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CMD Chip Instruction Manual

Made by: CMD
Type: Instruction Guide
Category: Battery Charger
Pages: 2
Size: 0.14 MB


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Chip - Information and Instruction Guide

Part No: 


Main features

1. Available in a choice of black, 

grey or white with matching 
surround (other combinations 
are available subject to MOQ and 
lead times).

2. Fully integrated 4A USB PCB 

providing max 2 Amp power 
supply at each port.

3. Designed to connect to your 

existing desk power systems.

4. Independently tested to 

IEC 60950-1 - Information 
technology equipment – Safety.

Chip is a new 4A USB charging module set to revolutionise the way we use on desk 
power. With more and more devices using USB the demand for traditional sockets 
on the desk is falling. This stylish and fully integrated module simply connects to 
your under desk power using a Wieland or plug to offer 2 USB power supplies 
capable of charging all leading phones and tablets. 


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Chip - Information and Instruction Guide

Part No: 


C clamp Fixing Instructions

1. The Chip module is supplied with 

the C clamp installed (fig. 01). 

2. Place the unit in the desired 

position on the desk surface and 
ensure the C clamp is tight up 
against the edge of the surface 
(fig. 02).

3. Tighten the C clamp bolt with 

a 5mm Allen key (not supplied).  
Do not use power tools (fig. 03).

4. The C clamp has been designed 

to fit desk thicknesses between 
15mm and 35mm.

5. Once the module is connected to 

the power supply your device can 
be charged using any standard 
USB cable (fig. 04).

fig. 01

fig. 02

fig. 03

fig. 04