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7SenseTech Hawk 4K User Manual

Made by: 7SenseTech
Type: User Manual
Category: Drone & Quadcopter Accessories
Pages: 10
Size: 5.97 MB


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Register the Drone at FAA website as per US laws


Hawk 4K


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*Notes: Keep the drone far away from by-standers, 
trees, electric wires and buildings. 

*Notes: Do not fly in strong winds, rain, lightning, 
snow or fog.

*Notes: Do not fly over roads or near metal
structure with a strong magnetic field.

30 meters 

Keep flight height less than 30 meters.

Notes: Please keep the flight altitude and

range within 30 meters.

*Notes: Keep the drone within your line of

sight. Do not fly across buildings or any other

obstacles which may make you lose sight

of the aircraft and cause possible

loss of radio connection.


Do not fly over crowds. Keep people more 


5 meters

 away from the drone to

avoid injury by rotors. 

10 m

Safe Flying Tips

5m 〈


1.  Fly in an opebn area as the drone relies heavily on a strong GPS signal (that can be easily
  weakened or distorted by nearby structures). Please avaoif flying it indoor.

2.  Place the aircraft on a flat ground before take-off. After power on, the drone will run the
  calibration of fly control system and the gimbal. Do not touch or move the drone during
  self-checking (as it may result in an errorneous level calibration and failure in checking)

3.  Do not take off until the drone gets enough satellites and an “        ”icon shows on the
  watch. Do not start the follow me flight mode until the watch gets 8 GPS satellites and
  shows an icon of “         ”

4.  It is highly recommended to stand at least 5 meters away from the drone when it takes off 
  to avoid any injury that may arise from the moving rotors.

5.  If the drone suddenly deviates or keeps ascending over 6 meters due to surrounding
  interference, immidiately press the “land” button to force the drone to land safely.

6.  Ensure all components are properly assembled and the drone is fully charged before
  every flight.





USB Charge Port

AC Power Cord

Battery Charging Time: 2 hours

Watch and Camera Charging Time: 30 minutes

Battery Balance Plug

Watch and camera use the same

usb cable to charge.

Notes: Connect the balance plug with battery in accordance with the arrow indications. Otherwise, all 4 LEDs 
of charger will flash continuously and the battery will not get charged.


Charging (Diagram 1)



Turn on the battery, watch and camera to check the battery level before 
Insert the AC power cord into the charger and plug into a 100-240V AC 
socket. All LEDs will light for 1 second and then the charger is ready to 
Connect battery to the balance charger with a 4pin balance plug.
When the battery is charging, the LEDs will light up and indicate the battery 
The LEDs on the balance charger will also flash one by one and indicate 
the charging progress.
When all 4 LEDs light up, it means the battery is fully charged.


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Diagram 2:

Diagram 3:

landing gears

front arm

front arm

rear arm

Spring buttons

Notes: Do not forget to push the spring button every time you try to fold or unfold the arms. Otherwise, the 
arm lock may be damaged permanently.

Step 2. Unfold the Drone ( Diagram 2)

Black Motor

Silver Motor

Black Motor

Silver Motor

Black cap propellers

Silver cap propellers





Diagram 4:

Notes: Tighten the propellers before flight to avoid crashing the drone.

Step 4. Propellers ( Diagram 4)

Step 3. Landing Gears (Diagram 3)

rear arm



Push down the spring button under the motor arm and slowly twist the arm 
till the end.
The arm will be locked in place with a click.
Unfold the rear arms before unfolding the front arms.
To fold the drone, push down the spring button and twist the arms in the 
reverse order.

Attach the silver cap propellers onto the silver motors and secure them 
by spinning clockwise.
Attach the black cap propellers onto the black motors and secure them 
by spinning counter-clockwise. Arrows around the propeller cap indicate 
the directions of tightenning and loosening.
To release the propellers from motors, just spin in the opposite direction.

Match the landing gears with the gear mounts and push them up into 
place.To dismount the gears, just pull them down smoothly.


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Diagram 6:

Notes: Do not install or remove battery while it is powered on to avoid permanent damage to the battery.
Do not force the battery into the airframe if it gets stuck. Try a few more times to match the battery plug 
with the PCB slot correctly.

Step 6. Battery ( Diagram 6)


PCB Slot

Battery Plug

Spring Button


Gesture to install or remove battery

battery plug

Camera strap




Notes: Do not install or remove gimbal while the aircraft is powered on to avoid permanent damage to the 

Step 5. Gimbal & Camera (Diagram 5)

Match the opening of the gimbal board with the hole in the gimbal 
mount and drive in the screw slowly and steadily.

Diagram 5:

Unscrew the camera strap from gimbal.
Attach the camera into the gimbal frame ( The camera lens
is at the front).
Fasten the camera strap with the screw. 
Fit the gimbal board onto the mount under the airframe
Slide the gimbal board into the hanger and hold in place with
the screw.

Pull up the spring button at the airframe tail.
Align the battery with the airframe, match the battery plug with the PCB 
slot and push in the battery till the end.
The battery will be locked with a click.
To remove the battery, pull up the spring button first and the pull out the 
battery slowly.


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Diagram7:App Setting

Notes: Photos and videos are primarily stored in the camera SD card. You can either see the media on 
your mobile while it is connected to camera or download the files onto your mobile device.
7Hawk4K APP requires android 4.2 or later / IOS 7.1 or later.

Step 7. Camera APP (Diagram 7)

Resolutions and frames per second of video on your APP

Media Library

Shutter Button

Shooting Modes

APP Settings

Time delay for shooting

Time interval between every shoot in burst mode

How long burst shoot will last

Diagram 8:

Notes: Do not insert or take out the SD card while the camera is powered on.

Camera Setting (Diagram 8)

OK Button

Up Arrow

Down Arrow

 Power Button



SD Card Slot


Burst   Photo   Video   Short video

Frame rate





Scan the 7Hawk4K App QR Code on the Hawk 4K box or simply Search 
“7Hawk4K” on the App Store (for iOS) or Google PlayStore (for Android) 
and dowload it on your mobile device.

Turn on the camera and connect your mobile device to the camera 
wifi.(Wifi name: 7Hawk4K;  Initial 

Code: 1234567890


Open mobile APP and a live video interface will show on the mobile.

(APP will not present the user interface unless connected to camera). 

Insert Micro SD/TF card into the camera ( supports maximum
64GB micro SD card).
Press and hold the power button to turn on the camera. The camera 
screen will show the WIFI name and the initial code.
Press the down arrow to close the wifi interface and enter the live video 
interface. Then press the up arrow to enter setting interface, where you 
can change the video resolution, display language, etc.
Press the power button once to exit setting interface.


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Notes: Do not press two buttons at the same time which will interfere each other.
Press the hover button first before switching one flight mode to another.

Instruction of RC Watch

Notes: The motors will be locked again if the aircraft doesn’t take off within 6 seconds after unlock.
After taking off, the drone will hover in place if no further command is given from the watch.

One Key to Take off

Basic Fly Control


Orbit Fly


Orbit fly

①Power on/off(press&hold)
   Front LEDs off(press once)

②Taking Off(press once)
   Left Rotate(press&hold)

Drone GPS Signals

Follow Tracker GPS Singals

Drone Battery Level

Flight Height

Watch Battery Level

③USB charge port

④ Auto land(press once)

⑾ Descend(press once)
   Fly Backward(press&hold)

⑿ Fly Rightwards(press&hold)

⑤ Gimbal tilt Up(Left rotate) 
   Gimbal  tilt Down (Right rotate)

⑥Rotate in place(press once)
   Orbit fly(press&hold)

⑦Hover(press once)

⑧ Follow-me(press once)
   Right Rotate(press&hold)

⑨ Ascend(press once)
   Fly forward(press&hold)

⑩ Fly Leftwards(press&hold)

Before take-off, press and hold the unlock button to check if the four 
motors are rotating properly.
Press the take-off button once in the unlocking status and the drone  
will ascend to 5 meters and hover in place.

Press and hold the four arrow buttons and the drone will keep 
flying in forward, backward, leftward or rightward directions as 
long as you hold one of the buttons.

If you press the forward button once, the drone will keep 
ascending until a height of 30 meters.

If you press the backward button once, the drone will keep 
descending autonomously until it is at a height of 5 meters.

You can make it stop at any height when the drone is going up 
or down with a tap on the hover button.

Press and hold the follow me button or the take-off button, the 
drone will keep rotating right or left as long as you hold the 

On pressing and holding the orbit fly button, the drone will fly in an orbit 
at radius of 5 meters. The orbit will surround a center in front of the 
drone. The camera will look at the center all the time.
During orbit fly, press the leftward button once and the orbit will be 0.5 
meter smaller. Similarly if the right button is pressed, the orbit will be
0.5 meter larger.


Take off


Unlock (press&hold)

Land (press once)

Take off (press once)

press and hold


background image

Flight Modes


Pan Shot

Follow Me

Notes: Keep an eye on the following path and ensure there are no obstacles in the way.

Aerial Shooting

Notes: since the image transmission is through WIFI, the video stream may be delayed on the APP 
if the drone is flying too far from your mobile device.


Burst   Photo   Video   Short video

Frame rate





Press the orbit button once and the drone will keep rotating in place 
clockwise and record an all around view.

After the tracker gets 7 gps satellites, press the follow me button once 
and start to move. The drone will autonomously follow behind you after 
you go 5 meters away from the aircraft. The aircraft will head to you 
wherever you go with camera targeting on you at all times.
Keep the watch and tracker within 1 meter and wear the tracker with the 
antenna side uncovered to the sky for stronger sensitivity of following.

press once

Self rotate

Follow-me (press once)




The angle of camera can be adjusted within 90 degree by twisting the 
spinner on the watch. When twisted left, the gimbal will tilt up. Similarly 
when twisted right, the gimbal will tilt down.
Open the APP connected with the camera and tap the red shutter button 
in the middle to take photo or record video at any time during flight.


background image

Flight Modes

Flight Modes


Return Home


7Hawk4K App


Return Home

press once

press and hold

15 meters

Press the land button once and the drone will slowly land at its current 
spot. Choose a safe and flat area for landing. 
When the drone gets close to the ground, it will jump a few times to find 
flat base.
The motors will stop rotating in 5 seconds after landing and the blue 
LEDs flash slowly.
After pressing land button, you can still make it hover and change its 
position if the landing area is not ideal.

Press and hold the land button and dragonfly will autonomously ascend 
to 15 meters, slowly fly back to the take-off point and land. If there is 
obstacle in the way of return-home, you can still make it hover and 
come back in other paths.
Return-home only works when the drone is 5 meters away from the 
take-off point.

1. If the watch is powered off, the drone will autonomously
  return  home .

2. When the battery is low, the the drone will emit a audible alarm 
  with the red LEDs flashing and autonomously land at its current 

3. The control distance of watch is 20 meters. If the drone flies 
  out of range and the radio connection with the watch is lost,
  it will autonomously return to the home point.

You can download the 7Hawk4K app on your iOS and Android 
devices using the QR Code below:

For iOS

For Android


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Flight Modes

Flight Modes

Code Binding

Notes: If drone receives no instruction for 10 minutes while powered on, it will emit an alarm 
sound, which is normal. You could either unlock the motors or turn off the battery to stop that 
sound and then try starting again.

Press and hold the power button and
backward button to start code binding.

Code Binding

Preparations Pre-fly

Follow Tracker

Signal connected

Connection distance less than 1 meter

 (Please take it by your side)




Bind code ... 0


Bind code Begin





Hawk 4K

The drone, watch and tracker are all linked by default initially. Here is the 
trick about code binding just in case that those devices are new to each 
Drone to watch: Plug a small connector into two short needles on the 
gimbal mount to make a short circuit. Power the drone and immediately 
remove the connector. Then press the power button and backward button 
of watch at the same time and hold them for a few seconds while the 
watch is binding the code of the drone. The watch will get connected 
with the drone when the screen shows the control interface.

Watch to GPS tracker

Turn on the watch and GPS tracker. Insert a needle 

into a hole on the tracker’s back. The blue LED will start to flash blue. The 
tracker will get connected to the watch when the LED is steady on and the 
follow GPS signals on the watch show 0.

1. Place the drone on a flat platform and turn on the battery by pressing 
& holding the power button on the tail. The drone will immediately start 
self-checking when the front red LEDs lights and rear blue LEDs start 
flashing quickly.
2. When the blue LED slowly flashes and the aircraft gives out a Di-Di 
sound, it indicates the checking of fly control system is completed. 
3. When the gimbal is level and the aircraft gives out another Di-Di sound, 
it indicates that the gimbal is ready.
4. Turn on the watch by pressing & holding the power button on the top. 
In a few seconds the watch will get connected to the aircraft when the 
screen shows the control interface. Wait until the drone gets at least 10 
gps satellites and an icon of   “     ”shows on the watch before take-off. If 
the satellites are weak or unstable, try it at another place. To turn off the 
watch, also press & hold the power button.
5. Turn on the GPS tracker by pushing the button on the top, wait until 7 
satellites are collected and an icon of  “     ” shows on the watch before 
starting follow me flight.


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Important Notes

Product Registration

Register Your Product

You can register your product on our website for important 
updates related to your product and help us keep you updated on 
future releases.

For registering your product simply visit www.7Sense.Tech or 
scan the QR Code below.