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3Com 3CRWE154G72 Installation Steps

Made by: 3Com
Type: Installation Steps
Category: Computer Hardware
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Wireless LAN PC Card

Installation Steps

With the computer on and Windows running, insert the 



into the CD-ROM drive. The auto-start feature starts the instal-

lation. If nothing happens within five seconds, click 

Start > Run




(where d: is your CD-ROM drive).

Insert your Wireless LAN PC Card as indicated.

Respond to the prompts as they appear.

If you are prompted for the drivers, enter 


where d: is the location

of the CD-ROM drive where the 

Installation CD

is inserted.

During the installation process, you may receive prompts for the
Windows installation CD. Insert the CD for your Windows operating
system and indicate the correct path.

Your computer goes through a brief installation process during which
it displays several windows indicating what is currently installing.

Restart the computer whenever you are prompted.

If you restarted your computer after installing the Wireless LAN PC
Card and the install program did not start automatically, click 

Start >


and type 


(where d: is your CD-ROM drive).

From the 

Installation CD

, select 

Install 3Com Wireless Card Manager

and follow the prompts, removing the 

Installation CD

and restarting

your computer whenever you are prompted.

If the 3Com icon was not placed in the system tray when you installed
the Wireless LAN PC Card, start the 3Com Launcher by selecting 


> Programs > 3Com Mobile > 3Com Wireless Card Manager


You are now ready to connect to your 
Wireless LAN

Refer to the 3Com Wireless Card Manager help for detailed
information about how to use Wireless Card Manager.





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