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5D Technology Super Gravity User Manual

Made by: 5D Technology
Type: User Manual
Category: Speakers
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User Manual of 









Super Gravity 

Takes You into a Cool Maglev Journey 

Thanks for buying Super Gravity magnetic levitation bluetooth speakers 

Distinguished customers: 

Thanks for buying Super Gravity maglev magnetic levitation bluetooth speakers. 

Before using the product, please carefully read the user manual so that the product's 

performance can be brought into a better play. The design of the product presents a 

strong element of modern technology. Its system adopts industry leading 

electro-acoustic technology, so that you can enjoy a splendid acoustic effect at any 

time when you are at home, traveling and working outdoors. You will be able to enjoy 

a super-worth and perfect acoustic quality. 



Product Components 

Nanjing University 5D Technology Co., Ltd.


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1. Super Gravity magnetic levitation 

bluetooth speakers 

2. Maglev base 

3. Micro USB recharging wire 

  4. Power wire of the base 

5. User manual 


Product Parameters 

Box dimensions 



Base dimensions 



Bluetooth version 

Bluetooth 4.0 

Loudspeaker unit 


Amplifier power 


Battery capacity 




Audio input 


Frequency range 


Sensitivity 80dB±3dB 

Power supply of the base 




USB output voltage of the base 


Working temperature   





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Product Structure 



1. Support feet of the base 

5. Power supply port of the base 

2. LED breathing indicator light 

6. USB   

3. Reset   

7. Power on/off 

Call answer/hang off 

4. Recharging input of the bluetooth 


8. Microphone 

Get Ready 

The loudspeaker box(UFO) of the product contains lithium battery. Please use 

the product after recharging it. 

Power on/off 

  (Turn on the power of the base) 

Insert the 12V/1.25A power adaptor into the power supply port of the base. It 

indicates that the power is turned on when LED around the base is on. 

  (Turn off the power of the base) 

Plug the 12V/1.25A power adaptor from the power supply port of the base. It 


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indicates that the power is turned off when LED around the base is off. 

  (Turn on the power of loudspeaker box) 

Long press the power button of the UFO, a voice prompt of booting up will 

sound, and the breathing light will flicker. 

  (Turn off the power of loudspeaker box) 

When the loudspeaker box is turned on, long press the power button of the UFO, 

a voice prompt of turning off will sound, and the breathing light will go out. 

Correct method to put the loudspeaker box and keep it under a state of 


Hold the UFO with both of your hands, put it about 8 cm above the maglev base, 

and slowly move it downwards to 3cm from the maglev base, while paying attention 

to the four indicator lights. When all of them are on, stop moving and release your 


About automatic connection 

If the Bluetooth loudspeaker box is too far from the device, such as smartphone 

and computer, due to the limit of Bluetooth signal, the loudspeaker box will 

automatically disconnect with the device. When the device enters the connection 

range again, the loudspeaker box will automatically connect with the device which 

has matched with the loudspeaker last time. 

Matching with Super Gravity via Bluetooth 



Long press the power button of the UFO, a sound similar to the starting up of 

engine will be given out, the loudspeaker box will enter a mode waiting to be 

connected. After it is turned on, the breathing light will flicker normally by a 

certain frequency, which can connect and match with a device with Bluetooth 




In the mobilephone setting, open the function of Bluetooth, search for "Super 


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Gravity" and connect and match with it. 

>>>Connection --iPhone, Android phone 



Enter the Bluetooth menu in the following steps. 




Open the function of Bluetooth, search for the device. 



Select "Super Gravity" from the devices   

Low Power Warning 

When the loudspeaker box plays music with a low power capacity (when the 

remaining power is less than 20%), it will give out an alarm sound of low power and 

be automatically turned off after 15 minutes to protect the power supply. 

Bluetooth Call 

Answer a call: When the Bluetooth is connected with the mobilephone, short press the 

power button when there is an incoming call to answer the call. 

End a call: In the course of a call, short press the power button to end the call. 

Reject a call: When there is an incoming call, long press the power button to reject the 


Transfer a call: In the course of a call, if you want to transfer the call to your 

mobilephone, you can operate it on your mobilephone. 

The memory dial: Under the Bluetooth connection state, press the power button for 

two times in succession, it will dial the number which was dialed last time. 

Music Play 

After the Bluetooth is successfully connected, music can be played via the 

mobilephone. With the mobilephone, it can adjust the sound volume of music, play 

the previous music/next music, etc. 

  (Bluetooth Call at the time of Music Play) 

1. When there is an incoming call when music is played, the music will pause, 

the incoming call ring will sound. Short press the power button to answer the call. 

2. In the course of a call, short press the power button of the UFO to end the call. 


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3. When there is an incoming call, long press the power button of the UFO to 

reject the call. 

4. In rejecting a call or ending a call, the device will start to play the music from 

the pause position last time. 

5. In dialing a number under the state of music playing, the music will pause and 

it will enter the calling state. After the call is ended, the device will start to play the 

music again. 

Recharging the Device 

1. Under the state of turning on/off, it can be recharged by connecting with 

Micro USB. During recharging, the red indicator light will keep on. After the 

recharging is finished, the red indicator light will go out. The green indicator light will 

keep on. 

2. In the course of charging, music can be played via Bluetooth. 






Attentions on Use of Lithium Battery 

1. The loudspeaker box (UFO) has rechargeable lithium battery, the work of the 

battery can last about eight hours, it can meet the daily needs. 


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2. It's suggested to recharge for 3.5 hours in the first time so as to bring the 

performance of the lithium battery into a full play. 

3. Under normal conditions, it is enough to recharge for 3 hours. 

Indicator Light Information 

State of use 

State of indicator light 

Turn on the power 

The breathing light of the loudspeaker 

box flickers, and the LED light of the 

base keeps on 

Turn off the power 

The breathing light of the loudspeaker 

box and LED light of the base are out 


The red light keeps on 

Recharging finished 

The green light keeps on 

Attentions on Use 

To enable you to enjoy a perfect product experience, please pay attention to the 


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following points: 



Never heavily hit the host machine, or exert a heavy pressure on the product 



Never make it contact with chemicals such as benzene and diluents 



Never get close to a strong magnetic or electric field 



Please avoid direct exposure to lights or heating devices 



Never dismantle, fix or reconstruct it by yourself 



If it stays idle for a long time, please store it at a cool and dry place 



Never make the device far from the loudspeaker box, it will affect the 

stability of Bluetooth 



Please classify and handle the wasted packages, batteries and electronic 


After-sale Service 

Warranty service 

1. The product has a warranty service period of one year. If the user has 

normally operated and used the product in accordance with the manual, the 

quality defects are caused by the factory, please show your warranty service 

card and purchase invoice to the product distributor for warranty service; 

2. The product quality problem does not cover the subjective objection of the 

user to the acoustic quality performance of the product; 

3. The purchase date will be based on the date on the purchase invoice; 

4. The accessories, consumables and options (like lithium battery, connection 

wire, recharger, enclosure and prints, etc.) shall not be covered in the warranty 


5. Unless otherwise specified by the laws, our company shall not compensate 

any additional loss caused by the product's faults. 


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6. Warranty service shall not be provided under the following circumstances: 

6.1 No valid warranty service card and purchase invoice; 

6.2 The product has not been used, maintained and stored in accordance with 

the user manual; 

6.3 The loss is caused by fall, water inflow and improper storage after the 


6.4 The loss is caused by no using accessories or consumables recommended 

by our company. 

6.5 The faults are caused by some special factors such as natural disasters and 

abnormal voltage; 

7. Please take good care of the warranty service card, which will not be 

reissued when it is lost. 


Manufacturer: Nanjing University 5D Technology Co., Ltd. 

Address: F6,Building No.4,East Jialingjiang Street, No.8,Jianye District, Nanjing 

Website: www.5d-x.com 

Service Support: 4008778142 

Email: bd@tech-5d.com 




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Warranty Service Card 

User Name:              Contact Number:            

User Address:                                                                                 

Product Model:         Product Serial No.:            

Purchase Date:                                                                                 


Contact Number:                                         

Vendor's Address:                                                                                 


Zip Code:                                         

Signature and Seal of the Vendor:                                               

Maintenance Unit:                Contact Number:           

Address:                  Zip Code:             


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This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class 
B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are 
designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a 
residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio 
frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the 
instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. 
However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular 
installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or 
television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and 
on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of 
the following measures: 

  Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. 

  Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. 

  Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which 

the receiver is connected. 

  Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. 

Caution: Any changes or modifications to this device not explicitly approved by 
manufacturer could void your authority to operate this equipment. 
This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the 
following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, 
and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including 
interference that may cause undesired operation. 
The device has been evaluated to meet general RF exposure requirement. The device 
can be used in portable exposure condition without restriction.