the aerator in case you move the unit to another location. Attach the  

  filter's diverter valve in its place. The diverter valve will fit most faucets without an    

  adapter, if needed, use one of the enclosed adapters, then attach diverter to adapter.  
  If the included adapters do not fit your faucet, 



  Consult your local plumbing or hardware supplier for immediate assistance in obtaining  

  the correctly threaded adapters to fit your faucet.  Or, contact Clear2O customer service  

  www.support@clear2o.com. for additional adapter sizes. Please measure your faucet’s  

  aerator thread size for recommendations and accurate fit.

  The thread size of the diverter is 55/64 inch-27. 

4. Unscrew the filter housing canister (A) from the base (C). Remove the filter from its   

  protective sleeve and screw into the base (B) until the filter’s washer resistance is felt  

  and tighten appropriately. DO NOT over-tighten. Make sure the pre-moistened housing  

  O-ring is securely placed inside the canister’s groove slot, push down gently to screw  

  the threaded canister (A) into the base (B). Hand-tighten only.

5. To operate the system, turn on the cold water [DO NOT USE HOT WATER] to a

  moderate flow rate, turn the diverter lever and water housing will fill and begin to flow  

  through the filter. For initial operation, let the water run for ten minutes before drinking.  

6. When finished, turn diverter valve back to access non-filtered water and turn off faucet.    

  Diverter valve can be left in filtered water position if desired.

7. Upon shut off, it is normal for water to continue flowing from spout for a short period

  until pressure within filter decreases/stops.

IMPORTANT: Do not run hot water through the filter.

Note: It may take as much as a day for all trapped air to work out of a new filter cartridge. 

If water dribbles from the end of the spout after the inlet water is turned off, or if water 

appears cloudy, the problem is trapped air. It will correct itself, and in the meantime, the 

water is safe to drink.

Male Thread: 

No adapter should be needed, diverter may attach directly. If needed use adapter.

Female Thread:


Select the correct adapter and washer.