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3R SYSTEMS 3R-SMOLIA-5 Operation Manual

Made by: 3R SYSTEMS
Type: Operation Manual
Category: Magnifiers
Pages: 8
Size: 0.60 MB


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Operation Manual


  LED MagnifierSmolia




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The product contains objects below.

Please check if they are inside the package.

●Magnifier 3R-SMOLIA-5 


●Hard case

●Cleaning cloth


●Button battery CR2016 x2※1

※1 The Button battery is for testing. 

       Maximum working hours might be 

       different from the spec in this manual


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Insert and change the battery

The Magnifier works with two pieces of button battery(CR2016※)

Please face lens part outside and you will find battery box inside.

Pull cover in the direction of the arrow so you will see the space for

battery. Then insert two of button batteries, face + side up and set    

cover back.

Face backside of the Smolia to you.

Pull battery cover to your direction.

Open the battery cover.

Insert two pieces of button battery.

※For spare button battery, please buy CR2016 at market.



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Use LED light on magnifier

Smolia is equipped with LED light. Before using, please turn on the

switch at leftside of the battery box. Please move it to leftside to 


Next, please put Smolia on desk and press lens part gently.

Lens part plays role of switch so each press will change LED light’s 


※To avoid wasting power, the light will be off automatically in ten


Move switch to leftside


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Thank you for buying our product, ‘Smolia’, this time.

The contents mentioned below are to avoid hazard to you and

others. Please read and follw each section carefully when you  

use it.

For your safety

Please DO NOT see the objects which emit strong light such as sun

and illumination. The light through the magnifier could damage 

eyes of yours or others around you.

DO NOT look at sun or strong light with ‘Smolia’

Please use and put the Smolia out of reach of children .

Use and put the Smolia out of reach of infants 

It could lead to electric shock or fire hazard

DO NOT decommission or modify the product

Please DO NOT point lens at the sun or strong light. 

The light of which through the lens could cause fire hazard or other


DO NOT point Smolia to the sun or strong light


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It could lead to electric shock.

Avoid using with wet hands

The product contains glass material. Please DO NOT use it when it

is damaged or it could lead to serious injury. 

DO NOT use it when it has been damaged

Please DO NOT point LED light to others or your eyes.

It has possibility of damaging your and others’ eye sight.

DO NOT point LED light at others

To avoid liquid leakage, please remove the button batteries if you 

do not use the product for long term.

Remove battery when you  are not using it

Please DO NOT use or put it at unstable places or somewhere that

has possibility of falling down.

DO NOT use or put it at unstable places


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Light source

Working hours



Approx x5※

White LEDx3

Maximum 5 hours(CR2016  x2)

Approx φ92x52mm

Approx 215g

※About magnification
The written magnification is magnification of lens part. The actual
Magnification might be different when you put it on the desk. 
The written magnification is based on focal range of 200mm.


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