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BioStik Grey BioStik User Manual

Made by: BioStik
Type: User Manual
Category: Storage
Pages: 8
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™  by Index Security is a biometric USB secured flash storage device employing a state of the art capacitive fingerprint sensor. The data stored

within the Bio


™   is protected by your fingerprint, not a password. The Bio


™ is both easy to use and is a cross platformed for most Operation Systems 

as a USB flash storage device. The fingerprint sensor adds the ultimate security to your data and also identifies you as you. Bio


™ only works with your 

personal touch. If lost, the Bio


™ flash is encapsulated in an epoxy, that will self destruct if the casing is tampered with. Removal or tampering with the 

storage IC renders the data useless and indecipherable.







Index Security Inc.

PO Box 201, Deal, NJ 07723-1435  www.index-security.com

Technical Specifications

1. Dimension:  75mm X 24mm X 12mm (L X W X H)

2. Weight:  10g

3.  USB Bus powered (4.5V ~ 5.5V)

4. Erase cycle:  1,000,000 times

5. Data retention time: 10 years

6. Read transfer:  Up to 900KB/second

7. Write transfer:  Up to 900KB/second

8. Shock resistance: Up to 100G 

9. Operating Temperature 0-60 degree Celsius

10. CE and FCC certificate approval

* As part of our commitment to excellence, the design and specifications of Bio



are subject to change without prior notice and may not be reflected in this manual.


1. Slim, light, and handy, this miniature storage device secures sensitive 

data by fingerprint recognition technology.

2. The data stored inside Bio


™ is encrypted.

3. There is no communication between the host PC and Bio


™  until an 

authorized fingerprint enables Bio


™  to do so.

4. The User fingerprint template is not transmittable to the host PC and therefore 

adds another layer of protection to the user fingerprint identity.

5. "USB Hot plug and play" allows you to install Bio



anytime & anywhere without the additional application software or

 drivers (except WIN98 or Mac8.6).

6. Supports IBM PCs and compatibles running 

WIN98/WIN ME/ WIN XP/WIN2000/ Linux OS and

Mac OS computer (driver download from: www.index-security.com)

7. Red LED indicator lights up when the Bio


™  is recognized by the PC 

and then can biometrically verify you.

B- Fingerprint sensor

A- Finger-metal static protector

F- Enrollment Switch

G- USB Connector

C- Protective Sensor  cover

J- Status Red LED for fingerprint entry &
 data read/write

I- Pass/Fail Colored LEDs for fingerprint entry

H-  Enrollment LED

D- For neck strap


A- Finger-metal static protector
B- Fingerprint sensor
C- Protective Sensor  cover
D- For neck strap
E- Protective Cap
F- Enrollment Switch
G- USB Connector
H- Enrollment LED
I- Pass/fail Colored LED for 
fingerprint entry
J- Status Red LED for fingerprint 
entry & data read/write




Factory Setting : 

-Enrollment Switch is set to NORMAL 
-Fingerprint template is empty
-Internal flash storage is formatted


only Setting 

Normal Setting(



towards USB port)




 Secured Flash Drive

- USB Extension Cable
- Protective Cap
- Neck Strap

E-Protective Cap

(USB extension Cable and neck strap pictured)

Lexan logo plate






From the technology makers at.........





User's Manual


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In order to use the BioStik™, you must first register your fingerprints on the device. 

Set the Enrollment Switch to the Enrollment setting:  Using the switch on the side , with a toothpick or paper clip, slide
it toward the sensor.  Check the drive guide (next page) for legacy or none Windows operating system instructions.

With Enrollment switch set to enroll; Insert the BioStik™ into USB port. 

 The first time use you will see  Two lights lights; 

orange,  and red flashing, verifying there are no templates on the device and biometric protection is not activated. 
You must register your  fingerprints at this time.

Quick Connect Guide




Normal Setting 


towards USB port)

Enrollment Switch




(only as needed)

From the technology makers at.........

Enter fingerprint


by placing the center of your finger directly on the center of the fingerprint sensor using the 

fingerprint guide. Ensure a good scan of your fingerprint is made. Two (2) fingerprint should be enrolled and registered
at this time time and we suggest  one from each hand.  The green LED will flash on to confirm fingerprint is accepted.

set the Enrollment switch to normal and disconnect from USB port.

Status LED in Stand-By Mode

 will flash red to confirm that the device is connected and ready to capture 

your fingerprint  for Enrollment process or access mode.  The Red LED will also flash when reading/writing to drive. 

Do not unplug the BioStik™ from the USB port until the RED Status LED stops blinking.  

Set Enrollment switch to enroll.

 Insert the BioStik™ into the USB port with the Red Stand-by light flashing, waiting for a 

confirmed fingerprint to be scanned. You must have an enrolled fingerprint template registered or the BioStik™ will 
not authorize access to the Enrollment mode. The


Enrollment LED  will light up Orange


to confirm that the BioStik™ is 

ready to accept to scan a fingerprint for Enrollment. The user can now  proceed to enroll their fingerprints up to 
five (5) user templates. We always suggest you enroll 2 Two fingerprints from each hand.  The BioStik will not duplicate
a fingerprint. You must then switch the Enrollment Switch to Normal Setting, and unplug from USB Port. The orange
Enrollment Orange LED is turned OFF,  indicating the BioStik™ is out of enrollment mode and ready to 
proceed to USB mass storage mode. 

Normal Enrollment Mode

 (change user)


 Upon fingerprint acceptance, the BioStik™ will proceed to USB Mass Storage Mode. Slide the Protective Sensor  cover 
back to its original position.  You will see an icon on your PC showing a  "Removable Disk" drive on your  "My Computer" 
folder.  Drag & Drop your files into the Removable drive for secured storage on the  BioStik™.  

First make sure the Red LED Status light is not flashing, When you unplug the BioStik™ from the USB port. When you 
are disconnected from the PC, the removable drive disappears. Your data is secure and completely portable. 

If you are having trouble; contact support at 800-983-8529 or e-mail to support@biostik.com.

Authentication Mode


Please make sure the Enrollment Switch is in Normal Setting (towards the USB).  After the BioStik™ is plugged-in to the 
USB port, the RED Status LED will blink slowly, indicating that the BioStik™ is ready for a fingerprint scan.  Place your 
finger on the Fingerprint scanner for access verification. The Pass/Fail LED will turn Green and then the status LED will 
quickly flash red to reconfirm that the fingerprint entry is accepted.

Normal Use of BioStik™ 

 The Pass/Fail LED turns Green

 when the fingerprint scan is accepted.  If the fingerprint  entry is rejected, 

the Pass/Fail LED  will blink RED.  


Erasing your fingerprints

-When in Enrollment mode; if the BioStik™ is unplugged from USB before setting the

switch to normal, the fingerprint templates will be erased and the BioStik™ is not secured.  Index Security 
encourages users to enter a new set of fingerprints immediately and not leave the BioStik™ unprotected.


8/2004+17701-Non Admin

First Time Enrollment: 

(no fingerprint templates on the BioStik)





Plug BioStik into the USB port, verify fingerprint, and the 

removable hard drive becomes available to store your data.

Just drag and drop your files into the drive window.


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Index Security Inc.

PO Box 201, Deal, NJ 07723-1435  www.index-security.com

For: WINDOWS XP / WINDOWS 2000 / WINDOWS ME Operating Systems

"Hot plug and play" using USB works with these 3 Windows operating systems. They do not require any drivers because 
Windows has the drivers built-in that support BioStik™.  Simply plug the BioStik™ into the USB port and upon authentication 
by the authorized users fingerprint, the BioStik™ will be recognized automatically by the operating system and you
will see an icon showing a "Removable Disk" drive in your "My Computer" folder.

For: WIN98 / WIN98 SE Operating Systems - Instillation of a drive is needed.

1.  Do not plug in the BioStik™ before  installation of the driver.
2.  Go to www.index-security.com . From the support web page, please download the BioStik™ driver file "BioStik-V-1-98.zip".
3.  Make a new directory on your "C" drive, for example c:\BioStik driver\. Then unzip the file "BioStik-V-1-98.zip" 
into that directory.  When opened, there are a total of seven files in the directory.
4.  Plug in the BioStik™ and authenticate with the authorized fingerprints and complete the enrollment. 
5.  Set-up is preparing to install the drivers to operating system. Click "Next" to continue.
6.  Check "Search for the best driver for your device" option (Recommended)".  Click "Next" to continue.
7.  Check "Specify a location" and browse to the directory where "BioStik-V-1-98.zip" is unzipped for example 
c:\BioStik driver\. ; Click "Next" to continue.
8.  First part of the driver is installed.
9.  The PC then identifies a "USB disk controller" and asks for a driver.
10. Repeat step 7- (Check "Specify a location" and browse to the directory where "BioStik-V-1-98.zip" is unzipped for 
example c:\BioStik driver\. ; Click "Next" to continue.)
11. The driver should now be completely installed. Once installation is completed, you will see an icon showing 
a "Removable Disk" drive in your "My Computer" folder.


For: Windows NT Operating Systems

This OS does not support a USB, the BioStik™ will not work.

For: Mac OS 9.X / OS X Mac Operating Systems 

The "Hot plug and play" using USB works with your Mac computer.  A new icon name "Untitled" representing the 
BioStik™ will be displayed on the desktop and you can use it as a storage device. Before removing BioStik™, please drag
 the icon to "Trash". 

For Mac OS 8.6 Operating Systems

1. Go to www.Index-security.com ; from support web page, please download the BioStik™ driver 
file "BioStik-V-1-Mac8.6.sit". 
2. Make a new directory on your "C" drive, for example c:\BioStik driver\. Then unzip the 
file "BioSik-V-1-Mac8.6.sit" into that directory.  
3. Plug in the BioStik™ and authenticate with the authorized fingerprints and complete the enrollment. 

Linux 2.4X Operating Systems 

The BioStik™ is formatted to FAT file system before shipping to you. It can be used with any Linux OS 2.4.x. 
Be sure that Linux kernel is added to support USB and USB file systems. USB modules must be loaded in first.
1. Plug BioStik™ into USB port.
2. Enter the system as user ID "root" and input the command "mount /dev/sda/mnt".
3. Before removing the BioStik™, please remember to input the command "umount /mnt".

BioStik™ Driver Guide for Various Operating Systems Platforms

From the technology makers at.........






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a biometrics USB flash storage device employing state of the art capacitive fingerprint sensor.

Index Security Inc.

PO Box 201, Deal, NJ 07723-1435  www.index-security.com

Warranty Policy:

We at Index Security Inc. want to thank you for purchasing our product.  We are confident that we are bringing you the highest quality 
products and that you will be extremely pleased by its superb workmanship and we offer a one (1) year Warranty. Index Security 
responsibility with regard to this limited warranty shall be limited solely to repair or replacement, at its option, of any product 
that fails during normal consumer use.  This warranty does not extend to damage or failure that results from misuse, neglect, 
accident, alteration, abuse, improper installation or maintenance, or loss of data. 

Never try to open this device or tamper with the casing as it will automatically void the warranty.

Please visit www.index-security.com for warranty registration or fax warranty to 732-531-2307.  Make sure to put 
the Serial number on the form. You must register to validate this warranty within 30 days of purchase.  If, during the warranty period 
the product fails due to defects in materials or workmanship, you may request an  RMA # via the web site or by fax and then return the 
defective product to: 

BioStik™ c/o Index Security Inc, PO Box 201 Deal, NJ 07723 

and we will exchanged or repair it at our option.  Please make sure to 

include the invoice or receipt from the original sale, your S/N , RMA # and reason for your return. 
Please  include a Money Order or Bank Check (certified check) to Index Security for $10.00 for shipping and handling charges. 

We at Index Security stand behind our products.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at: 

Warnings and Care of your BioStik™:

Your BioStik™ is a product of superior design and craftsmanship  and should be treated with care.  The suggestions below will 
help you to fulfill your warranty obligations and insure your enjoyment of this product for many years.

Never try to open this device or tamper with the casing as it will automatically void the warranty. The flash is encapsulated
in an epoxy, that will self destruct if the casing is tampered with. Removal or tampering with the casing or storage IC renders
the data useless and indecipherable.

1.   Do not unplug the BioStik™ during fingerprint enrollment and during data read/write if RED LED Status light is flashing . 
This may cause data corruption to fingerprint templates and files; and in the worse case causing permanent damage to BioStik™.
2.   Do not apply any fluid to BioStik™ during cleaning especially on the fingerprint sensor. Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning 
solvents, or strong detergents to clean the BioStik™. Regularly clean the fingerprint sensor with clean dry cloth.
3.   Do not store the BioStik™ in hot areas. High temperature can shorten the live of any electronic devices or melt the plastic. 
4.   Do not store the BioStik™ in cold areas. When it warms up (to its normal temperature), moisture can form inside, which may 
damage electronic circuit boards.
5.   Do not store the BioStik™ in dusty, dirty areas. 

Always place the fingerprint sensor cover over the scanner to protect it 

from unintentional scratches.

6.   Do not attempt to open the BioStik™, as it will automatically void the warranty.. Non-expert handling will damage it.
7.   Do not paint the BioStik™. Paint can clog the parts and prevent proper operation.

Regularly run scandisk to ensure data integrity of BioStik™.


Always enroll a total of at least 4 fingerprints, try to make sure at least one fingerprint is taken from each hand.

10. Keep it out of reach of small children.

Product made in Malaysia 17701

As part of our commitment to excellence, the design and specifications of BioStik™ are subject to change 

without prior notice and may not be reflected in this manual.   

"All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Product Registration, Downloads and Drivers or Updates go to: 


Prior to any return of the BioStik™ ; the fingerprint template must be erased, along with your personal data. Set the 
BioStik™ to the Enrollment mode: verify your fingerprint , then disconnect it from the USB port.  
This will erase all the fingerprint  templates from the BioStik™.  

Erasing your fingerprints

-If the BioStik™ is unplugged before setting the switch to normal 

the fingerprint template will be erased and unsecured leaving the BioStik™ unprotected.




From the technology makers at.........



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Register online at www.index-security.com

or fax to 732-531-2307

Warranty Registration Certificate 

I want to Join the Index Security special mailing list for 
updates and new products. Please send information via:


 __________________ or




Where did you purchase this product?     

Date of purchase:    


Comments and remarks:

Product Model:

Serial number: 

First Name:

Last Name:




Zip Code:




Company or Agency:_______________________





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 BioStik warranty registration dept. 

c/o Index Security Inc.

PO Box 201 

Deal, NJ 07723-1435

Fold in half, staple and mail: or Fax to 732-531-2307

Please stamp 





Staple here


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