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3Ware Version 9.4.3 Update Manual

Made by: 3Ware
Type: Update
Category: Network Card
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PN 720-0183-10 




SATA RAID Controller 


Guide Addendum, Version 9.4.3

This addendum is an update to the 

3ware Serial ATA RAID Controller User 


which supports the 3ware 9650SE, 9590SE, and 9550SX 3ware RAID 

controllers and the 9.4.1 firmware and software.

The 9.4.3 code set provides several new features related to enclosure support:

Support for the AMCC 3ware® I


C Multiplexer, which increases from 8 

to 32 the number of drives in an enclosure that can use LED signaling to 
show drive and unit status.  

Improved enclosure support, visible on two new screens in 3DM:

Enclosure Summary page

Enclosure Details page

You will also notice some terminology changes on some screens in 3DM, 
3BM, and the CLI. For example:

Controller-to-drive connections are shown as phys in 3BM, but are still 
shown as ports in 3DM and CLI. 

There is now a Controller Phy Summary page visible in 3DM. However, 
this screen is only applicable for the 9690SA.

Your primary source of information for how to work with the 3ware software 
for your RAID controller should continue to be the 

3ware Serial ATA RAID 

Controller User Guide

, dated March 2007

If you would like additional 

information about the changes to the 3DM and 3BM screens, see the 


SAS/SATA RAID Software User Guide, Version 9.5

 (for the 9690SA),


available from the 3ware website at 





For information on installing your 3ware RAID controller card, see the 
Installation Guide that came with your 3ware RAID controller. If you do not 
have the copy that came with your controller, electronic versions are available 
on the 3ware website at 



For information about using the AMCC 3ware® I


C Multiplexer,




the AMCC 3ware® I2C Multiplexer with a Supermicro® Backplane.



Although the 9.5 User Guide is focused on support for the 3ware 9690SA 

RAID controller, the sections in it that explain the enclosure-related screens are  
appropriate for the 9.4.3. software. An updated version of the user manual that 
covers all controllers in the 96xx and 95xx series is expected late summer 2008.