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65 AMPS Empire User Manual

Made by: 65 AMPS
Type: User Manual
Category: Musical Instrument Amplifier
Pages: 3
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Users Manual

Empire Guitar Amplifier

Congratulations on your purchase of the new Empire!

The Empire is the culmination, thus far, of all the 
desires and knowledge that 65amps has collected. 
Since the inception of 65amps, Peter and Dan have 
fantasized about an amp that is hyper-functional 
and delivers PROPER classic British tones; not just 
a good imitation. The Empire represents over four 
years of attention and ultra-detailed research into 

the subtleties of several eras of EL34 based Brit-
ish amps ranging from the mid-sixties up through 
the ‘90s. Taking the best from each, 65amps has 
put together the Empire, which can deliver three 
distinct, useful and rich British tones that you will 
instantly recognize and have dreamt about.



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The Empire tube compliment consists of 2 6V6s and 
a 12AX7 preamp. Peter, Dan and crew have success-
fully pulled off the hat-trick of making 6V6s sound 
exactly like vintage EL34s. Peter and Dan have been 
pursuing this effect since the late ‘80s when they 
used to mod small old American amps to sound like 
big British amps. With over 20 years of pursuit, they 
have found the exact formula! For decades guitar 
players about having all those classic British sounds 
at their fingertips at volumes that meet modern re-



The Empire is as versatile as it is toneful. It’s set up 
to offer you three of our favorite voice configura-
tions that you can choose from using a foot pedal or 
the select switch. The first voice is derived from that 
cleaner early ’60s Townsend-like tone; the second 
is from the classic, fat and dirty ’68-’72 era; and the 
third is a higher-gain, hot-rodded ’80s tone. 


 - Best to turn the POWER switch on 

first before the Standby and wait about 10 seconds 
before turning Standby on. This will prolong tube 
life. When turning the amp off, turn POWER switch 
off first. This allows the power to drain out of the 
amp circuit. You can turn off the Standby switch later 
before turning the amp back on.

Tone controls


Bass, Mid and Treble tone controls for each channel 
are passive cut-style. We recommend starting at “10” 
and backing off. With brighter single-coil guitars, the 
mid’s will focus really well with the TONE set back 
around “5 to 8”. A presence control Boosts the upper 
frequencies above the normal treble control range 
for added high-end.

Master Voltage

Our master voltage emulates the tonal response of 
a big amp only at low volumes. The “Master Volt-
age”™ knob reduces the B+ voltage and output in 
the amp in a unique way that keeps the internal tube 
relationships perfect while keeping the filament volt-
age up. After seeing all other power schemes’ short-
comings, we’ve come at this from a different angle 
and we’re very pleased with the results. You can dial 
this amp down to 3 watts output WITHOUT losing 
tone, feel, vocabulary, authority, etc.

Bump Control

The Bump™ control is a much more effective alter-
native to traditional channel switching. The Bump™ 
allows the user gain-up and re-slope the amp’s tone 
stack allowing much more midrange to flow through 
the circuit; thereby gaining up the entire amp natu-
rally and not inducing false preamp gain that creates 
fizz and buzz. The end result is the effect of having 
two amps in one.

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 - This is allows you to change 



- Two speaker outputs in 



 - All 65 212-Combos and Extension 

Cabinets are wired for 16-ohms (two 8-ohm speak-
ers in series). If using two 16-ohm cabinets, set 
IMPEDANCE to 8-ohms. Always be sure to match the 
impedance of this amplifier with the impedance of 
the speaker cabinet you are using.

H.T. (High Tension) FUSE

 - (500mA Slo-Blo) This 

fuse is in line with the DC voltage in the amp. When 
the H.T. FUSE blows, it is typically a sign of a bad 
power tube.


 - (2A/250V Slo Blo) This fuse is connect-

ed to the AC primary side of the Power Transformer. 
CAUTION - Never use a fuse with a higher amper-
age rating.


Output: 22 Watts
Tubes: Power – 2 6V6s, Preamp - 12AX7
Panel controls: On, Off, Standby, Master, Presence, Bass, Mid, 
Treble, Bump,
Select, Volume 1, 2, 3
Extrs: Footswitch input jack, dual speaker outs, switch for 8Ω 
& 16Ω impedance
Cabinet: Finger-jointed Baltic birch
Dimensions: Head: 25” L x 9” D x 11” H / 26.4 lbs.
Weight in box: Head: 35 lbs.
Accessories: Footswitch included

Pair with cabinet:

Speakers: 4x12’ 2 x Celestion G12H30 plus 2 x Celestion 
AlNiCo Blues or Golds;
or 2x12’ Celestion G12H30 + AlNiCo blue (our recommend-
ed configuration) or
Celestion G12H30 + AlNiCo gold

IMPORTANT: We recommend a qualified technician 
for retubing. All tubes use the same size socket, but 
have very different wiring configurations and volt-
ages. Placing the wrong tube in the wrong socket 
can cause damage
to the amplifier and tube.


• Always make sure the AC Voltage Selector is set for 
the proper voltage (120 volts in the U.S.) before turn-
ing on the amplifier!

• Always make sure the amplifier is grounded! 
(3-prong connector - no ground lifts).

• Use only a high quality grounded 3-prong AC 
power cable with this unit. Always look for breaks or 
exposed wire and replace if defective.

• Never remove the chassis from the cabinet! The 
amplifier will store high voltages long after the amp 
has been turned off and disconnected from the AC. 
Changing tubes does not require any internal adjust-
ments. Refer all service to a qualified technician.

• Do not expose to excessive humidity, direct sun-
light or extreme high or low temperatures. Be certain 
there is adequate ventilation around the amplifier. 
Never expose to liquids or excessive dust.

More info at www.65amps.com