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CleanStar VP003W Instruction Manual

Made by: CleanStar
Type: Instruction Manual
Category: Vacuum Cleaner
Pages: 11
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Value Pack 


2 in 1 Stick Vac 

Model: VP003W 

Instruction Manual 




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Proper Use 

  This device is intended to be used to suck up dry and wet dirt and small quantities of liquid.


  On no account should the device be used to suck up the following: 

              – Glowing ash, cigarette ends, matches, etc. 
              – Inflammable or explosive substances 
              – Very fine dust (e.g. concrete dust), ash or toner 
              – Pointed, hard objects such as large pieces of broken glass 

  The device is intended for domestic, not commercial use. 

  Only use the device as described in this instruction manual. Any other use is deemed 


  Defects arising due to improper handling, damage or attempts at repair are excluded from the 

warranty. This also applies to normal wear and tear. 

17 EN 

Safety Notes 

  This device may be used by children aged 8 and over and by people with reduced physical, 

sensory or mental abilities or a lack of experience and/or knowledge if they are supervised or 
have received instruction on how to use the device safely and have understood the dangers 
resulting from this. 

  Children may not play with the device. 

  Cleaning and user maintenance may not be carried out by children. 

  Children younger than 8 years of age and animals must be kept away from the device and the 

connecting cable! 

  Children must be supervised to guarantee that they do not play with and/or injure themselves 

on the device. 

  Only use and store the device out of the reach of children and animals. Improper use may 

result in injury and electrical shock. The mains cable must also be kept out of the reach of 
children and animals. 

  The device must always be disconnected from the mains power when it is left unattended and 

before assembling, disassembling or cleaning the device. 

  Only charge the rechargeable battery with the enclosed mains adapter and the charging 

station. Do not charge any devices other than the handheld vacuum cleaner. with the 
enclosed mains adapter and the charging station. 

  Never immerse the device, mains cable or plug in water or other liquids and ensure that they 

cannot fall into water or become wet. 

  If the device, the connecting cable or the plug of the device is damaged, it must be replaced 

or repaired in order to avoid any hazards. 


Risks of injury 

  Keep children and animals away from the device and packaging material. There is a danger 

of injury and suffocation! 

  Do not use the device if it is damaged. 

  During use, keep the nozzles away from body parts and pets. They could be caught in the 

vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum cleaner attaches itself when vacuuming, turn it off immediately 
with the On / Off switch. 

  Make sure that the connected cable does not present a trip hazard, does not become 

squashed or bent and does not come into contact with hot surfaces. 

  Please take particular care when cleaning on steps that you do not stumble and fall. 


Risk of electric shock and fire 

  Only connect the mains adapter to a properly installed socket with protective earth 

contacts. The socket must also be easily accessible after connecting so that the mains 
connection can be quickly disconnected. The mains voltage must correspond to the 
technical data of the device. Only use proper extension cords, whose technical data 
correspond to those of the device or mains adapter. 

  If the device falls in water, immediately disconnect the power supply. Do not attempt to pull 

the device out of the water when it is connected to the mains supply! 


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  Never touch the device, the mains cord and the mains adapter with wet hands when these 

components are connected to the mains supply. 

  Turn the device off and pull the mains adapter out of the socket  

             – if you stop working with it, 
             – before a storm, 
             – if an error or fault occurs during operation, 
             – if foreign objects penetrate the device. 

  Do not use the device if it is still connected to the mains adapter or to the power source. 

  Always pull on the mains adapter and never on the mains cord. 

  Only use the device in enclosed areas. 

  Do not use the device in rooms containing easily flammable dust or toxic and explosive 


  Do not operate the device in very moist environment or in the vicinity of flammable material. 

  For your own safety, always check the device for damages prior to using it. Only use the 

device if the device, the rechargeable battery, mains cord and the plug do not exhibit any 


Danger from Rechargeable Batteries 

  Rechargeable batteries can be deadly if swallowed. Seek medical attention immediately if a 

battery has been swallowed. 

  Before inserting the battery pack, check whether the contacts are clean and clean them if 


  Use only the battery type specified in the technical data. 

  If the battery has leaked, do not allow your skin, eyes and mucous membranes to come into 

contact with the battery acid. If you touch battery acid, rinse the affected sites with abundant 
fresh water immediately and contact a doctor as soon as possible. 

  Remove a leaking battery from the device immediately. Clean the contacts before inserting a 

new battery. 

  The battery must not be taken apart, thrown into a fire, immersed in liquids or short circuited. 

19 EN 

Avoiding damage to materials, property and the device 

  The device should only be used when it is fully and correctly assembled. The collecting 

container, filter, insert and seals must be inserted and must not be damaged! If the dirt were 
to get inside the device, this could damage the motor. 

  Make sure that the mains cord does not get pinched, kinked or laid over sharp edges and 

does not come into contact with hot surfaces. 

  Maintain adequate distance to heat sources such as stoves or ovens to prevent damage to 

the device. Do not place any open flames, e.g. burning candles, in the direct vicinity of the 
device, cord, rechargeable battery and mains adapter. 

  Do not allow the device to fall and do not subject it to strong percussions. 

  Do not pull or carry the device by the cord of the mains adapter. 

  Do not subject the device to extreme temperatures, severe changes in temperature, moisture, 

wetness or direct sunlight. 

  Do not use any corrosive or abrasive cleaning agents to clean the device. They could damage 

the surface. 

  Only use the device if it has been completely and correctly assembled! The dust bin and filter 

must be in place. The filters may not be damaged! 

  Do not insert anything in the openings / nozzles of the device and make sure that they are not 


  Empty the dust bin after every use. The filters must also be cleaned regularly to prevent the 

motor from being overloaded. 

  Only use the accessories recommended by the manufacturer. 

EN 20 



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Items Supplied 

1 - 


2 - 


3 - 


4 - 


5 - 

Filter Assembly  

6 - 

Dust Canister



7 - 

Floor Head 


21 EN 



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Device Overview 

Main Unit and Collecting Container 





 - Suction opening 

B - 

Button to release dust canister 

C - 

Insert with seal 

D - 


E - 

On / Off switch 

F - 


G - 

Charge control light 

H - 

Socket for charger 

I - 

Opening for rod 

J - 

Dust canister 

K - 

Main unit 




Before Initial Use 


Keep children away from the packaging material. There is a danger of suffocation! 

1. Unpack all parts and check the items supplied to make sure they are complete also check for 
transport damage. 

Please Note: 

Some parts or nozzles may be placed inside each other. If you find 

any damage to the components, do not use them. Contact your place of purchase to be advised on . 
2. Remove any films or stickers that may be present from the device and accessories. 
3. Charge up the battery (see the “Charging Up the Battery” chapter). 

EN 22 



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Charging Up the Battery 


  Risk of short-circuits! Do not insert any conducting objects (e.g. screwdrivers or similar items) 

into the charging socket of the main unit. 

  The battery may only be charged using the charger which is supplied with the device. Do not 

use the charger to charge up other batteries. 

  Remove the mains plug of the charger from the plug socket if you are not using it for a 

prolonged period




It is essential that you charge up the battery fully before you first use the device in 
order to achieve the maximum charging capacity. The first charge will last for 12-15 

1. First connect the charger to the socket of the main unit and then to a properly installed, easily 
accessible plug socket. The control lamp on the handle of the main unit will then light up. 
2. Allow the battery of the device to charge up for approx. 12 - 15 hours on the first charge and then 
for approx. 5 hours every charge after. The control lamp lights up when the device is connected to the 
mains power. 
3. Disconnect the charger from the mains power and then from the device. Store it out of the reach of 



Hand-Held Vacuum / Floor Vacuum Cleaner Conversion 

You can convert the hand-held vacuum cleaner into a floor vacuum cleaner by attaching the handle 
rod to the main unit. 
1. Before initial use, plug the two parts of the handle rod together as far as the limit will allow. (The 
handle rod will then not need to be taken apart again). 
2. Insert the connection piece of the handle rod into the opening on the main unit. 
3. Attach the floor nozzle. 
4. To remove the handle rod, press the locking lug of the connection piece and pull the handle rod up 
and out of the device as you do so. 



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23 EN 

Removing / Inserting the Collecting Container 



 Hold the device with the collecting container pointing downwards. Press the button for 

releasing the collecting container and remove the main unit from the collecting container. 



 On the bottom edge of the main unit there is a locking lug. Plug this into the associated 

slot in the collecting container. Then press the two parts of the device together at the top until the 
locking mechanism is heard to lock in place. It may be necessary to press the release 
button here. Then check whether the collecting container is fitted in place properly. 



  Never hold the nozzles close to parts of your body or animals during use and do not place 

your hands inside the nozzles. They could become stuck to the device/ injured. Should the 
cordless vacuum cleaner become stuck, switch the device off immediately. 

  Switch on the device only once you have ensured that the suction nozzle, the collecting 

container, the insert and the filter have been inserted correctly. 

  Always switch the device off first before you replace a nozzle or attach or remove any other 


  On no account should the device be used to suck up the following:                                          

– Glowing ash, cigarette ends, matches, etc.                                                                             
– Inflammable or explosive substances                                                                                     – 
Very fine dust (e.g. concrete dust), ash or toner                                                                      – 
Pointed, hard objects such as large pieces of broken glass 

  Empty and clean the collecting container after every use or when the maximum fill level 

(marking) is reached during use (see the “Cleaning the Device and Accessories” chapter). 



If there is liquid in the collecting container, do not overfill it and do not turn the 

device over with the top pointing downwards so that no water can get into the rectangular 
ventilation opening in the insert, and thus to the motor. If this is done the motor will become 
damaged and the warranty will be void. 

  Switch the device off after each surface has been cleaned as this will considerably increase 

the operating time on each battery charge. 

  Do not use the device when it is connected to the charger. 

1. Depending on whether you wish to use the device as a hand-held or as a vacuum cleaner for your 
floor, insert the handle rod or detach it. 
2. Place one of the nozzles into the suction opening. However, you can also use the cordless vacuum 
cleaner without a nozzle. 
3. Press the On / Off switch to switch on the device. 
4. Guide the nozzle over the surface to be cleaned. Check during use whether the maximum fill level 
(marking) on the collecting container has been reached. If this is the case, it needs to be emptied. 
5. To switch off the cordless vacuum cleaner, press the On/ Off switch. 
6. Empty the collecting container after use and clean its insert and the filter on a regular basis (see 
the “Cleaning the Device and Accessories” chapter). Also charge up the battery (see the “Charging 
Up the Battery” chapter). 
7. Store the cordless vacuum cleaner in a cool, dry indoor room out of the reach of children and 



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25 EN 

Cleaning the Device and Accessories



  Clean the filter after each use to maintain good performance and prevent overheating of the 


  Switch off the device before doing any cleaning of the device and make sure that it is not 

connected to the mains power. 

  Keep the main unit, the charger and the cable away from water or other liquids to avoid 

electric shocks. Make sure that no liquid gets into the main unit during cleaning. Only the 
collecting container, the insert, the filter and the suction nozzles may be cleaned with water. 
However, they must be completely dry before they are put back into the device. 

  The filter is neither machine-washable, dishwasher-safe nor suitable for tumble drying! Only 

ever dry the filter in the air, and never use a hair dryer to do so. 

  Do not use any sharp or abrasive cleaning agents or cleaning pads to clean the device and 

accessories. These could damage the surfaces.                                                                         

  It needs to be emptied when the dust container is full up to the marking, and after each use 

(see the “Emptying the Collecting Container and Cleaning the Filter” section). 

  Clean the housing of the main unit if necessary using a damp, soft cloth. Dry it with a soft 


  Remove hair and fluff from the nozzles at regular intervals. 

  Check the charger and its mains cable for damage at regular intervals. 

  Keep the device ready for operation. Charge up the battery after each use (see the “Charging 

Up the Battery” chapter). 


The filter may lose some of its colour over time. This is normal and does not have any adverse 
effect on function. However, if it is damaged or worn, it must be replaced. 


Emptying the Dust Container and Cleaning the Filter 

1. Switch off the device. 
2. Carefully remove the collecting container from the main unit (see the “Assembly” chapter, 
“Removing / Inserting the dust container” section). 
3. Remove the insert and filter from the dust container. 
4. If you have sucked up dry dirt, empty the dust container into a rubbish bin. Tap the insert and filter 
out over the rubbish bin. If there is wet dirt in the dust container, rinse these parts under running water 
after emptying. 
5. Let all parts dry completely in the air before you put them back together. 

CAUTION: Never re-

insert the filter and


insert if they are still damp. 

The device is assembled in the reverse order. 

EN 26 



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If the device is not working properly, please check whether you are able to rectify the


problem yourself 



Caution: Do not attempt to repair a defective device yourself!





Possible cause/solution

The device only works


slowly or does not start.


  Is the battery flat? Recharge it.


Dust escapes from the device


during cleaning.


  Check whether the collecting container, 

insert and


filter are inserted correctly and 

adjust the fitting if necessary.


Low suction force.


  Is the collecting container full? Empty it.


  Is the filter heavily clogged up? Clean it.


  Is the suction opening/nozzle blocked? 

Switch off


the device and remove the 



  It is also possible that some smaller 

items will


remain stuck to the carpet or 

will be too big/heavy


to be picked up by 

the device.



The control lamp does not


light up when the 



is connected to the mains





  Is the charger connected to the plug 

socket and


the connecting socket on the 

device properly?


  Is the plug socket defective? Try another 





  Check the fuse of your mains connection.




Technical Data 

Device Model: VP003W 
Voltage supply: 11.1 V DC (Lithium ION battery), 1500 mAH 
Motor power: 50 W 
Battery charging time: approx. 5 hours (The first charge lasts for approx. 12-15 hours.) 
Battery operating time: approx. 20 minutes 
Dust container, max. fill level: 500 ml 




Voltage supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz 
Output: 15 V DC, 300 mA 
Protection class: II 



The packaging material is recyclable. Dispose of the packaging in an environmentally- friendly 
manner and make it available to the collection service for recyclable materials.  
Dispose of the article in an environmentally friendly manner. It should not be disposed of in the normal 
household waste. Please dispose of it at a recycling centre for used electrical and electronic devices. 
You can obtain more information from your local authorities. 
Rechargeable batteries and batteries must be removed and disposed of separately before disposing 
of the device. To protect the environment, batteries and rechargeable batteries may not be disposed 
of together with normal household waste. Instead they must be turned in at appropriate collection 
points. Please also observe applicable statutory provisions regulating the disposal of batteries. 



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Cleanstar Pty Ltd 

ABN: 51 121 002 104    ACN: 121 002 104 

59 Radford Road, Reservoir VICTORIA 3073 

Phone: (03) 9460 5655   Fax: (03) 9460 5666 









This document outlines the terms and conditions of warranty for your Cleanstar Product.  This is an important document that should 
be kept with your proof of purchase documents in a safe place for future reference should you require service for your product. 

Thank you for purchasing your new Cleanstar  P003W vacuum cleaner. We are confident this product will give you trouble-free use and 
excellent service, provided the operator uses and maintains the product in accordance with the Instruction Manual. Please read the Instruction 
Manual carefully before using the product for correct operation and maintenance procedures, and store it in a safe place for future reference. 


This is a parts and labour warranty against faulty or defective parts, materials or workmanship in manufacturing, when the product is used 
and operated in accordance with the Instruction Manual. 


This product carries a 12 month (1 year) warranty period that commences from the original date of purchase by the first user/purchaser, 
and is not transferable. 


The warranty only covers use of the product to remove dry dirt and dust from flooring and other surfaces. 


This warranty only applies to products purchased and used in Australia. 


At all times during the warranty period, Cleanstar shall, at its sole discretion, determine whether repair, replacement or refund will apply if 
the product has a valid warranty claim applicable to it. 


The repair or replacement of the product under this warranty does not extend the original period of warranty. 


Please note that this warranty will be voided in the following cases (which are not exhaustive) and the warranty does not apply to the cost 
of replacing any parts of the product resulting from: 

  Accidental damage; 

  Normal wear and tear; 

  Neglect, misuse or physical abuse by the operator, including failure to properly maintain or service; 

  Any alterations, modifications or tampering with the product without the prior written consent of Cleanstar; 

  Incomplete or improper installation; 

  Incorrect, improper or inappropriate operation; 

  Insect or vermin infestation; 

  Power surges, electrical storm damage or incorrect power supply/voltage; 

  Excessive use or use for which this product has not been designed; 

  Vacuuming up water, liquids, toner, powders, glass, hazardous, flammable or corrosive materials, plaster dust, concrete dust and 

other similar building or construction materials; 

  Failure to comply with the operating instructions contained in the Manual supplied with the product; 

  If the product is rented; 

  If the product is used outside of Australia; 

  If the product was serviced or repaired by anyone other than Cleanstar, or one of Cleanstar’s Authorised Service Agents (ASA). 

Cleanstar is unable to accept any responsibility under this warranty for any repair work not carried out by an ASA or from the use of 
non-genuine parts. 


This warranty does not cover service calls, travelling time or consumable parts such as belts, dust bags, filters, hose or hose parts, rods 
and wands, floor tools and accessories, motor brushes and other like consumable items, unless defective in manufacture. In order to 
prolong the life of accessories and consumables, regular care and maintenance is recommended. 


Please retain your original proof of purchase which will be required before you can make a claim under this warranty. If proof of purchase 
can not be provided at the time of a warranty claim or service, any work carried out on the cleaner is chargeable. 

10.  Any transportation and delivery costs involved in the repair of defective parts shall be borne by the claimant. In all instances, unless the 

product is transported by Cleanstar or a Cleanstar authorised representative, the product is transported at the owner’s cost and risk while 
in transit to and from Cleanstar or its ASA. 

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a 
major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or 
replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. The benefits conferred by this warranty 
are in addition to other rights and remedies under law in respect of the product to which this warranty relates. 


a)  carefully check the Instruction Manual and the terms of this warranty; 
b)  have the name and model number of the appliance available; 

have the proof of purchase available (ie. invoice, receipt, etc) showing where the appliance was purchased from and date of 

d)  call Cleanstar on 

(03) 9460 5655

 to speak to one of our customer service staff.