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2BLUE MT1092 User Manual

Made by: 2BLUE
Type: User Manual
Category: Mouse
Pages: 4
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Bluetooth Notebook Mouse


User Manual


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Step1. Inserting Batteries

1.  Remove the battery cover.
2.  Insert 2 AAA batteries.
3.  Place back the battery cover. If the mouse have the 

power switch, please make sure the power switch is 

Match Procedure

A. Wireless connection on Widcomm

1.  Double click the Icon again, “My Bluetooth Place” 

pops up.

Step2. Wireless Connection

Before you install the Bluetooth Mouse, please make 
sure that you computer support Bluetooth function. 
You must install bluetooth software like Wincomm, IVT 
BlueSolei or the Microsoft built-in software.
Press the connect button at the bottom of mouse 
about 1 second or more, then the mouse is ready for 
wireless connection. Please note that the connect but-
ton is only useful during the matching procedure.


Connect Button

2.  Click “Bluetooth Setup – Bluetooth Setup Guide”.
3.  In the Setup Guide window, click next button, wait 

until the system found the mouse, select “Mouse”, 
click “Next” and wait for connection.

4.  Click “Click here”, now you can use your mouse.


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3.  Select “No Password”, click “Next”, the system will in-

stall the new facility automatically.

B. Wireless connection on Microsoft built-in software

1.  Make sure that the Bluetooth Function has been 

activated. Double click the Bluetooth Icon on the 
Task Bar or in the Control Panel, open the “Bluetooth 
Management” window, click “Add Bluetooth Device”, 
tick off  “facility is ready for searching”, click “Next”.

2. Wait till the mouse is found, select mouse, click 



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Setting CPI mouse resolution

C. Match on IVT software

1.  Make sure that the Bluetooth Function has been ac-

tivated. Double click the Bluetooth Icon, open the 
Management window, select “Search for Bluetooth 
facilities” or click the Round Ball in the middle of the 

2.  Click the Bluetooth Mouse founded, click the right 

button for “Refresh Service”.

3.  Select the Bluetooth Mouse again, click the right 

button for “Connect-Bluetooth Input Service”, the 
system will auto install the HID facility. After that 
your bluetooth mouse is ready to use.

Pressing the CPI button you can toggle the CPI be-
tween 500 CPI and 1000 CPI.


1. Before you install your Bluetooth Mouse, please 

make sure you have done the Bluetooth Dongle 
installation procedure, and the Bluetooth facility is 
turned on.

2.  Please kindly check the batteries. If they are short of 

power, replace them with new ones.