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5.11 Tactical UC3.400 User Manual

Made by: 5.11 Tactical
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Category: Flashlight
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UC3.400 User Guide




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5.11 Tactical

4300 Spyres Way

Modesto, CA, USA, 95356


Copyright © 2009, 5.11 Tactical

All rights reserved




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Congratulations on your purchase of the UC3.400 Flashlight.  The UC3.400 is 

a rugged duty fl ashlight with unique technology. The revolutionary 90 second 

recharge allows the user to maximize the fl ashlights incredible features. The 

UC3.400 does not require batteries or replacement components.  The UC3.400 

consistently performs in a wide temperature range and is water resistant.  

The UC3.400 will provide a lifetime of dependable service even in the most 

rigorous environments.





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I.  Operating Instructions

A. On/Off Operations

The UC3.400 flashlight is operated with an on/off button pushed similarly to 

a “computer mouse click”.  The button can be clicked once for Standard 

mode operation, twice for Strobe mode and held down for Peak mode. The 

recharging of the flashlight is a simple process of inserting the flashlight into 

the charging unit until it “snaps” into place. The “blue” LED indicator light on 

top of the charging unit will display the recharge cycle performance. 


There are multiple modes of operation with the UC3.400. You may activate the 

various modes by pressing the button (I/O) on the flashlight.

1. Peak– From any mode, hold down button

2. Standard – single click 

3. Strobe – double click

Click once from any mode to turn flashlight off.

B. Charging the UC3.400

1. Insert the connector end of the flashlight into the charger unit. The 

automatic charging of the flashlight will commence once the flashlight 

“snaps” into the final charging position.

2. The blue LED at the top of the charger will blink slowly then faster and 

become solid as the flashlight reaches full charge. After ~90 seconds 

when the blue LED is solid, the flashlight is ready to be used.

3. Remove the flashlight from the charger unit once recharge cycle is 






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The flashlight charger is designed to allow the flashlight to remain docked, 

with no danger of damaging the flashlight.


High Temperature Charging

Your flashlight Charger has automatic temperature overload protection. 

Charging in high temperatures (defined as 120 degrees Fahrenheit or more) 

will increase charge time slightly. This is normal and will ensure a prolonged 

life of your flashlight.


C. Mounting your Flashlight (Automotive Mounting)

1. Select suitable location 

for mounting, e.g. the 

transmission “hump”.

2. Using the attached template, 

mark and drill 4 – ¼” holes.

3. Secure the back bracket to 

the mounting location using 

the screws provided.

4. Turn the power cord so that it 

points downward.

5. Remove the flashlight from the charger.

6. Clip the flashlight Charger to the mounting bracket by sliding it upward 

and toward the mount wall.  (Figure 1)  Make sure to push the base of 

the charger back until the securing tabs click into place.

7. Insert the plug into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter or 12V accessory 







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II.  Care and Use of Flashlight and Charger

A. For optimal efficiency it is necessary to periodically inspect and 

provide preventative maintenance on the UC3.400 flashlight.  

   If at any time the light becomes soiled, clean with a soft cloth 

  and mild detergent.

B. For lens cleaning use a gentle camera lens cleaner and cotton swab, 

rub gently to remove any fingerprints on the lens.

C. It is imperative that chemicals and harsh abrasives not be used.  

  The lens should be only cleaned with a soft cloth.

D. This flashlight is not suitable for use in high pressure environments 

such as deep sea diving.

E. DO NOT dismantle flashlight when cleaning.

F.  Keep the charging rings clean and dirt free.

G. Keep foreign objects out of the charger base.

III. Safety Precautions

A. To avoid the risk of fire, electrical shock, or personal injury caused 

by improper handling of the charger, please do not mix your original 

UC3.400 charger with any other brand of flashlight and do not use any 

other brand of charger with the UC3.400 flashlight.

B. Do not pull the lead of the charger when connecting / disconnecting 

from the power supply.

C. If the charger is not in use, please disconnect it from the power supply. 

D. Do not shine the light emitted from the flashlight directly into the eyes, 

as this may cause sever damage to eye sight.

E. Make sure the flashlight system is disconnected from any other power 

sources and turned off when performing any routine cleaning or 

maintenance.  Do not try to repair the unit or charger yourself.  In case 

of problems or questions, please contact the sales staff of 5.11, Inc or 

authorized distributor.





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F. The UC3.400 is not approved for use in hazardous atmospheres.  It 

is important that this light not be used in areas requiring explosion 

proof lighting. 

IV. Cautions and Warnings

Although the UC3.400 Flashlight is designed to be water resistant, full 

submersion of the flashlight is not recommended.

Should your flashlight experience product defects, please reference 

our warranty information.  Do not attempt to service the flashlight or 

charger unit in any way.  Do not insert metal objects into the connector; 

doing so could result in personal harm or injury and permanent damage 

to the unit.

V. Safe Disposal of Waste Electrical Products

If at any time in the future you should need to dispose of this product 

or any part of this product, please note that waste electrical products 

should not be disposed of with household waste.  Please recycle where 

facilities exist and check with your local authority for disposal and 

recycling advice.

VI. Technical Specifications 

Product Code: 



Standard Output:


60 minutes at 90 lumens, plus 60 minutes of 


emergency light starting at 25 lumens

Peak Output:


20 minutes at 270 lumens, plus 60 minutes of 


emergency light starting at 25 lumens

Ideal Operating 

-20º C to +40º C






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Charge Time:  


Approx 90 Seconds

Energy Storage: 



Capacitor Life:


500,000 Charges

Recharge Life:


50,000 Charges

Product Weight: 


Approx 16oz.

Flashlight Length:

   Approx 11.5” length

Box Dimensions: 


Approx 13” long by 8” wide by 3.75” deep

VII. Certifications

Conforms to: UL Std. 2089 and UL/ANSI Std. 60950-1

Certified to: CAN/CSA Std. C22.2 60950-1


VIII.  Warranty

Scope of Light for Life™ Warranty

5.11, Inc. (“5.11”) warrants each Light for Life™ product (“Product”) 

sold by 5.11 or its authorized dealers to be free of defects in materials or 

workmanship for as long as you own the Product, or for the maximum 

period allowed by the laws of your jurisdiction, if less.  Please note, 

however, that 5.11 warrants the chargers for Light for Life™ products 

for a period of one year from the date of purchase, but the chargers are 

otherwise subject to the same terms and conditions of this warranty.





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Exclusions from Coverage

Excluded from coverage under this warranty are the following:


  5.11 dealer.






special damages (although some states in the United States do 

not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential or incidental 

damages, so this exclusion might not apply to you). 





What You Will Need to Do

To return a defective Product for warranty service, please take the 

following steps:


Light for Life FAQ section at www.511tactical.com/lightforlife for 

locations and additional information regarding authorized repair 

centers near you.


representatives at the following:





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  USA: 1.888.511.4LFL (4535) or LFLUS@511tactical.com

  International: +46 40230080 or LFLEU@511tactical.com



responsibility for Products during shipment from the customer to our 

Warranty Department and shipping charges are not refundable). 

If 5.11 determines that the Product is defective, 5.11 will either replace the 

Product or repair the Product.  All determinations made by 5.11 will be within 

5.11’s sole discretion and will be final.

All returns by 5.11 in the United States will be sent using ground shipping; 

shipments being returned to a P.O. Box will be made using U.S. Mail.  All 

returns to international customers will be sent using standard shipping.

State and International Laws

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other 

rights which vary from state to state in the United States and in other 






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