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9.Solutions Mini C-pan arm User Instructions

Made by: 9.Solutions
Type: User Instructions
Category: Camera Accessories
Pages: 12
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Mini C-pan arm


Designed and made in Denmark


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This product complies with the CE directives.


Model number: 9.MCPA1

Max load capacity for horizontal movements: 11 lb / 5 kg

Max load capacity for vertical movements: 6.6 lb / 3 kg

Weight (body): 3.3 lb / 1.5 kg

Pan range (vertical and horizontal): 23.6 in / 60 cm

Minimum curve radius (outward): 23,6 in / 60 cm

Tripod mount: 3/8” -16" and 1/4” -20 female

Camera plate mount: 1/4"-20 and 3/8”-16

The Mini C-Pan Arm is a unique camera guide system that allows you to mechanically 
move your camera in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal paths. The Mini C-Pan Arm is 
capable of following curved camera paths as well, and its total movement range is 3.5 
times its folded length.

When making a non-curved movement, the arm functions as a traditional, straight track 
slider. Small adjustments to the arm allow the camera to move in a curved path.

Please read and follow these instructions before use:

Thanks for purchasing a 9.Solutions product. With great passion, we design our 
products to be as versatile as possible. We hope that our products contribute to 
your creative vision. 


The 9.Solutions Team 


0 m


102 mm


4 m


124 mm


0 m




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Liability: The Mini C-Pan Arm should only be operated by someone who has read and fully 
understands the instructions and applications for use and has adequately reviewed its cautions 
and limitations. The Mini C-Pan Arm was designed to be used when the system has been 
appropriately counterbalanced. The Mini C-Pan Arm is not meant to be used with loads for 
horizontal movement exceeding 11 lbs/5 Kgs and loads for vertical movement exceeding 6,6 lbs/
3 kgs. Exceeding this weight capacity may trigger malfunction, which may result in Mini C-Pan 
Arm damage or failure. Personal injury and damage to equipment attached or within close 
proximity of the Mini C-Pan Arm may also result. 

9.Solutions has made every effort to illustrate and describe the products and components in this 
manual accurately. Illustrations and descriptions including instructions for proper use and 
application as well as situations and practices to avoid are provided. This is a precision piece of 
equipment designed for a specific purpose. Though it is a robustly built piece of equipment, 
mishandling or failure to respect its limitations can cause damage and void its warranty.

Limitation of liability: Limits specified by 9.Solutions must be observed. Exceeding these limits 
must be avoided under all circumstances. The manufacture will not be held liable for accidents, 
personal injuries, or any and all equipment damages due to negligence or improper use of the 
Mini C-Pan Arm. The sequence stated in this manual and by 9.Solutions for use, assembly and 
disassembly must be observed.

Warranty: 9.Solutions products are warranted against defects for one year from the date of 
purchase. This warranty provides for the repair (labor and parts) of defective products at no 
charge. This warranty does not cover transportation costs, nor does it cover a product subjected 
to misuse or accidental damage. Warranty does not cover corrosion from continued weather or 
water exposure. Warranty repairs are subject to inspection and evaluation by 9.Solutions. 

Service life of the device: The service life is limited by material wear and tear. Service life is 
therefore dependent on the frequency of use and the environmental conditions to which the Mini 
C-Pan Arm is exposed.



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Camera screw


Camera plate


Camera screw slot


Camera screw slot end plug




Camera plate curvature adjustment indicator


Camera plate curvature indication scale 


Base plate curvature adjustment indicator


Base plate curvature indication scale

10. 3/8” -16 tapped hole for counterweight rod attachment
11. Base plate 3/8” -16 and 1/4” -20 tapped mounting holes
12. Break/ drag control knob
13. Optional motor attachment points  
14. Base plate 
15. Camera plate curvature adjustment knob
16. Base plate curvature adjustment knob




















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It is recommended that you mount the Mini C-Pan Arm on a solid tripod. But its also possible 
to mount it using a clamp or other equipment fitted with 1/4’ -20 or 3/8” -16 thread.
Insure that the max load capacity of the tripod is not exceeded.

For best stability, spread the legs on the tripod as wide as possible and make sure that all leg 
and lock knobs are securely tightened.

If there is a need to use the Mini C-Pan 
Arm for vertical movements on a tripod, 
try to position the tripod legs so that there 
is a free space on the left side of the arm. 
This will allow it to travel uninterrupted 
down the side of the tripod.

A tripod with centre column can also be 
used to give the Mini C-Pan free vertical 


For vertical movements it is 
recommended that you mount the Mini C-
Pan Arm on a strong three-way head or a 
90˚ tiltable video head and that you use a 
ball head or other 90˚ tiltable equipment 
or head on the camera plate.



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The Mini C-Pan Arm can be mounted 
directly on the 3/8” -16 thread of a tripod or 
other equipment, but for best stability and 
ease of frequent attachment and 
detachment, it is recommended that you 
use a quick release plate or other quick 
connecting equipment.

If the Mini C-Pan Arm is to be used for 
vertical movements, it is necessary to use 
a quick release plate with a guide pin or 
additional tightening screws to keep the 
arm form accidentally rotating on the plate.

For vertical movements or for movements 
where a counter balance is needed, it is 
possible to screw a 3/8” -16 threaded rod 
or pin in the left side hinge in front of the 
arm and use it to hang weights in the form 
of dumbbells, sandbags, water jugs or 
other heavy objects.



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To attach a camera or a ball head to the 
camera plate, slide the camera or ball 
head along the screw slot and into the 
desired position. Then, tighten down the 
camera screw.

If vertical shots are needed, its best to 
position the ball head to the right side.

The camera screw features a 1/4”-20 thread 
on one end and 3/8”-16 thread on the 
opposite end. To change from one to the 
other, pop out the rubber plug at the end of 
the slot and turn the camera screw in the 
direction needed.

For transport, tighten rear knob when it is 
in a neutral position.

The knob can also be used to create drag 
during shots or to lock down a certain 



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Straight and curved movements:

(for accurate movements, set both knobs to the same position on the scale).

Set adjustment knobs on both camera and 
base plate to the mid position for straight.
movement (indicated by a straight line).

Curved movements (outward).

Curved movements (inward)

Setting the adjustment knobs at any position 
towards the outward curved symbol creates 
an outward curved movement.

Setting the adjustment knobs at any position 
towards the inward symbol creates an inward 
curved movement.

Straight movements



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Set curved movements:

1. Align the camera 
lens and Mini C-Pan’s 
arms with the subject.

2. Move arm out to one side.




3. Loosen the adjustment 
handle and slide it to the right. 
Slide it until the camera lens 
lines up with the subject again. 
Tighten adjustment handle.

When operating the Mini C-Pan Arm, do not jolt the arms back and forth or make it 
abruptly stop or start. This can damage its gears and lead to increased backlash in 
the whole mechanism.

To maintain the most accurate curve, do not move the arms all the way to the outmost 
positions. The curvature of the movement becomes parabolic the further it gets to the ends.



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Safety cautions:

Do not move a fully loaded Mini C-Pan 
Arm by lifting or pulling in the arms.

The Mini C-Pan Arm should only be 
moved by its pedestal. It is also 
recommended that you move it without 
any counter weight or payload on it. 

Do not drag or jolt the Mini C-Pan Arm 
around when fully loaded with camera and 
counter weights as doing so could lead to 
damaged gears or joints.

Always keep fingers clear from the mechanical moving parts. Operate the Mini C-Pan Arm 
from the outside of any crossing arms.



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If the Mini C-Pan Arm is used in 
environments where dust or sand is 
present, joints and moving parts should 
be cleaned of any debris using 
compressed air and a moist cloth.

The joints and the gear mechanism is dry 

Do not use any lubricants on any of the 
moving parts. 

Using lubricants will cause dust and sand 
to accumulate which can damage the 

Do not use any lubricants like grease or oils on any of the joints or 
moving parts.



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