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Brother MPRINT LN9808001A Quick Manual

Made by: Brother
Type: Quick Guide
Category: Printer
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1) What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a type of short-range wireless technology that provides wireless connectivity to users of computers and 
PDAs equipped with Bluetooth.

2) Precautions for using Bluetooth

Wireless connections are used in a wide range of fields. Therefore, in order to prevent malfunctions with the following, 
Bluetooth should be turned off.



Gasoline/Petrol stations

Fire alarms

3) For better transmission

Bluetooth connectivity varies greatly according to its operating environment.
If a good connection cannot be achieved, try connecting again.
Connections are difficult to achieve in the following locations.

Near electronic equipment

Near broadcasting stations or wireless base stations

Near wireless LAN (IEEE802.11)

4) Other features of Bluetooth technology

Equipment using Bluetooth technology may require a few seconds until the Bluetooth function can be used after it is 
turned on. This length of time differs depending on the equipment. (This unit requires a maximum of 8 seconds.)

Manual structure

Enclosed accessories

A User’s Guide and a Software Guide are provided on the CD-ROM 
included with this printer.

User’s Guide 

The User’s Guide provides precautions 

for using this printer, details on the 

printer’s setup.

Software Guide

The Software Guide describes the 

procedures for installing and uninstalling 

the software onto a computer running 



  or onto a Pocket PC and 

their printing procedures.

MW-140BT mobile printer

Paper cassette

filled with C-11 thermal paper 
(50 sheets).



(AC adapter)



(contains the software, the 
User’s Guide and the Software Guide)

(Power plug may vary by country)

Quick Guide


(This guide)


USB cable

Printer operation

Read the Quick Guide and check that all accessories are enclosed.

Insert the enclosed CD-ROM into the CD-ROM
drive of the computer running Windows





Prepare the printer.

Refer to the User’s Guide. (The User’s Guide can be viewed by clicking the View User Guide 
button in the first dialog box that appears when the installer is started up to install the software.)


The installer automatically starts up and the Brother Mobile Printing 
Software dialog box appears.
If the installer does not automatically start up, double-click “My Computer”, 
and then double-click       .

Enclosed CD-ROM

Computer running


Pocket PC


: Read the User's Guide before operating the printer. 

It is recommended you save the User's Guide onto your PC for future reference.

Install the software according to the instructions that appear.

To view the Software Guide, click the View Software Guide button.


Refer to the Software Guide.




: Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed in order to view the User’s Guide and the Software Guide.

Printer specifications

Product specifications

MW-140BT Accessories

Stock No.



A7 Thermal paper (105 mm 

 74 mm)


A7 Carbon copy paper (2ply) (105 mm x 74 mm)

Count: 50 sheets/cassette (thermal paper)

30 sheets/cassette (all others)


Status indicator light (blue/green/red)
Charging indicator light (orange)



Direct thermal printing with a line thermal
print head 

Resolution 300 dpi 

 300 dpi

Print speed

15 seconds/sheet
(standard text on thermal paper with 7 % cov-
erage at an ambient temperature of 25 



No. of 

pages that 

can be 

Paper supply 


Brother paper cassette, automatic paper 
feed mechanism


Brother A7 cut paper (74 mm 

 105 mm)

Power supply

Compact switching AC adapter for charging, 
lithium ion battery (built in) 780 mAh (7.4 V)


Complies with USB Ver. 1.1 and compliant 
with Bluetooth ver. 1.1 class 2 serial port 
profile supported


100 mm (W) 

 160 mm (not including projec-

tion) (D) 

 17.5 mm (H)


300 g (including the built-in lithium ion bat-
tery and a paper cassette containing 50 
sheets of plain thermal paper)

100 or more during continuous printing with a fully 
charged battery. Using Bluetooth sleep mode will 
affect this figure. (Based on 7% coverage at an 
ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.) 
(Standard paper manufactured by Brother: A7 thermal)

MW-140BT Quick Guide


Mobile Printer

Quick Guide


Before using this printer, be sure to read this User’s Guide. 



Printed in Japan