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900cam PR5 Quick Start Manual

Made by: 900cam
Type: Quick Start Guide
Category: Security Camera
Pages: 2
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Quick Start Guide

Wearing Your PR5

The PR5 is supplied with two attachments.

- Klick-fast Dock 

- Klick-fast Clip

The on the Klick-fast dock should face up. When 
docking, slot in upside-down and click around 180° 
until the camera is orientated correctly. Adjust angle 
using the swivelling head.

A screwdriver is provided for alternating docks. Take 
some time to experiment with the best solution for 
your needs.


If your camera fails to respond it may need to be 
reset. The reset button is located under the rubber 
flap covering the USB port on the base of the unit. 
Gently insert a paper clip and press for one second.

GMT Time & Date Stamp

The PR5 body camera is set to GMT. To ensure the 
integrity of the footage and allow it to be used in 
court, this time and date stamp can only be altered by 
the manufacturer.

When the UK is experiencing BST the camera will be 
one hour out. 
This is perfectly acceptable in court and will be 
recognised due to the recording date.

Technical Support

If you require assistance with the operation of your 
PR5, please contact our technical support team: 

0845 600 4 900


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Charging & Recording

Charge the camera using the wall charger. It is 
important to fully charge the battery before first use. 
Maximum charge takes approximately three hours. 
Charging via computer or car charger will take slightly 

Recording Footage (Sound & Images)

- To record the slide lens cover/shutter down (ON).
- To stop recording slide lends cover up (OFF).
- File is automatically saved to internal memory.

Indicator Light

Flashing Green: 

Camera recording.

Flashing Red: 

Low Battery or memory almost full.

Solid Red: 

Charging. Fully charged when light goes out.

Flashing Orange: 

Camera connected to power and on.


Please ensure you ONLY use the cable provided. 
Take care when inserting cable into the camera.

Accessing Footage (Window/PC)

- Plug the USB cable provided into 
computer & PR5. 
- Slide lens cover/shutter open.
- The unit will be auto-recognised in 
Auto Player.
- Alternatively locate the camera in 
Start menu.

- Click ‘Open folder to view files’
- Select DVR
- Select folders titled by date.
- Double-click footage files to play.
- Drag the entire DVR folder or individual files into a 
preferred location on your hard drive.
- Delete DVR from camera folder once copied.

Accessing Footage (Mac)

Follow instructions as per Window/PC to access 
footage files. Depending on your OS you may require 
a third-party programme to convert the AVI files into a 
viewable format.

Trouble With Sound Or Image

To correctly view high quality HD footage from the 
PR5 you may be required to install the K-Lite Codec 
onto your computer the first time you connect the 

Scan & Fix

- You may be asked ‘Do you want to scan and fix’.

- This is recommended so select the first option. 

- Once scanned select ‘Close’.

- Follow instructions to access footage.