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7STAR Digital Set Top Box User Manual

Made by: 7STAR
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The 7 Star Digital Set Top Box offers you a world of features, which we shall walk 

you through in this brief tutorial.  


There are two indicator lights on the display window that you will have to ensure are 

active in order for you to use and enjoy the benefits of your new gateway to 

entertainment. These are 


The red indicator, which comes alive when you power up the Set Top Box and 


A green indicator that lights up when the box is locked to a signal, located 

right below the other indicator.  


If done correctly, the channel numbers will be displayed on the front display window.  


Take a quick look at the front panel of your 7 Star Digital Set Top Box and you will 

notice the menu button on it. By pressing this button, a menu will display on your TV 

screen that you can then browse.  


Your remote gives you complete control over your 7 Star Digital Set Top Box. As 

you might expect and understand, the button marked as POWER allows you to switch 

your unit between  


Operation and  


Standby mode.  


Changing channels or volume levels will come as no surprise to those who have used 

reasonably modern televisions either. To do so, just 



Use the up directional key or  


The down direction key to switch between one channel and the next.  


There are times when you want to access a particular channel and this again is a 

straightforward process. Just follow a few simple steps, namely 



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Input the number on the remote and  


Then use the volume button to select a desired level of audio output. 


Your remote allows you to select your favorite channels at the touch of a button. This 

is a feature you might find very useful and time-saving, so learn it well! To avail of it,   



Press the FAV button, which gives you access to the channel bouquet list.  


Choose your preferred bouquet and press OK to expand the list, from which 

you can select a particular channel and  


Press OK again to confirm selection of your chosen channel. 


You can mute audio completely as and when you want to at the press of the MUTE 

button. Press it again to activate audio output.   


Now we shall show you how to use the Electronic Program Guide, a very handy tool 

that will prove invaluable during your use of this 7-Star Digital Set Top Box. It’s like 

a roadmap, but much better. Read the step-by-step instructions below and you’ll be 

running through your EPG in no time. 



Take a look at your remote and you will notice the “I” button.  


Press this to bring up a display that tells you about the current and next set of 

programs that will air on the channel in question.  


Pressing the “I” button and then the “Page Up (+)” or “Page Down (-)” will 

allow you to see all the events for the current channel on the screen.  


The “Blue” button (F5) or the “Yellow” button (F3) allows you to take a look 

at the EPG of the other channels at your disposal. Again, to avail this feature 

you will have to use the “I” button as well.  


Using the EPG Button on the remote displays a dedicated EPG page, which you can 

then scroll through to select a channel for which you want EPG information. This 

button is also capable of showing you the EPG programming for the entire day. To do 



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Press the EPG Button and then the “Red” (F2) button on the remote. You will 

summon the EPG for the whole day.  


To now browse through the contents of the page you’ve just called up, press 

the “Page Up (+)” or “Page Down (-)” button and do so at leisure.  


If you want to see the EPG for the next three days, simply scroll Left or scroll 



If you desperately don’t want to forget to watch a particular program and need some 

help, we can assist you there you.  


Press the “Yellow” button (F3)  


This is known as the 


 button and allows you to schedule programs for 



If done correctly, a clock icon appears next to the selected program, which then acts 

as a reminder. At the appropriate time, you will be asked to either switch to the 

“reserved” program or to continue with the existing one.  


Some channels offer you the option of multiple language options for the audio output. 

In case this is something that you want to activate,  


Press the F2 button  


This allows you the facility of changing the language to one you would prefer 

while watching the program.  


Locking a certain channel might sometimes be advised, such as an adult channel. At 

times like this you can use the Lock/Unlock feature of the 7-Star Digital Set Top Box 

to restrict access by locking any channel with a passkey or a PIN. You will then have 

to enter the code every single time you want to view that particular channel.  


There is also a parental lock. To activate this feature,  


Press the “Menu” button  


Select the system setting using the arrow keys  


Then Parental Lock and  


Press OK 


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You will want to change the 4 digit default PIN or passkey, which is 0000. To do this,  


Select Parental Lock  


Then choose CHANGE PASSWORD by pressing OK. E 


Enter the new PIN and press OK to confirm your input.  


Verify your new PIN by entering it again when prompted. Once done, this is 

your new passkey.  


Password access can be put on or off at will by choosing the appropriate option.  


To lock a particular channel, select the channel and then press the color button 

mentioned in the menu.  


Select “Blue” to mark the channel as locked.  


Once done correctly, a small lock icon appears next to the channel name.  


Save this choice by pressing MENU and then OK. 


Creating your favorite channel lists is not only as easy as 1-2-3, it’s also hugely 

useful. These simple steps below will get you started 


Press the Menu button  


Choose the “Edit Fav Channel” option and 


Select your channel of choice, and that’s added to your list 


Press the “Blue” button to add it to your list or “Red” to switch windows. Pressing the 

“Blue” button again deletes the channel fro your list. In case you want to select all the 

given channels in the list, press the “Yellow” button.  


From time to time, you will need to update the software on your 7-Star Digital Set 

Top Box. When a message flashes, prompting you to update the software  


Press the MENU button  


Select the System option and from there  


Go to software update and press OK.  


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Enter the PIN (either your chosen PIN or 0000 if you haven’t changed the 

default PIN) and hit OK to complete the update.  



Your 7-Star Digital Set Top Box has a “Mailbox” feature. To access this  


Press menu and select the “Mailbox” option by pressing OK.  


The mail message box will now pop up showing a message list. 


Select the message you want to see and press OK to view it entirely.  


You can quit at anytime by pressing “Exit”.  


For your enjoyment and convenience, we have even built in some TV Games. Play 

these at your own leisure. 


Press the Menu button and choosing the “TV Game” option by pressing OK.  


Select any of the games to play these inbuilt games or hit help at any time to 

see instructions for gameplay.  


To choose another game, press Exit twice.  


To listen to any Radio Channel you might desire, press the TV/Radio button. This 

button allows you to switch between radio channels. Just as there are favorite lists for 

the Television, you can make a favorites list for the radio and then select your favorite 

channel from the Radio Channel List by using the directional keys and pressing OK.  

All that’s left to do is to relax and enjoy the strains of your favorite music.