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30-Day Duro 20-PL20C3D Owner's Manual

Made by: 30-Day Duro
Type: Owner's Guide
Category: Lantern
Pages: 2
Size: 0.26 MB


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30-Day Duro LED Lantern - Owner’s Guide

General Operating Instructions

HIGH, MEDIUM & LOW MODES: Install batteries (see instructions on reverse 

side). Press power button once for HIGH MODE, twice for MEDIUM MODE, 3 

times for LOW MODE and 4 times for OFF.

FLASHING SOS: Press and hold power button for a few seconds until SOS 

flash begins. This can be done in any mode. Press power button once to reset 

(this will turn the lantern off).

TO CONVERT TO A DOWNLIGHT: Unscrew lens and place aside. Unlatch hook 

underneath the lantern. Turn the lantern upside down and hang securely.

Ultimate Survival Technologies

Jacksonville, FL 32256

(904) 786-0033


The power button changes 
lighting modes as well as 
powering the lantern on and off

Modular hook under 
the lantern unsnaps 
and flips forward

Bottom View

Lens unscrews by turning counter-clockwise


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Align red arrows. Match notch 

on unit body to the groove on 

the base cover, as shown. Fold 

cover down, push in and then 

turn clockwise to close. 


Groove on lid



Battery Changing Instructions

Switch off lantern. Turn base counter clockwise (unscrew) to remove old 

batteries and properly dispose. Replace with 3 new 1.5V D cell batteries in 

correct polarity following + and - symbols in the battery compartment. 

Line-up arrows and notches inside unit, then push down while screwing 

the base to the body (see diagram). Make sure that the base is tight in 

order ensure water resistance. Remove batteries when not in use for a 

long period of time. Do not mix old and new batteries -- or rechargeable, 

standard and alkaline types.




Do not look directly into 
the LED light for more than 
a few seconds. 
Do NOT allow children to 
use LED light unless under 
the supervision of an adult. 
Remove the batteries if not 
using the LED light for over 
30 days or before storage.


Turn base counter-

clockwise to remove