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5BARz MD015A-800 User Manual


Made by: 5BARz
Type: User Guide
Category: Extender
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Say Goodbye to weak signals, dropped calls and slow internet searches. 

Say Hello to 5BARz. 


CelLynx 5BARz


Road Warrior


USER GUIDE          



Thank you for choosing the 5BARz


Road Warrior -- the first highly reliable, affordable 

plug ‘n play cell phone booster.  Now you’re ready to enjoy clearer voice calls and faster 
internet. Follow these quick steps to be up and running in minutes – with 5BARz no 

professional installation services are needed.  
I.  Parts List 

   Quantity  Description 






Unit, MODEL MD015A-800/1900 



Cigarette lighter adapter (CLA) 



Phone cradle 



Wall power supply 

1   Velcro 






II. Quick steps to install 5BARz Road Warrior in your vehicle  


Step 1   Connect the flat circular disk on cigarette lighter adapter and the circular 

indention on the back of the phone cradle by matching up the arrows on each piece and 
twisting to secure. Rest this piece near the cigarette lighter, 12V power port in your vehicle. 
(There is no need for the wall power supply for vehicle use.)  
Step 2   Insert the cable attached to the phone cradle into the port labeled “VDC” 

located on the back of the 5BARz unit. Place the back of the 5BARz unit close to the 
windshield, hiding the cable whenever possible.   


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Step 3   Adhere Velcro strips to the bottom of the 5BARz Road Warrior unit and affix the 
counterpart Velcro adhesive strip to the dashboard. Connect the Velcro on the unit to the 

Velcro on the dashboard so the unit is secure.* See Important notes



Step 4   Plug the connected phone cradle/cigarette adapter into the cigarette lighter 
pushing down to make sure it connects. The arm of the adapter is bendable to fit your 
vehicle’s area. Place your turned-on phone in the cradle and adjust the side clasps to fit 
snuggly by depressing the clasp release on the side of the cradle and adjusting the clasps in 
and out as needed.  

Step 5   Find the on/off switch on the side of the phone cradle and turn the unit on and 
start the car. The blue LED light on the front of the 5BARz should be on within 10 seconds.  



Observe the bars on your phone as you turn the 5BARz


on -- With the phone in the 

holder, you should see an increase in bars in approximately 10 seconds.  Now you have more 
BARz for better reception and are ready to use your phone and your Bluetooth


device, headset or 


Note:  The 12-Volt source that is providing power may not power off when you turn your car off.  If the power to the 

5BARz is on when the vehicle is turned off, unplug or switch off the 5BARz when leaving the vehicle – continuous 
operation without the engine running will drain the battery after some period of time (typically one day or more.)



Note: If multiple cigarette lighter sockets are available, try each to determine which location offers the best 

performance as measured by BARz on the phone.   

Important notes: 
The cigarette lighter power supply and phone cradle must be installed at least 20 cm (or 

approximately 8-inches) away from all persons during normal operation to comply with the FCC’s 
radiofrequency radiation exposure requirement.


 Do not place over an airbag. Please check with your state’s regulatory requirements for 
placement of a device on the dashboard. 

Note: It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the 5BARz Road Warrior unit is safely 
secured to the dashboard.  Mount the 5BARz on an area of the dashboard where passengers 
cannot be injured if the 5BARz


separates from the dashboard. 



Quick steps to use indoors



The 5BARz Road Warrior was originally designed for in-vehicle use, however our customers found 
it also works great indoors.  If you want to use the 5BARz Road Warrior indoors at your home, 
office or hotel room, please remember it was not designed to cover the whole room.  The Road 
Warrior works best indoors when resting in the cradle – a blue-tooth enabled headset will give 

you increased mobility within 10-15 feet of the 5BARz unit. 


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Step 1


Place the 5BARz Road Warrior in the area where you want more BARz -- usually 

the closer to a window the better the performance. 



Step 2   Insert the cable attached to the phone cradle into the port labeled “VDC” 
located on the back of the 5BARz.  
Place the phone cradle as far apart from the 5BARz as 
the cable will stretch for optimal performance. 


Step 3   Pry open the easel-like stand on the back of the cradle to hold the phone 
cradle in an upright position.  Place your turned-on phone in the cradle and adjust the side 

clasps to fit snuggly by depressing the clasp release on the side of the cradle and adjusting 
the clasps in and out as needed. (There is no need for the cigarette lighter adapter for indoor 


Step 4   Insert the cord from the wall mount power supply line into the power port 
on the back of the 5BARz.
  Next, plug the power supply into the wall socket (use an 

extension cord for longer distances).  Once the unit is plugged in you will see the blue LED 
lights in about 10 seconds. 


Observe the bars on your phone after you plug in the 5BARz.  W

ith the phone resting 

in the holder, you should see an increase in bars in approximately 10 seconds.  Now you have 
more BARz for better reception and are ready to use your phone and Bluetooth


device, headset 

or speakerphone. 


Important Notes 

Note: The phone holder must be placed at least 20 cm (or approximately 8-inches) away from all 
persons during normal operation to comply with the FCC’s radiofrequency radiation exposure 

Note: For optimal performance place 5BARz


in the location with the best serving signal as 

indicated on your phone. (See 


 for more details) 

Note: Unplug the power supply when not using the 5BARz 

Note: The cell phone can be removed from the phone cradle when using the 5BARz


.  However, 

a Bluetooth


 device paired to the cell phone while it is resting in the phone cradle is 

recommended for best results. 

Operation Tips 


The 5BARz Road Warrior is compatible with every carrier in the US and Canada  except 

“iDEN” phones used by Nextel, Southern LINC, MiKE (Canada); 3G TMobile’s 3G services 
(TMobile’s voice service is compatible) and WiMax. 


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There must be a signal in the area for 5BARz to boost.  Areas where there is no signal 
can not be helped with the 5BARz product. 


The 5BARz Road Warrior includes a USB connect port on the side of the phone cradle 
enabling you to power your phone while using the 5BARz. This cable comes standard 

with most phones.  Simply connect the cable to the phone cradle and your phone. 
Contact your phone manufacturer if you need this cable.  


For increased coverage area/range and more convenient product usage consider 
purchasing an additional antenna.  See 


 for more details. 


The LED light on the front of the unit changes colors to give you operation status 

LED Color 



Blinking blue 

When unit is turned on it blinks 
blue while self-configuring 


Solid blue 

Unit is ready and operating 


Solid yellow 

This is a temperature warning 

Turn off the unit and restart 
in 10 minutes 

Blinking red 

These are unit-protection 
signals indicating one of the 
following situations 


the phone cradle and 
5BARz unit are too close 



5BARz unit is too close 
to a cellular base station 



5BARz is overheated 




Further separate the phone 
cradle from the 5BARz unit 


As you drive past the station 
the blue light will reappear 


Turn off the unit and restart 
in 10 minutes 

Solid red 

Possible internal failure 

Turn the unit off and restart 
in 10 minutes.  If you get a 
solid red signal again contact 

support at 


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Go to 


.  Once you’ve registered you’ll have access to 

detailed troubleshooting information and contact details. 

Optional Antennas 

The 5BARz Road Warrior has an external antenna option available.  Use of an external 
antenna can improve performance and allows more flexibility for locating the 5BARz unit 
within the vehicle.    For additional information related to the external antenna use and 
for ordering please go to Cellynx.com. (Also, please see “Antenna Requirements” section 


FCC and IC Information 

FCC ID: XGLMD015    

IC:  8272A-MD015 

The 5BARz™ Road Warrior cellular signal booster has been tested and found to comply with the 
limits specified in Parts 15, 22 and 24 of the FCC Rules, as well as Industry Canada Radio Service 
Standards, RSS-131.  However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a 
particular installation.  Operation is subject to the following conditions: (1) this device may not 
cause interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference, including interference that 
may cause undesired operation. 

Only accessories authorized by Cellynx Group, Inc. are approved for use with the 5BARz™ Road 
Warrior cellular signal booster.  Modifications to the original equipment, or use of accessories that 
are not authorized by CelLynx, Inc. for use with the 5BARz™ Road Warrior, could void the user’s 
authority to operate the equipment. 


Technical Information as required by Canada RSS-131  

The nominal input and output impedance of the 5BARz™ Road Warrior is 50 Ohms. 





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Frequency, Gain and Power Specifications 


Operating Channel 

Frequency Band  

Nominal Max 





Rated Mean 

Output Power 



869 – 894 MHz 

45 dB 

38 MHz 

80 mW 

Cellular Uplink 

824 – 849 MHz 

42 dB 

42  MHz 

125 mW 

PCS Downlink 

1930 – 1990 MHz 

45 dB 

77 MHz 

70 mW 

PCS Uplink 

1850 – 1910 MHz 

42 dB 

82 MHz 

85 mW 


The Manufacturer’s rated output power of this equipment is for single carrier operation.  For 
situations when multiple carrier signals are present, the rating would have to be reduced by 3.5 
dB, especially where the output signal is re-radiated and can cause interference to adjacent band 
users.  This power reduction is to be by means of input power or gain reduction and not by an 
attenuator at the output of the device.  

The 5BARz™ Road Warrior has internal gain control that ensures that the output power will not 
exceed the requirements as specified in the paragraph above. 

Antenna Requirements  

This device has been designed to operate with the antennas listed below, and having a maximum 
gain as shown in the chart below specifying maximum allowed antenna gains.  Antennas not 
included in this list or having a gain greater than the listed gains are strictly prohibited for use 
with this device.  The required antenna impedance is 50 Ohms. 

Optional Antennas List 

Cellynx Model MA017 

Cellynx Model MA018 

NOTE: Please go to Cellynx.com for antenna details 





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Maximum Allowed Antenna Gains 


Operating Channel 

Frequency Band  

Nominal Max 

Operational Gain 



869 – 894 MHz 

9.6 dBi 

Cellular Uplink 

824 – 849 MHz 

7.8 dBi 

PCS Downlink 

1930 – 1990 MHz 

7.9 dBi 

PCS Uplink 

1850 – 1910 MHz 

5.9 dBi 





 for additional information or troubleshooting tips 



CelLynx, Inc. 25910 Acero, Suite 370, Mission Viejo, CA  92691 













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