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Anets Chrome Grills Brochure & Specs

Made by: Anets
Type: Brochure & Specs
Category: Grill
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Anets GoldenGRILL


Chrome Grills

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Superior Performance.

Superior Value.


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With Anets

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aluminum housing


U-shaped burners









 Grill plate



Fast Recovery

For the fluffiest morning pancakes, the juiciest

late-nite burgers and everything in between, the

Anets standard 



-inch grill plate heats up fast

and retains heat exceptionally well. 

Plus, with one of the highest BTU ratings per

burner in the industry, Anets is even ready to

tackle your frozen foods.

For every 12 inches of grill width, you get:

30,000 BTUH input on plates 24” deep. 

40,000 BTUH input on plates 30” deep. 

The U-shaped burner

design covers more surface

area than conventional

straight burners. Heat is

more evenly and widely

distributed under the grill

plate, allowing you to

maximize the use of the

grill surface for better

consistency and


Ask any chef who has ever 


a chrome grill, and

you’ll find out why chrome outshines all the rest.

Superior cooking performance delivers 

pure food flavor and an easy-to-clean 

mirror-like finish maintains an attractive 

appearance, perfect for display kitchens.   

Enhanced Food Quality

You get more thorough cooking 

performance because chrome minimizes 

heat radiation and maximizes heat 

conduction. This means more heat goes 

into the food, not the air, so you can cook 

faster with less food shrinkage. 

More importantly, chrome doesn’t trap food 

particles that can cause flavor transfer between 

menu items, so your pancakes don’t taste like burgers

and your burgers don’t taste like sausage. 

Precise Temperature Control 

A separate snap-action thermostat for every burner lets

you set varying heat zones every 12 inches across the

grill surface. Housed in an aluminum casing that warms

up and cools down faster than steel, each thermostat

responds quickly to temperature fluctuations, giving

you exceptional control over each cooking zone.

Superior Cooking Performance


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Cost Efficiency

At the end of the day—no matter how 

long or how demanding—the Anets


Chrome Grill adds more

money to your bottom line. 

Minimal Heat Loss

Chrome’s exceptional ability to

minimize heat radiation while

maintaining high plate

temperatures effectively cuts your

costs in more ways than one: 

Your chef can cook faster without turning up the heat.

The grill consumes less energy when idle.

The kitchen stays cooler, which means lower a/c costs.

Significant Labor Savings

You save time and improve employee retention. 

When the heat’s on, it’s in the food, not the kitchen, so

cooking conditions are more comfortable. When the heat’s

off, cleanup is a snap. 

In fact, on average, chrome 

takes nearly half the cleanup 

time standard steel grills take. The 

smooth surface scrapes with ease, and 

the chrome shines like new with a little water and cleanser. 

For added convenience, SGC-LD models feature an 

exclusive stainless steel side grease drawer that runs the 

entire depth of the grill plate. Grease and by-product are

scraped right into the drawer for fast cleanup. It’s easy to

remove, and because it’s open and highly visible, grease

overflow can be virtually eliminated.

The Very Best Value

From the grill’s construction to the Anets commitment, you

simply won’t find a better chrome grill, or better service and

support than this.  

The Anets GoldenGRILL Chrome Grill comes complete with 

an exclusive 60-day satisfaction guarantee and a 

5-year chrome surface warranty*—

the longest in the industry.

Minimal radiated heat

Chrome Surface


High radiated heat


Steel Grill

Steel grill plate

Steel grill plate w/chrome surface

Why Chrome Outshines Steel

Chrome grills maintain a hot grill plate without radiating

much heat, so your chef stays cool while the food

touching the grill surface cooks fast. The reason is simple.

If you’ve ever touched a chrome car bumper that’s

been in the sun, you know it’s much hotter than the

metal surface of the car. That’s because the painted

steel emits heat at a very high rate.

Chrome, on the other hand, does not

emit heat very well. Instead it traps the heat 

on the surface, making it extremely hot to the touch.

Why Anets Outlasts All Others

Conventional hard chrome processes

merely apply a layer of chrome to the

surface of the steel. Anets’

proprietary process, however,

produces a finish that

micropenetrates the steel and

becomes one with the grill plate.

This prevents cracking and

intensifies the chrome’s hardness.


chrome surface

Steel grill


Molecular Bond

Molecular Bond

Molecular Bond




*Offer good through December 31, 2002.



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GGC200 04/02 Printed in the U.S.A.

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Overall Dimensions

Width: 24.25









side-drawer models)

Height: 15.25


Depth: 29.75


and 35.75


Plate Dimensions

Width: 24




Depth: 24


and 30


Thickness: 0.75


Standard Features

Stainless steel front and sides, 


front grease trough and


One burner per foot:
30,000 BTUH per burner 



40,000 BTUH per burner 



One thermostat for every burner

Aluminized steel burners

Piezo electric spark igniter



adjustable chrome-plated legs

100% gas safety valve shutoff and
gas pressure regulator

Double wall construction

No electrical connections required

Customize With 


Grill Options and Accessories

11"-high backsplash—

Great prep tool for rush

times. Turn off the side grill burners and hold

precooked foods in the corners. Added height

also minimizes grease spatter on the walls and

helps keep food out of the gas flue.

Stainless steel stands—

Don’t give up counter

space for your grill. Casters add mobility.

Height is 25

. Width and depth match the 

grill dimensions you choose. Heavy gauge 

for durability. 

Removable cutting board—

Adds prep 

work space right where you need it—

next to the grill. Easy to attach and 

just as easy to remove.















the Widest Selection

Nobody in the industry offers more gas grill

models than Anets, including a wide array of

manual and thermostatically controlled gas grills with steel plates. 

Choose from surface widths ranging between 24 and 

72 inches, and surface depths of 24 or 30 inches. 

Or talk to Anets about designing a custom-configured 

grill model to meet your unique space requirements.

Anets also offers a complete line of grills featuring 

a side grease drawer for added cleanup convenience


Anets GoldenGRILL Features and Specifications

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