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Type: Quick Start Guide
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Pocket Wi-Fi (Library Mobile HotSpot) 


1. What’s in the box

2. Before you start

Charge the device

1. Plug the micro-USB cable into the device.

2. Plug the other end of the cable into the AC 

adapter and plug the adapter into an electrical 


3. Charge until the battery charge indicator shows 

the battery is fully charged.

Get ready

1. Make sure you are in an area covered by the Sprint 

3G or 4G LTE network (not roaming).

2.  If you have a LAN connection, disconnect it.

3.  Make sure your computer’s Wi-Fi (wireless connection) 

mode is turned on.

3. Get connected

Power up the device

If the device is not powered on, slide the power button to 

the right on the top. This will power it on 

•  The device will automatically activate. You will see 

instructions to connect your first device to the 

Wi-Fi network. (If the device does not activate, an 

alert will appear.)

Note: It can take several minutes for your device to 

connect with the Sprint Network.
Wirelessly connect your computer

After it’s activated, you will need to locate the Wi-Fi name 

and password. On the Pocket Wi-Fi, tap the Lock Button to 

turn on the screen, then tap the Lock Icon on the screen. 

Tap Wi-Fi where you will see the Wi-Fi name (SSID) and 

Password. You will need this information to connect your 

Wi-Fi devices (PC, laptop, tablet) to the network. 

1. From your computer, display the Wireless Network 

Connections window and then click View Wireless 


2.  Select the wireless network name as displayed on the 

Pocket Wi-Fi (SSID), click Connect and enter your Wi-Fi 

password, also displayed on the Wi-Fi screen.

3.  Launch your computer’s Web Browser.

4. Return to the Library

When your checkout period is over, return the device to a Clermont County Public Library. The Pocket 

Wi-Fi will become inoperable if not returned within three days of the due date listed on the register 

receipt. For every day the device is overdue, you will be charged a $1 overdue fee. 


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General Use 

1. Clermont County Public Library, further known 

as the Library, patrons will have access to the 

Internet via the Pocket Wi-Fi (Library Mobile 

HotSpot), further known as the Pocket Wi-Fi. 

2. Patrons must be 18 years of age or older with 

a library card in good standing to check out a 

Pocket Wi-Fi. 

3. The Clermont County Public Library Internet Use 

Policy applies with the use of this service. (http://



4. Customers are responsible for the ethical and legal 

use of the device. 

5. Any attempt to alter data or the configuration of 

the Pocket Wi-Fi is strictly prohibited and may be 

considered an act of vandalism and subject to full 

replacement cost value. (See Fines and Fees.) 

6. The Pocket Wi-Fi will be loaned for seven days.

Legal Responsibility

1. The library is not responsible for any misuse, harm 

or any other result due to your use of the Pocket 


2. The Library is not responsible for any damage to 

a patron’s personal property through the use of 

Library materials.

Internet Connection 

1. The Pocket Wi-Fi is intended for the use of the 

patron who checked out the device and his/

her immediate family members. Do not loan the 

Pocket Wi-Fi to anyone else.

2. Customer may not profit from renting or charging 

connection fees to the Pocket Wi-Fi. 

3. As with all public computers in the library, the 

Pocket Wi-Fi uses software to filter access to some 

Internet sites. Further restriction of access to the 

Internet is the responsibility of the library patron.

4. Patrons understand that when accessing the 

Internet through the Pocket Wi-Fi, they are 

accessing the Internet through Sprint’s network 

and not the Library’s network. The patron’s use of 

the Pocket Wi-Fi is subject to Sprint’s Acceptable 

Use Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, which 

are available on Sprint’s website (www.sprint.com/

legal/agreement.html). Read these documents 

before using the Pocket Wi-Fi.

5. Technical support for the Pocket Wi-Fi will be 

provided by Manage Mobility at 1-800-931-5150, 

ext. 2.

6. Patrons understand the Library is not responsible 

for any files, data or personal information 

accessed/transmitted using the Pocket Wi-Fi.

7. The loan of the Pocket Wi-Fi can be renewed in a 

library or online as long as another patron has not 

placed a hold on the device.

8. If the Pocket Wi-Fi is lost or not returned within 

three days after the due date, the wireless service 

will be terminated and the Pocket Wi-Fi will 

become unusable. The due date is on the receipt 

given to the patron at the time of the loan.

9. The patron agrees to return the Pocket Wi-Fi with 

the power cord, SIM card, battery and box to the 

Library in the same good working condition as it 

was when it was checked out.

Protection and Storage 

1. The patron agrees to take care of the Pocket Wi-Fi 

to ensure the device is not dropped or abused 

causing damage. Keep the device away from 

water, sand, dirt and other dangerous elements. 

Do not leave the device in a car. If the patron 

causes damage to the device, the customer is 

financially responsible for the replacement value 

of the device. (See Fines & Fees) 

Fines & Fees

Pocket Wi-Fi usage is blocked upon failure to return the 

item on time. Overdue fines & fees are as follows: 

1. Overdue fine is $1 per day, up to $35, which is the 

cost of the Pocket Wi-Fi.

2.  Replacement cost is $35, plus a $5 processing fee.

3.  Replacement cost will be reduced to overdue fines 

applicable upon return of the Pocket Wi-Fi intact.

By checking out the Clermont County Public Library Pocket Wi-Fi 

(Wireless Library Mobile HotSpot), the patron agrees to these terms and conditions.

Pocket Wi-Fi (Library Mobile Hotspot) Acceptable Use Procedures