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2point5 spec.dock Installation Instructions Manual

Made by: 2point5
Type: Installation Instructions
Category: Adapter
Pages: 8
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Thank you for your purchase of a spec.dock iPod solution for your vehicle. 2point5 

recommends professional installation of our packages. Audio connections may vary according 

to your particular setup. For any clarification on your particular vehicle, please email 


 or call 770-414-6038 with any further questions.

spec.dock BMW e63 v.2 Installation Instructions

Begin by 


 prying the hazard and door lock button assembly out of the dash trim. 

This is quite possibly the most delicate and difficult part of the installation process. It is 

not recommended to use any metallic tool. There are specially designed plastic panel 

tools that are quite effective at removing this switch, which most installation 

professionals should have at their disposal. Cosmetic damage to the trim and switches 

can occur if extreme caution is not used.


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Once you have removed and unplugged the switch, you will see a single Torx T-20 

screw located behind and above the switch. Remove this screw.

Now, using only your hands, unsnap the center air vents from the dash and set aside.


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After removing the air vents, you will see two Phillips-head screws to be removed.

Once these have been removed, use only your hands to unsnap the trim around the 

radio as shown. Be careful to unsnap the clips all the way around before attempting to 

fully remove this piece.


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Behind the climate controls in the radio trim piece you just removed, you will see three 

plugs that must be disconnected. Unplug these and set the radio trim piece aside. 

Once you have disconnected these electrical connections, do not turn the vehicle’s 

ignition on again until all plugs are reconnected.

Next, you will need to unsnap the shift boot using only your fingers as shown.


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After unsnapping and lifting the shift boot out of the way, use only your fingers again 

and unsnap the trim bezel around the shifter as shown.

On the backside of the trim bezel around the shifter are three plugs to be 

disconnected. Unplug these to completely remove the shifter trim and set aside.


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Underneath the shifter trim bezel are three more Philips head screws to remove.

Once these screws are removed, you can begin to lift the final trim piece around the 

shifter out of the console. This piece includes the ashtray location where the spec.dock 

will be mounted.


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On the backside of this trim, you will need to disconnect the cigarette lighter and the 

three plugs shown here. This piece can now be removed completely from the vehicle.


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You can now route the spec.dock’s wiring through the factory opening shown above 

and lower the spec.dock into position. Make sure that the ashtray carrier itself is free of 

debris and has been cleaned with a degreaser such as denatured alcohol to ensure 

proper adhesion of the included double-sided tape. In some cases, it may be useful to 

completely remove or bend out of the way the tab shown above to allow the cable 

to freely travel through this opening.

At this point, you will be able to route the spec.dock’s wiring to the interfacing solution 

you chose with your order. Please refer to the interface manual that came with your 


Be sure to test all functionality before completely reassembling the vehicle, 

and remember not to turn on the vehicle ignition until all disconnected electrical 

connections are reattached.

 Reassembly of the interior panels is the reverse of