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360 FLY 360fly 4K Quick Start Manual

Made by: 360 FLY
Type: Quick Start Guide
Category: Action Cameras
Pages: 8
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Quick Start  




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Your 360fly 4K has landed.

Build your profile and join the 360° 
uprising at 


(If you’re one to forget these types  
of things, maybe write it here.)

  facebook.com/360fly           twitter.com/360fly

360fly 4K password:


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What’s in the tube?

360fly 4K

Protective Neoprene 


USB Cable


Power Cradle

2-Prong Action 

Camera Adapter


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To charge your camera, insert the USB cable 

into a USB outlet adapter rated at 1.5A to 2.1A 

(most tablet charger adapters) and plug it into 

360fly 4K

’s Power Cradle. Now simply place 

the camera on its charger. For best results, 

charge while the device is powered off.


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Let’s fly.


Step 1: 

Download the 360fly app. This app is  


key to capturing your entire world in  


360° 4K video. Just search “360fly” in 


the App Store or Google Play and 


download it to your mobile device.


Now launch the app and follow the 


tutorial to set up your camera and build 


your 360fly profile.

Remember, the app allows your mobile device to 

serve as your camera’s remote and viewfinder, 

giving you the power to edit, add effects and share 

clips on the fly. 

Step 2: 

Remove your 

360fly 4K

 from the  


packaging and place it on its Magnetic 


Power Cradle while the cradle is plugged 


into a power source. Let your camera 


charge for at least 30 minutes.


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Step 3: 

Remove your camera from its 


Power Cradle and turn it on by holding 




 button down for 4 seconds.


Step 4: 

Connect your mobile device and  


360fly 4K

 by tapping the 




icon in the app. Now tap the 




drop down arrow to add or select 


a camera.

  Step 5: 

Follow the in-app directions to name 



360fly 4K

, create a profile  


and complete your camera’s setup, 


including giving your camera a 


name you’ll love.

  NOTE:  For iOS, exit the app, go to your device’s  



Settings and connect to your camera’s  



Wi-Fi. The camera’s name will be  



displayed within your device’s Wi-Fi list.


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  Step 6: 

Use the included Action Camera Adapter 


with all your existing 3-prong mounts on 


your favorite gear and start capturing 


and sharing everything around you in 


immersive, interactive 360° 4K video.

Keep it clean.

A clean lens means even cleaner, crisper details. 

360fly 4K

’s lens should be cleaned using a clean, 

soft cloth. Lens solution, isopropyl alcohol or 

water can be used for additional cleaning.

360fly 4K support, troubleshooting and 

complete Quick Start and User Guides.

For all your support needs, FAQ answers. User input 

and additional detail, visit 


Get the complete guides.

To view and download the complete 

360fly 4K


Guide, please visit 




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