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CNET CIC-920W Setup

Made by: CNET
Type: Setup
Category: IP Camera
Pages: 12
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CIC-920W Basic Setup

January 2008


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How to

• Access the camera on the network

• Set wireless settings

• Store/record images 


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Basic Setup

• Connect the power

• Use an Ethernet cable to connect the 

camera to your network

• Install the search tool software from the 

CD to a computer on the network


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• Install Search Tool from CD


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• Run the CIC-920W program by going to 



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• Double click the found camera to bring up 

the camera interface.


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How to setup wireless

• Click on basic settings icon

• Click on Network

• Click on Wireless tab

• Enter the SSID of your wireless router/AP

• Match the Auth/encryption settings used 

by your wireless router


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Where to store images 

• CIC-920W can be configured to capture 

snapshots or record video to any location 
on the network

• This can be done in the Video settings 


• Just enter the location for storing 

snapshots and recordings.  This location 
could be the CNet NAS CLD-221P that 
can be accessed from anywhere.



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Video settings


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Viewing captured images

• All captured images are in jpg format
• All recorded files are in .av format
• Play back recorded .av files by going to 

the monitor page, browse to the location 
holing the files, select the av file and click 
on play

• Option to convert .av files to .avi by using 

the built-in converter in Camera user 


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• Monitor page