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3rd Power HD 100 User Manual

Made by: 3rd Power
Type: User Guide
Category: Amplifier
Pages: 14
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U S E R S   G U I D E

H L H   S E R I E S


1 0 0

A M P L I F I E R   H E A D


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Your 3RD POWER Amplifier is a professional musical instrument amplifier. The information 
contained herein is current at the time of publication. However, specifications are subject to 
change without prior notice.






Practice “safe listening.”

No user serviceable parts inside. Refer service to qualified personnel. Always unplug AC 
power before removing chassis.

that unit is wired for proper voltage. Make certain all connections and grounding con-
forms with local standards. Make certain that you have obtained authorization to operate 
prior to connecting to power supply.

WARNING: Vacuum tube amplifiers generate heat. To insure proper ventilation always 
make certain there is at least four inches (100mm) of space behind the rear of the ampli-
fier cabinet.

Keep away from curtains or any flammable objects.

WARNING: Do not block any ventilation openings on the rear or top of the amplifier. Do 
not impede ventilation by placing objects on top of the amplifier which extend past the 
rear edge of its cabinet.

WARNING: Do not expose the amplifier to rain, moisture, dripping or splashing water. Do 
not place objects filled with liquids on or nearby the amplifier.

WARNING: Always make certain proper load is connected before operating the amplifier. 
Failure to do so could pose a shock hazard and may result in damage to the amplifier.

Do not expose amplifier to direct sunlight or extremely high temperatures.

Always insure that amplifier is properly grounded. Always unplug AC power cord before 
changing fuse or any tubes. When replacing fuse, use only same type and rating.

Avoid direct contact with heated tubes. Keep amplifier away from children.

Be sure to connect to an AC power supply that meets the power supply specifications 
listed on the rear of the unit. Remove the power plug from the AC mains socket if the unit 
is to be stored for an extended period of time. If there is any danger of lightning occurring 
nearby, remove the power plug from the wall socket in advance.

To avoid damaging your speakers and other music equipment, turn off the power of all 
related equipment before making the connections.

Do not use excessive force in handling control buttons, switches and controls. Do not 
use solvents such as benzene or paint thinner to clean the unit. Wipe off the exterior with 
soft cloth.


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Thank you for choosing 3RD 
POWER as an integral compo-
nent of  your musical journey. 

Music is a thrilling blend of  
tone, attitude and technique. 
When the right combination 
occurs, magic happens and it’s 
experienced by everyone. 

I’ve had the extraordinary 

privilege of  performing music for 30 years on stage and in the studio. 
As the principal visionary of  the company, every product we design re-
flects my energy, attitude and life experiences. 

Each amplifier we create is designed to help you tell your musical story 
- IN 3D!!!

Rock on!
- James Scott



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Special Features:

• Hand-built and hand-wired in the USA
• Single Channel All-Tube design
• 100 watt, EL34 Power Amp section
• Mid Voicing Switch, Preamp Gain, Master Volume, Solo Volume, 

Treble, Middle, Bass, and Presence controls

• Variable Line Output on back panel
• Series Insert/Effects Loop for external effects units
• Foot-switchable Lead Clean Boost (power amp boost)

Dimensions & Weights:

Subject to change anytime. Please measure your amp carefully if  a Cus-
tom Case is being made. These measurements do not include handle 
and rubber feet.

Dimensions (WxHxD):  29 x 10.75 x 8.375 in.
Weight:  41 lb.


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Preparing to Operate your HD100

Make certain that all connections are made prior to operating your 
HD100 including power cable, speaker cable and cabinet, instrument 
cable and instrument. Make certain that all tubes are installed.

Power Switch (1) 

The POWER switch, when placed in the UP position, provides AC wall 
power to the amplifier.

Standby Switch (2)

The STANDBY switch, when placed in the UP position, puts the am-
plifier in ‘standby mode’ allowing the tubes to warm up. When this 
switch is place in the DOWN position, the tube circuitry is fully func-

Presence Control (3)

The PRESENCE control allows you to adjust the character or ‘for-
wardness’ of  your sound. Low settings create ‘darker’ tones, whereas 
higher settings create a ‘brilliant’ or crisp sound.

Bass Control (4)

The BASS control allows you to adjust the depth of  your lower fre-
quencies. The BASS circuitry has been optimized to provide deep, rich 
low frequencies while retaining outstanding agility and note definition.





Front Panel:


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Mid Control (5)

The MID control allows you to adjust the character of  the middle fre-
quency range. The MID circuitry has been optimized to deliver a wide 
range of  mid frequency character so your tone cuts through the mix 
without sounding harsh.

Treble Control (6)

The TREBLE control allows you to adjust the character of  the higher 
frequency range. The TREBLE circuitry has been optimized to deliver 
excellent high frequency character while retaining a smooth tempera-

Lead Volume Control (7)

The LEAD VOLUME control allows you to increase the overall output 
level without changing your tone or distortion character. When made 
operational via foot-switch (separately available) this control is additive 
to the MASTER VOLUME control and allows you to ‘step out’ for so-
los without missing a note. 

Master Volume Control (8)

The MASTER VOLUME control allows you to set the loudness of  
your amplifier. The MASTER circuitry has been optimized to deliver 
incredibly linear response from your amplifier. Even at low setting, 
your tone is rich, wide and full of  punch. Raising this control simply 
increases the volume without changing the tonal character of  your 





Front Panel:


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Preamp Control (9)

The PREAMP control allows you to adjust the temperament and over-
all character of  the distortion sound. The PREAMP circuitry has been 
optimized to provide superior versatility allowing you to achieve the 
superior classic rock, americana and modern metal sounds, as well as 
the highly coveted ‘brown’ sound. 

Mid Voicing Switch (10)

The MID VOICING switch allows you to set the tonal center and 
character of  the middle frequency range. In the SMOOTH position, 
the tone controls deliver the exact EQ points of  a classic British tube 
amplifier from the late ’60’s. In the BOLD position, the tone controls 
deliver an articulated middle frequency response with tighter lows pro-
viding a finished/mastered or ‘fader up’ sound quality that is ideal for 
modern guitarists and soloists wether on stage or in the studio.  

Input Jack (11)

The INPUT jack is where you connect the output of  your guitar signal 




Front Panel:


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AC Input (12)

The AC INPUT socket (TYPE IEC Grounded) is a required connec-
tion for operating your HD100 at 117V (standard USA household elec-
trical power). 

Mains Fuse (13)

The MAINS FUSE requires a 4 AMP fast-acting fuse. This fuse pro-
tects your amplifier from voltage peaks from your power outlet.  

H.T. Fuse (14)

The H.T. FUSE requires a 1 AMP slow-blow fuse. The H.T. FUSE 
usually blows if  your power amp tubes are bad to protect the circuit 
from being damaged. 



1) Always plug your amp into a properly grounded 3 prong AC out-


2) Never plug your amp into an ungrounded outlet. 
3) Never remove or break off  the 3rd prong safety ground pin from 

the power cord. 

4) Never use a damaged or ungrounded power cord.
5) Always use the proper value and type fuse according to the rear-

panel markings.




Back Panel:


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16-OHM Discreet Speaker Output (15)

The 16-OHM DISCREET SPEAKER OUTPUT is provided for con-
necting your amplifier to standard 16 OHM speaker cabinets.

(2) 8-OHM Discreet Speaker Output (16)

The two (2) 8-OHM DISCREET SPEAKER OUTPUTs are provided 
for connecting your amplifier to single 8-OHM speaker cabinet or for 
connecting two (2) 16-OHM speaker cabinets in parallel.

(2) 4-OHM Discreet Speaker Output (17)

The two (2) 4-OHM DISCREET SPEAKER OUTPUTs are provided 
for connecting your amplifier to single 4-OHM speaker cabinet or for 
connecting two (2) 8-OHM speaker cabinets in parallel.

Never operate your amplifier without a connected speaker cabinet. This 
will damage your tubes or transformers - or both. 

Always operate your amplifier with the proper impedance output that 
matches your cabinets(s). 

In all cases, always use a good quality heavy gauge speaker cable (not a 
shielded instrument cable) to connect your HD100 to the speaker cabi-




Back Panel:


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Preamp Out (19)/ Poweramp In (18) Jacks

The PREAMP OUT and POWERAMP IN jacks are available to insert 
professional line-level effects devices. This type of  effects loop is best 
described as a ‘hard insert’ or ‘break’ type of  loop. PREAMP OUT 
connects to the input of  your effects device. POWERAMP IN connects 
to the output of  your effects device.

When connected to a professional line-level effects device, the amplifier 
breaks the connection between the preamp and poweramp. Signal levels 
and mix of  the DRY/WET signals are controlled by the effects device. 
Take care to optimize your gain structure in order to retain a high-
quality, low-noise signal. When not connected, there is no break inter-
nal to the amplifier allowing the amplifier to operate as designed. 

This type of  insert effects-loop is the best type for retaining the purity 
of  the amplifier performance as there are no buffers or level matching 
circuitry to color your sound. The trade off  is acknowledged to be less 
versatile in certain circumstances. However, the purity of  the sound 
quality is the overriding requirement.



Back Panel:


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Line Output (20) and Line Level Control (21)

The LINE OUTPUT jack and LINE LEVEL control work together to 
provide a line-level signal for feeding other amplifiers or effects devices. 
The signal present at this jack originates directly from the output 

Foot Switch for Solo Volume (22)

The SOLO VOLUME footswitch jack activates the front-panel SOLO 
VOLUME control. This provides you with the ability to ‘step out’ when 
performing live making sure that every note you play is heard in the 
mix. The circuitry is designed to operate with a latching-type of  




Back Panel:


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Tube Layout and Requirements:

V1, V2 - JJ 12



V3 - Sovtek 12



V4 through V7 - JJ 




 output tubes

Bias Adjustment

Your HD100 comes from the factory biased for JJ 




 tubes. Bias ad-

justments are not intended to be user-serviceable. Attempting to adjust 
the bias yourself  will expose you to very dangerous high-voltage elec-
tricity that can kill you. Special test equipment and knowledge of  amp 
circuits and tubes are required to perform this function. DO NOT AT-

Tube Replacement

Make sure you turn your amp off  when you switch tubes and be careful, 
the tubes might be very hot!! Do not touch tube sockets with fingers! 
Even after turning your amp off  and unplugging it from the power 
outlet there could be enough voltage stored in the capacitors to give 
you a lethal electrical shock.


1) Do not remove the back panel.
2) Do not attempt to check or replace tubes yourself. Refer to an 

authorized service center. 

3) Never touch the tubes while the amplifier is turned on or has re-

cently been turned ON. You can severely burn your fingers and 



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Thank you for choosing 3RD POWER Amplification. 3RD POWER takes great pride in producing 
high-quality tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets. Each product is thoroughly tested prior to shipment.

The HD100

 is warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship 

for the first 33-1/3 years to the original purchaser. An original sales receipt will establish coverage un-
der this warranty. This warranty does not cover service or parts to repair damage caused by accident, 
neglect, abuse, normal wear, disaster, misuse, over-powering, negligence, inadequate packing or shipping 

procedures and service, repair or modifications to the product which have not been authorized by 3RD 
POWER. If  this product is defective in materials or workmanship as warranted above, your sole remedy 

shall be repair or replacement as provided below.


 3RD POWER warrants the original purchaser that the tubes used in the HD100 will be free 

from defects in material and workmanship for a period of  90 days from the original purchase date. A 
dated sales receipt will establish coverage under this warranty. This warranty is in lieu of  all other ex-

pressed warranties. If  tubes fail within the initial 90 day period your sole remedy shall be the replace-
ment of  tubes as provided below.

Return Procedures: In the unlikely event that a defect should occur, follow the procedure outlined below. 
Defective products must be shipped, together with proof  of  purchase, freight pre-paid and insured di-

rectly to 3RD POWER. A Return Authorization Number must be obtained prior to shipping the prod-
uct. Contact 3RD POWER to obtain this RA number. Products must be shipped in their original pack-
aging or equivalent. IN any case, the risk of  loss or damage in transit is borne by the purchaser. The RA 

number must appear in large print directly below the shipping address. Always include a brief  descrip-
tion of  the defect, along with your correct return address and telephone number.

When calling to inquire about a returned product, always refer to the RA number. If  3RD POWER de-
termines that the unit was defective in materials or workmanship at any time during the warranty pe-

riod, 3RD POWER has the option of  repairing or replacing the product at no additional charge, except 
as set forth below. All replaced parts become property of  3RD POWER. Products replaced or repaired 

under this warranty will be returned via ground shipping within the United States, freight prepaid. 
3RD POWER is not responsible for costs associated with expedited shipping, either to 3RD POWER or 
returned of  the product to the customer.

Incidental or Consequential Damage: In no event will 3RD POWER be liable for any incidental or con-

sequential damages arising out of  the use or inability to use any 3RD POWER product, even if  a 3RD 
POWER dealer has been advised of  the possibility of  such damages or any other claim by any other 
party. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of  consequential damages, so the above limi-

tation and exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may 
also have other rights which may vary from state to state.

For your protection: Please complete and mail the Purchase Information Card within (10) ten days of  
the date of  purchase so that we may contact you directly in the event a safety notification issued in the 

accordance with the 1972 Consumer Product Safety Act.

Customer Support: Our dedicated staff  is ready to assist you should you have any questions with regard 
to your product. Please call: (615) 945-3393 (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, Central 
Standard Time).


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