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66fit Wobble Cushion Instructions & Safety

Made by: 66fit
Type: Instructions & Safety
Category: Fitness Equipment
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by physiosupplies.com

Instructions & Safety

Due to high risk of causing a puncture in 
the cushion material, take great care when 
inserting pump nozzle

Insert the pump nozzle into the small hole 
and inflate the Wobble Cushion to the 
required firmness, then remove. To deflate, 
insert the nozzle and allow the air to escape, 
then remove.

IMPORTANT – Before commencing exercise, 
always consult your doctor or therapist.


Exercise and rehabilitation for feet, ankles,  

  knees and hips.


Balance training and core stability.


Whilst carrying out these exercises, please  

  ensure that you avoid any sudden or hasty  


All exercises should be a controlled  



Stop exercising immediately if you start  

  to feel ill or dizzy.

35cm Inflatable

Wobble Cushion

with hand pump






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The Wobble Cushion is an extremely versatile piece  
of equipment combining the advantages of a Gym Ball, 
Sitting Wedge and Wobble Board. It can be used for a wide 
range of applications ranging from muscle strengthening 
and joint stabilisation, to post natal care. This product can 
benefit anyone from children to the elder generation.

Active Sitting


Sitting on the Wobble Cushion encourages “active sitting”  


which leads to you continually having to make small    


adjustments. This helps the circulation to the discs in  


the spine and can strengthen back muscles. It also  


can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve  


core stability.


By increasing the strength in the back, it can improve    


everything from your balance to posture. It is very  



similar to sitting on a Gym Ball, but has the added  



advantage of it being easily moved from chair to  



chair or use it when sitting on the floor.


By gently bouncing on the Wobble Cushion will encourage  


you to sit with the correct posture and help strengthen  


your postural muscles.



By standing on the cushion allows you to make adjustments  


to your balance. The use of the cushion is beneficial to    


anyone who requires increased strength and coordination  


to the feet, ankles, lower and upper leg, knees and hips.  


Anyone who has had ankle, knee or hip surgery would   


benefit from proprioceptive re-education, including  


cartilage and ligament operations as well as anybody  


with arthritic joints.


Stand on the cushion with both feet placed shoulder width  


apart, keeping your knees slightly relaxed allows you to  


make adjustments to your balance. Try the above but with  


your eyes closed or standing on one leg.

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Thank you for purchasing the 66 Fit 35cm 
Inflatable Wobble Cushion. This is a quality 
product that can help you exercise in many 
different ways, improving balance, core 
stability, coordination, strength and flexibility.

by physiosupplies.com