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3M HCD-2 Operating Instructions Manual

Made by: 3M
Type: Operating Instructions
Category: Water Dispenser
Pages: 16
Size: 3.25 MB


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Separation Purification Sciences Division 
3M Thailand Limited

Design and color may differ from the picture.

Unit appearance, specification, etc. are subject to change without 

prior notice if necessary for improving unit performance.

The rated voltage of this unit is AC 220V/50Hz only.

3M  Water Purifier Solutions

Operating Instructions



Filtered Water Dispenser



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Table of contents

Safety information



Water flow schematic diagram

Panel functions and control

Display settings and functions

How to use panel functions

Cleaning the water dispenser

Maintenance of water dispenser

Troubleshooting guide

Technical specifications












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Safety information

Read, understand and follow all safety information contained in these instructions
prior to use of the 3M


Filtered Water Dispenser HCD-2. 

Retain these instructions for future reference.

Intended Use:

The 3M


Filtered Water Dispenser HCD-2 is intended for use in filtering potable water for

drinking purposes. The system is typically installed at point of use, and must be installed by a
3M authorized professional installer according to installation instructions.

Explanation of Signal Word Consequences:



Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which, if not avoided,
could result in death or serious injury and/or property damage.

About the Power Supply

To reduce the risks associated with hazardous voltage and fire:

Do not plug in multiple devices into the same power outlet or extension cord simultaneously.

Plug the power cord into a 220 V outlet with at least a rating of 10 A and power surge protection.

Please ensure the power plug and power outlet is clean and dry.

Damaged parts or machine malfunction are only to be repaired or replaced by 3M authorized 


To reduce the risks associated with hazardous voltage:

Do not operate the machine with wet hands.

Do not bend the power cord excessively or put heavy objects over the power cord. Ensure your pets

do not damage the power cord.

Do not use the equipment if there is any damage to power cord, plug or the outlet.

Important guide during installation / Use

To reduce the risks associated with fire and explosion:

Do not place the equipment in area with potential gas leak, or near heating devices.

Do not put candles, lit cigarettes, or any heating devices on the unit.

Indicates a situation which, if not avoided, could result in property



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Safety information


Do not install in direct sunlight or outdoors exposed to rain /snow. The equipment is designed for
indoor use only. Large amount of moisture or dust in the equipment surroundings may damage the

Do not tilt the equipment over 45° when transporting the unit. Install and keep the equipment on a
flat stable surface. Unstable surface and inclination will cause performance degradation or equipment

Do not connect to hot water source over 100 °F (38 °C).

Do not use filtered water as water for fish bowl or aquarium. Filtered water may not be suitable for
marine life.

Keep equipment approximately 8” (20 cm) away from the wall and ensure proper ventilation behind
the equipment.

Ensure tubing are securely connected and is not bent or pressed down by any heavy objects.

Length of the drain tubing should be less than 3 m for proper drainage from the equipment and at
least 30 cm away from flat floor.

Put the auto drain button at 


to ensure equipment can automatically drain to allow stagnant water

to be flushed out of system.

The disposable filter cartridge 


be replaced every 6 month, or if any noticeable reduction in

flow rate occurs (whichever sooner), to ensure filter effectiveness.

It is connected to water mains by detachable tubing hose. When you relocate and reinstall the 
appliance, please do not use the old tubing hose. Use a new tubing hose.

This appliance is intended to be used indoors. 

Close supervision is required when any appliance is used by or near children.

To reduce the risks associated with hazardous voltage, fire and/or property damage:

Do not put water containers, chemicals (volatile materials, organic solvents etc.), small metal objects
and etc.   on top of unit to avoid accidental spillage into the unit to cause electric shock or fire.

To reduce the risks associated with fire and/or property damage:

Do not place the equipment in an enclosed space where ventilation is difficult, causing overheating

at the electrical parts.

To reduce the risks associated with contaminated water and/or property damage:

Do not clean the equipment with chemicals that could contaminate the water.


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Water flow schematic diagram


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Panel functions and control

Water Full LED Indicator

Cold Water LED Indicator

Hot LED Indicator

Hot (Stand-by) LED Indicator

Hot Selection Button

Hot Water Dispenser


Hot Water Dispenser 


Cold /Ambient Selection
Button with LED indicator

Cold /Ambient Water
Dispenser Valve

Cold /Ambient Water
Dispenser Button


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Display settings and functions

1. Water Full LED Indicator

Lights up when water tank is full.

(Blue LED)

2. Cold Water LED Indicator

Lights up when “COLD” is set. 

(Blue LED)

3. Hot LED Indicator

Lights up when “HOT” is set. 


: Tank Heating Mode ;

Green LED

: Instant Heating Mode

4. Hot (Stand-by) LED Indicator

Lights up when “HOT SELECTION” button is selected.

(Red LED)

5. Hot Selection Button

To select hot water 

Tap to select between heating modes (Tank Heating Mode, Instant Heating
Mode or to turn heating OFF)

6. Cold/Ambi. Selection Button with LED indicator

Tap to select cold or ambient water. 

Green LED

: Ambient water; 

Blue LED

: Cold water

7. Water Dispensing Button

Tap to dispense water into containers or cups after selecting the desired type of
water temperature (hot, ambient or cold)

8. Drain Switch

I is on for Manual Drain setting. An alert sound will be triggered and water
source turned off.

O is off for Manual Drain. Water source will be on for normal operation.


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How to use panel functions









Tank Heating / Instant Heating Mode
1. Press “HOT SELECTION” button for 10 seconds.
2. Press “HOT SELECTION” button to change modes 

Tank heating 

Instant Heating 


Tank Heating : 


;  Instant Heating : 

Green LED

Constant Water Function
1. Press “COLD/AMBI.” button for 2 seconds to take ambient or cold water

A setting sound “Ding dong” occurs and the “COLD/AMBI.” LED blinks.

2. After 2 seconds, the “COLD/AMBI.” LED will blink 


(cold water) and



(ambient water). Tap the “COLD/AMBI.” button during the

respective color blinking period to choose the desired water temperature. 

3. After selecting cold or ambient water, press “WATER DISPENSING”

button and the water will be dispensed continuously.

A “Ding dong” sound will play once.

If no water is dispensed within 10 seconds, this function will cease to exist
until the next time it is set up again.

Hot water is not available for constant water function.

4. Press either “COLD/AMBI.” or “WATER DISPENSING” to stop dispensing

water. Thereafter, cold water will be selected for future dispense unless
Step 1 and 2 is repeated again. 

A sound “Ding dong-Ding dong” will be played.

Turning On Cold Water Selection (If “COLD” LED is not lit)
1. Press “COLD/AMBI.” for 5 seconds and “COLD” LED turns 


Cold water is selected.

Turning Off Cold Water Selection (If “COLD” LED is lit)
2. Press “COLD/AMBI.” for 5 seconds and “COLD” LED is now turned off.

“COLD/AMBI.” LED lights up 


. Ambient water is selected.

Silent Mode 
1. Press “COLD/AMBI.” button for 10 seconds. “WATER FULL”, “COLD”,

“HOT”, “HOT (STAND-BY)” LEDs will blink 5 times.

A setting sound “Ding dong” will play once.

Non-Silent mode 
2. Press “COLD/AMBI.” button for 10 seconds. “WATER FULL”, “COLD”,

“HOT”, “HOT (STAND-BY)” LEDs will blink 5 times.

A setting sound “Ding dong” will play once.


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Dispensing Ambient Water
1. Press “COLD/AMBI.” button and see if LED is 


. Ambient water is

selected and proceed to dispense water.

Dispensing Cold Water
1. Press “COLD/AMBI.” button and see if LED is 


. Cold water is selected.

2. Press “WATER DISPENSING” button to dispense cold water.

Dispensing Hot  Water (Tank Heating Mode)
1. Press “HOT SELECTION” button and see if “HOT” LED is


. Tank

Heating Mode is selected and water in tank is hot, ready for dispense.

2. Press “WATER DISPENSING” button to dispense hot water.

Instant heating Level







Level 1


Hot water temperature

Under 60

Level 2


More than 85

Dispensing Hot  Water (Instant Heating Mode)
1. Press “HOT SELECTION” button and see if “HOT” LED is 


. If it is

Green, Instant Heating Mode is selected.

A setting sound “Ding dong” occurs and LED blinks 3 times.

2. During Instant Heating Mode, “HOT” LED changes colour to indicate the

temperature of water dispensed.

Approximately 1.3minutes are required to complete Instant Heating cycle
to achieve 



3. After Instant Heating is completed, “HOT” LED turns 


and “HOT

(STAND-BY)” LED turns 


and blinking with beeping sound “Ding Ding

Ding” upon completion of Instant Heating process.

Hot water can only be dispensed upon completion of Instant Heating

4. Press “HOT SELECTION” button and “WATER DISPENSING” button to

dispense hot water.

Hot water can be contained for 10mins without any dispense.

Note: When hot water is being constantly dispensed, temperature of the hot
water can be below 50°C. Instant Heating process starts off automatically and
hot water can only be dispensed when instant heating is completed.


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Cleaning the water dispenser

Installing the Water Tray

Push the centre of water tray until you hear the “clattering” sound. The water tray is now in place. 

Cleaning the water dispensing spout

1. Turn faucet deco to the left and disconnect it from the body of the dispenser.

2. After cleaning, turn the faucet deco to the right to place it back.


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Cleaning the water tank

1. Shut off source water valve.
2. Turn drain switch to I at the rear of the unit to drain the ambient/cold tank water.

Beeping sound will start, drain the cold/ambient tanks manually. 

3. Remove the screw on the back of the unit and detach the water tank cover. Use a soft cloth to clean

the water tank. Place back the water tank cover and then secure the screw back.

4. Turn on the source water valve and turn the drain switch to 


at the rear of the unit. 

5. Check if cold/ambient water is served after 40 minutes. If it is, drain to flush the tank with filtered

water completely and the dispenser can be used again after the tank is full.

When cleaning the tank, please take note of the following:

1. Wash your hands before commencing the cleaning. Put on sanitary gloves and clean the tank with a

soft cloth or dry cleaner.

2. Do not use any chemicals or detergent.
3. Discard any used cleaner and soft cloth after cleaning.
4. Ensure that the tank cover is closed properly and the water filter is installed properly after cleaning.
5. Clean the tank at least once a month.


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Maintenance of water dispenser









Water gutter


The unit can be installed at places with low water pressure that are
within water quality range.

The spout should be cleaned at least once a week. If any foreign liquid
or items come into contact with the spout, the spout should also be

Avoid drinking directly from the dispenser and do not allow dirty items
or utensils to come into contact with the spout.

Do not

install the unit in the following places:

Anywhere that will expose the unit to direct sunlight

Anywhere near toilets

Anywhere with fluctuating temperatures devices


Do not pour any other liquids into the gutter other than water from the

Ensure that the gutter is cleaned at least once a week and pour away
excess water in the gutter when possible.

Ensure that the spout and the gutter are maintained regularly according
to the schedule listed above.





Ensure that there is 5 minutes of flushing. 

Do not allow external shocks to the filter.


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Troubleshooting guide


Checking points


Display is not

switched on or 

not operational

Ambient and

cold water is not


Dispensed cold

water is not cold

enough or 

not at desired 


Hot water is not

hot enough, 

or not at desired 


The power plug could be not properly
inserted into its socket.

Ensure that the power plug is now
inserted properly into its socket.

The water supply might be

Ensure that the unit is properly con-
nected to a proper water source and
wait for at least 80min for the water
to cool to desired temperature.

The unit was just connected to a
power source.

Water is still in the process of cooling
down and being produced. Wait for
2 hours for initial start up.

Cold water had been dispensed in
large amounts previously or had
been dispensed frequently.

There is insufficient cold water in
the unit and new water from the
source is being cooled down. 
This process takes approximately
80 minutes.

The hot water is switched off. 

Set the hot water to instant heating
method or hot water tank method.

Hot water is set to instant heating

Press “HOT SELECTION” button to
start the heating of the water in
tank. Wait for at least 1.3 minutes to
complete the heat up.

There is no water in the hot water

It takes approximately 40 minutes to
fill up the tank.


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Technical specifications

Removal Capabilities

Filtration System

Micron Rating

Filtration Capacity

Flow Rate

3M™ AP2-C405-SG Drinking Water Filtration System UV Lamp

Up to 99.95% of Protozoan cysts – Cryptosporidium and

Cyst, Lead, Benzene, Toxaphene, P-Dichlorobenzene 
(Tested in accordance to NSF Standard 53)

Chlorine Taste and Odor                                                           
(Tested in accordance to NSF Standard 42)

Ambient Water – 4.6 liters
Cold Water – 3.0 liters
Hot Water – 0.57 liters
Total Storage Tank Capacity – 8.17 liters

Storage Tank Capacity

Cold Water – 100 W
Hot Water – 450 W
Instant Heating – 1500 W

Power Consumption

0.5 micron

4,000 liters

2 liters per minute


Net Weight

290 x 497 x 474 mm

17.7 kg


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Limited Warranty:

Separation Purification Sciences Division, 3M Thailand Limited warrants this Product (including the filter 
cartridge) will be free from defects in material and manufacture for the following periods from the date of
purchase: One (1) year for the Product. This warranty does not cover failures resulting from abuse, misuse,
alteration or damage not caused by 3M Thailand Limited or failure to follow installation and use instructions.
No warranty is given as to the service life of any filter cartridge or membrane as it will vary with local water 
conditions and water consumption. 
3M Thailand Limited makes no other warranties or conditions, express or implied, including, but not 
limited to, any implied warranty or condition of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any
implied warranty or condition arising out of a course of dealing, customer or usage of trade. 
The remedy stated in this paragraph is Customer’s sole remedy and 3M Thailand Limited exclusive 

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which may vary from country to

Limitation of Liability:

3M Thailand Limited will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from this product, whether direct, 
indirect, special, incidental, or consequential, regardless of the legal theory asserted, including warranty, 
contract, negligence or strict liability. Some countries do not allow the exclusion of limitation of incidental or
consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. 


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Separation Purification Sciences Division

3M Thailand Limited

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Klongtoey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Tel: 0 2260 8577

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3M Authorized Distributor/Dealer

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