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Clear TV Premium HD Mini Installation Instructions Manual

Made by: Clear TV
Type: Installation Instructions
Category: Antenna
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Read Installation Instructions  

Before Permanently  

Mounting Antenna


DIGITAL TUNER: Attach the coax cable, 
which is the small black cable coming  
from the antenna. Simply screw the 
connector into the ANTENNA IN or CABLE  
IN port on the back of your television. 

2. AUTO PROGRAM SCAN: Using your TV’s 

remote control, navigate to the system 
menu and set the TV’s input to ANTENNA. 

Then begin an auto search or auto program 
to find new stations.


maximize the number of stations, you may 
need to adjust or reposition the antenna. 
Try placement in alternate locations and 
re-scan for new channels. We recommend 
Clear TV be used within 35 miles of the 
broadcasting towers.

1. ClearTV Digital HDTV Antenna is intended  

for indoor use only.

2. The location of the antenna is important 

to maximize signal strength.The antenna 
should be kept far from any disturbance 
source, big electrical appliances like air 
conditioners, elevator, washing machine, 
blower or microwave oven, etc.

3. Window mounting results in the best 

performance. The incoming near signals  

will not be downgraded by objects in the 
home, office or vehicle. Please ensure 
the antenna is not blocked by aluminum 
or metallic screening as this will degrade 
incoming signals.

4. Be sure to hang the antenna vertically with 

the cable on the bottom.

5. Maintenance of antenna: please use soft 

cloth with diluted mild detergent to clean 
its shell.

Before you begin installation, 
please check contents:
1. Antenna main unit
2. Male coaxial cable mount
3. Double-Sided Adhesive  

Stylish and compact  
size design
Shielded for minimum 
Specially compatible  
with HDTV  

Frequency range: VHF174-
Gain: 0~3dBi
Receiving Range: FM/VHF/UHF
Impedance: 75Ω


A DIGITAL TUNER: Attach the coax cable, 

which is the small black cable coming from 

the antenna. Simply screw the connector 

into the ANTENNA IN or CABLE IN port  

on the back of your set-top converter box 

and then connect your set-top converter 

box to your television.










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•  What is Clear TV? 


 A government mandate requires 

television broadcasters to convert from analog to digital 

broadcast. Now, only digital signals are available over the 

air in the United States and Canada. Clear TV is an antenna 

that receives over-the-air digital and HD signals for free. 

The signal is a better visual and audio quality than analog. 

Digital television enables broadcasters to offer multiple 

programming choices on a single channel (sub channels), 

greatly expanding viewer choices.

•  How many channels can I receive over the air? 



will vary based on factors like geography and location  

of the broadcast signal; antenna, hills, buildings and even 

tall trees can impact reception. It is recommended that you 

be within 35 miles of a broadcast antenna. Most households 

can receive these popular networks: PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, 

FOX, ION, CW, Qubo - a children’s channel, 24-hour sports 

programming, a 24-hour classic movie channel, 24-hour 

news and weather, and popular Spanish-language channels: 

Azteca, Univision, Telemundo, TeleFutura, may also be 


•  Will I receive Cable shows? 


No, Clear TV does not receive 

shows that are produced for cable only

•  Will it fit all Televisions? 


Clear TV will connect with 

televisions that have a Coaxial Antenna IN or a Cable IN port 

on the back of the television. Most televisions sold after May 

25, 2007 are required by law to have an ATSC (Digital) tuner 

built-in and will receive digital broadcasts. If your television 

was purchased earlier, but has a menu option for scanning 

digital channels, then your television has a digital ATSC 

tuner. Check for the letters ‘ATSC’. If it does not say that it is 

equipped with an ATSC tuner, you will need to purchase  

a converter box.

•  Can I use it outside, in my attic, or basement? 


 Clear TV  

is designed as an indoor antenna only. We recommend Clear 

TV be hung on the inside of an exterior wall or window that 

is facing the broadcast towers. Placing it in a basement  

or attic is not recommended. Exposure to outside elements 

such as moisture or temperature extremes can be harmful 

to your antenna.

•  Do I need an amplifier? 


 If you live in a major metropolitan 

area you should not need to boost the signal strength. If you 

live in a rural area where the signal is weak or intermittent, 

you may want to purchase a antenna amplifier to boost your 


•  Can I add an extension cable to my Clear TV? 


 Yes, if you 

would like to move your Clear TV to a location that exceeds 

the reach of the cable connected to your antenna you can 

purchase an extension cable.

•  Are all broadcasts now in High Definition? 


Not all digital 

signals are High Definition.

•  Is the picture better than cable? 


All cable companies 

compress their HD signals; the result is a degraded signal 

that is usually inferior to Over the Air (OTA) broadcast.

•  What is signal compression? 


Signal compression is  

a method of making video transmissions smaller. The quality 

of the signal is degraded in order to fit in more quantity.  

All cable companies compress their signals in order  

to make room for all of those extra channels. OTA broadcast 

television signals are not compressed and are therefore 

better quality.

•  Does Clear TV work with my DVR or TIVO? 


Yes, Clear TV  

is compatible with TiVo and other digital video recorders 

(DVR) so you can watch what you want, when you want. 

Since Clear TV is a HD antenna and can receive a HD 

broadcast signal there is no need for an HD converter box.

•  Will the channel numbers be the same? 


With the digital 

system, the channel number that appears on your television 

screen and the actual channel number can be and often 

are different. Many stations have sub channels (channel 2, 

channel 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc.). Keep in mind reception will vary 

in your area due to geography and location of the broadcast 


•  What if I can’t receive a signal with Clear TV? 



strength will vary based on certain variables, such as 

distance from the transmitter, hills, buildings, and even tall 

trees can impact reception. To check the exact distance from 

your residence to the nearest transmitters, and get an idea 

of what to expect in the way of reception, go to antennaweb.

org and type in your address. It is recommended that you be 

within 35 miles of a broadcast antenna. 

•  Clear TV Reception Tips:

 Place Clear TV in the location 

with the strongest reception, typically this will be on an 

exterior wall or window. A television signal can become 

weak or intermittent by passing through walls that are 

exceptionally thick or contain large amounts of metal. In 

this case, consider attaching Clear TV near the surface of 

a window pane using the provided suction cups. This will 

help to capture a weak station. However, Clear TV or the 

cable should never be allowed to interfere with the normal 

operation of the window.

•  For optimal performance:

 Place Clear TV on the inside 

surface of an exterior wall, ideally a wall facing the general 

direction of local transmission towers. (You can find out the 

location of your towers by going to antennaweb.org.) If there 

are multiple tower locations, optimize the position of Clear 

TV to the weakest signal. Clear TV can pick up the stronger 

signals from any direction. Experiment with different walls 

and even different rooms to find the best location.

•  Concealing Clear TV behind your Television or 


 Hiding Clear TV behind your television, artwork, 

wall hangings, or even furniture should not affect its 

performance. We recommend that you find the best location 

for your antenna, which may or may not be behind these 


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