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1 BY ONE 212NA-0003-NEW Instruction Manual

Made by: 1 BY ONE
Type: Instruction Manual
Category: Media Converter
Pages: 13
Size: 1.54 MB


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Digital TV Converter Box

Instruction Manual

1byone Products Inc.
1230 E Belmont Street, Ontario, CA 91761
Customer Service: +1 909-391-3888


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This product has been tested and complies within the guidelines for Class B 
digital devices in accordance with Part 15 of FCC rules and regulations. These 
limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference 
in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio 
frequency energy if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions 
and may cause harmful interference to radio communications. This does not 
guarantee interference will not occur after installation. If this product has been 
determined to cause meaningful interference to radio or television reception, the 
user is encouraged to correct the interference using one or more of the following 
•  Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
•  Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
•  Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which 

the receiver is connected.

•  Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.


To reduce the risk of electric shock, do 
not remove the cover. There are no user-
serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to 
qualified service personnel.

The exclamation mark inside an equilateral triangle symbol indicates 
that there are important operating and maintenance instructions in 
the literature accompanying this product.
The lightning flash with arrow inside an equilateral triangle symbol 
indicates that dangerous voltages constituting a risk of electric shock 
are present within this product.

Class II equipment symbol indicates the product has a double system.

1. Read, follow and keep these instructions.
2. Do not use this converter box near water.
3. Clean only with a damp cloth. Unplug power prior to cleaning.
4. Do not block any of the ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the 

manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heating vents, stoves, or 

other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.

6. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly near the 

product's power cord exit or the plug  and outlet connection.


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7. Only use the attachments/accessories included within this package.
8. Unplug this product during lightning storms or when unused for a long period of 


9. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the 

product has been damaged in any way, such as when the power cord or plug is 
damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the product, or when 
the product has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or 
has been dropped.


Do not expose batteries to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire, etc.


Make sure the product's power plug and the electrical outlet are easily 

accessible so the product can be quickly disconnected from power in case of 


To reduce the risk of fire and shock, do not expose the product to rain 

or moisture.


Please read these precautions before operating this converter box.

1. Power cord protection

To avoid any malfunction of the converter box and to protect against electric shock, 
fire or personal injury, please observe the following:
•  Hold the plug firmly when connecting or disconnecting the DC power cord.
•  Keep the DC power cord away from heating appliances.
•  Never place heavy objects on the DC power cord.
•  Do not attempt to repair the DC power cord in any way.
•  Never make or change connections with the power switched on.

2. Placement

Avoid placing the converter box in areas of:
•  Direct sunlight or heating radiators.
•  High temperatures (over 95°F/35°C) or high humidity (over 90%).
•  Dirt and dust, as the internal parts may be seriously damaged.

3. Non-use periods

Turn the converter box off when it is not being used. Disconnect from power if the 
converter box will not be used for a long period of time. 

4. Do not open and touch internal parts

•  Touching internal parts of this converter box is dangerous and may cause serious 

damage to the converter box. Do not attempt to disassemble the converter box.

•  Do not put any foreign objects into this converter box.

5. Keep away from water

•  Keep the converter box away from flower vases, tubs, sinks, or any other places 

or objects containing water or liquids. If liquids are spilled into the converter box, 
serious damage can occur.

6. Remote control and batteries

•  Use AAA (UM-4) batteries. 
•  Do not use rechargeable (Ni-Cd) batteries.
•  Do not attempt to recharge, short circuit, disassemble or burn batteries.
•  Do not drop, step on or cause any impact to the remote control. This may 

damage it, resulting in malfunction.

•  Do not mix old and new batteries.
•  Remove the batteries if the remote control is not going to be used for a long 

period of time.

•  Keep batteries out of reach of children. If batteries are swallowed, contact a 

medical professional immediately.


This user manual is intended as an operation guide for the ATSC Digital TV 
Converter Box. A password will be required when modifying advanced options 
in the Menu. The default password is “000000”. When required, enter the default 
password or the custom password if set.


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Remote Control





1. STANDBY: Switch the digital converter box 

between On and Standby

2. CC: Select Subtitles Language
3. MUTE: Turn on/off the volume
4. EPG: Open Electronic Program Guide
5. AUDIO: Select an Audio Language or Audio 


6. INFO: Display current channel information
7. REC: Start recording. Recording requires a 

connected USB memory device.

8. PAGE+: Go forward quickly within a menu 
9. PAGE-: Go backward quickly within a menu
10. MENU: Show menu on screen and call 

command box.

11. EXIT: Quit menu
12. VOL+/VOL-: Volume up and down. CH+/CH-: 

Channel up and down; navigate through 
menus; move cursor selection up and down 
within menus and lists. 

13. OK button: Confirm a selection
14. FAV: View or edit the favorite channels list.
15. TV/RADIO: Switch between TV and radio
16. RECALL: Switches back to previous program
17. GOTO: Select the play time of the recorded 


18. Numeric Buttons (0-9): Enter numeric 

information and select specific channels

19. REV: Fast rewind during media playback
20. FWD: Fast forward during media playback
21. PREV: Return to the previous track during 


22. NEXT: Skip to the next track during playback
23. PLAY: Start media playback
24. PAUSE: Pause playback or recording
25. STOP: Stop media playback
26. REPEAT: Turn on/off repeat modes

interactive function/submenu function

Installing/Replacing Batteries

Open the battery compartment on the rear of the remote control and remove the 
compartment cover. Insert two 1.5V AAA batteries using the correct polarity.

Front View

1. Volume +
2. Volume -
3. Menu Button
4. Channel +
5. Channel -
6. OK Button

7. Power On/Off Button
8. LED Display
9. Remote Sensor
10. Power Indicator
11. USB Port

Rear View

1. Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcast Signal 


2. Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcast Signal 


3. Digital HDTV Video Out

4. Digital Audio Output
5. Analog Audio Output
6. Composite Video Output
7. Power DC Input 5V 2A


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Included Items

1 x Digital TV Converter Box
1 x Remote Control
2 x AAA Batteries
1 x AV Cable (only for RCA Connector)

1 x HDMI Cable
1 x DC Adapter
1 x Instruction Manual

Before using Digital TV Converter Box for the first time, check the package contents 
to ensure all parts are free of visible damage.


Before you connect the converter box to your TV, make sure the box is laid on a flat 
and stable surface. Refer to the diagram below and cable installation instructions in 
your TV manual.

1. Using RF Cable

TV (Back)

Converter Box (Back)

Antenna In(RF)

To T V

Existing antenna wire

RF cable is

not included

2. Using HDMI (default output video source: HDMI)


HD Digital Receiver

HDMI cable is included


Wall Outlet





Wall Outlet




3. Using included RCA Component Cable (default output modes: 

Video, AV, or Input)

AV cable is included





IN from

OUT to

OUT to




If you are using the converter box for the first 
time or have restored the converter box to factory 
default, the Installation Guide menu will appear on 
your TV screen.

OSD (On-Screen Display) Language: 

Press the 

RIGHT/LEFT buttons to select a language.


Press the RIGHT/LEFT buttons to select a country.

Channel Search: 

Press the RIGHT/LEFT buttons to select:

CH_OFF / CH3_ON / CH4_ON. Press RIGHT or the OK button to begin automatic 
channel search.

If no channel can be found during the channel search process, check the antenna 
connections and make sure the antenna is in proper working order. After the 
scanning process is complete, the converter box will automatically save the 
scanned channels and display the first channel from the list.


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Main Menu

Most functions are available in the main menu. 
Follow the operation help information on the bottom 
of the menu to modify the preference options. A 
password will be required when modifying advanced 
options in the menu. Enter the default password of 
“000000” or the custom set password.
1. Press the MENU button to enter the main menu.
2. There are seven items for set up. Press the LEFT/RIGHT buttons to navigate 

through the menu.

3. Select the desired item and press the OK button to adjust the settings.
4. Press the EXIT button to exit. 

Program Settings

This menu allows users to edit programs, check the TV program guide and sort 
1. Program Edit: To edit program preferences 

(lock, skip, favorite, rename, move and delete 
a program), a password is required. Enter the 
default password of “000000” or the custom 
set password. The master unlock password is 

2. EPG: The EPG (Electronic Program Guide) is an on-screen TV guide that shows 

scheduled programs seven days in advance for every tuned channel. Press the 
EPG button to access the Electronic Program Guide.

3. Sort: To sort channels.

NOTE: It is important to deactivate the LCN (Logical Channel Number) function 
while sorting the position of the channels. This function allows users to sort 
channels by different methods:
By LCN: This will sort the channels by ascending order.
By Service Name: This will sort the channels in alphabetical order.
By Service ID: This will sort the channels by Service ID.
By ONID (Original Network ID): This will sort the channels according to the ONID.

Picture Settings

This menu allows users to set different functions as follows.

Aspect Ratio

Select from a Video Aspect Ratio of 4:3 (for Standard Definition TVs) or 16:9 
(Widescreen for High Definition TVs). Refer to the illustrations of Aspect Ratios 


Choose different resolutions according to the connected TV: 480i Coax cable, 720p 
RCA cable, 1080p or 1080i for HDMI.

TV Format

Choose from PAL or NTSC format. 


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Channel Search Settings

(a.) Auto Search: 

This option will automatically 

search for TV and Radio channels and save 
them once scanning is complete. All previously 
saved channels and settings will be deleted.

(b.) Manual Search: 

This option allows user 

to scan for new channels without deleting 
previously saved channels and settings.

1. Select “Manual Search” and press the OK button. The manual channel search 

screen will appear.

2. Press the LEFT/RIGHT buttons to select the channel frequency.
3. Press the OK button to start scanning for new channels.
4. If a new channel is found, it will be saved and stored along with the rest of the 

channels. If no channels are found, the unit will automatically exit after finishing 
the scanning process.

Time Settings

Time Offset: Select auto or manual for GMT offset 
Country Region: Select the Country Region when 
Time Offset is set to AUTO.
Time Zone: Select the Time Zone offset when Time 
Offset is set to MANUAL.
Power Down (Sleep): Select the desired time for the Auto-shutoff function (from 1 
hour to 12 hours or set function to Off ).

Option Settings

OSD Language: Change the ON Screen Display 
Subtitle Language: Select the subtitle language.
Audio Language: Set preferences here if the 
program has multiple languages.

System Settings

The menu allows users to change settings for the following items:
Parental Guidance: Setting the age preference 
from 4 years old to 18 years old. To access this 
function, enter the default password of “000000” or 
the custom set password.. This function can also 
be deactivated by simply switching this setting to 
Set password: Modify the default password of “000000” to a custom password.
Restore Factory Default: Restore the unit to its default factory settings. Enter the default 
password of “000000” or the custom set password. Press the OK button once done.


This function will delete all saved channels and all personal settings.

Information: Check the software version currently running on the converter box.

USB Settings

(a.) Multimedia

Press the USB button while on TV mode to 
access the Multimedia menu. This menu 
contains 4 different icons: Music, Photo, Movie 
and PVR.


Select the MUSIC icon and move the 

cursor to the desired audio file. Press the OK 
button to play the selected audio file.


Choose the PHOTO icon and move the cursor to the desired photo file. 

Press the OK button to view the selected photo file.


Choose the MOVIE icon and move the cursor to the desired video file. 

Press the OK button to play the selected video file.


Select the PVR icon. Select the desired recorded file and press the OK 

button to begin playback. Press the RETURN button to move a file to another 
folder. Press the SCHEDULE button to switch between Preview and Full Screen 
modes. Use the EPG button to delete a recorded file. Press the ASPECT button to 
rename a recorded file.

(b.) Photo Configure

 - Adjust the slide time, slide mode and aspect ratio.

(c.) PVR Configure

 - View information for the connected USB storage device, 

including Format Type, Total Space, and available Free Space on the drive. 
Select FORMAT to format the compatible USB device in FAT32 or NTFS.


The USB port is also used to perform Software Updates.


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Copy the software update file from your PC to a USB flash drive.

1. To upgrade the converter box via USB, plug the USB flash drive into a PC and 

backup the entire data of the USB drive. Right click the USB drive and select 
Format to format the USB device in FAT32.


To perform a software upgrade for the converter box, make sure the USB flash 

drive or portable hard disk is in FAT32 file system format. The USB port for software 
upgrades is not compatible with USB flash drives or Portable Hard Disk Drives in NTFS, 
FAT16 or U3 PRO file system formats.

2. Press the MENU button, highlight “System” and select “Software Upgrade”. Press 

ENTER to enter the USB drive and select the update file.


Do not remove the USB drive from the converter box or power off the converter 

box during the upgrade process. Doing so may damage the converter box.


INFO Button

Press the INFO button to display the information banner while viewing TV 

Audio Button

Some programs may have multilingual audio 
language and this audio may be located on a 
different audio mode such as Stereo, Left or Right. 
All available audio languages will be displayed on 
the audio track window when the AUDIO button is 
pressed. If there is no audio output after an audio 
language has been selected, this indicates there is no audio on the current audio 
mode, and the previous audio mode should be selected.

CC Button

Certain programs have multilingual subtitles. All 
available subtitle languages will be displayed in the 
subtitle information window when the CC button is 
pressed. Follow the help information in the subtitle 
window to select the desired subtitle.

PREV/NEXT Buttons & REV/FWD Buttons

The PREV/NEXT and REV/FWD buttons can be used during playback of multimedia 
programs from the external USB device. Press the PREV/NEXT buttons to go to 
the previous/next program and REV/FWD buttons to fast rewind/forward during 


Press the EPG button to display the Electronic 
Program Guide on the screen.
The EPG will display more than 24 hours of 
scheduled programs for all broadcast stations.


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Setting Up Favorite TV or Radio Channels

Preferred channels can be added to a Favorite 
Channel List. Press the Menu button to access the 
Program Edit Menu. The Favorite channel option 
allows channels to be classified by different genres: 
Movies/News/Sports/Music. Press the “FAV” or “OK” 
button to confirm a selection. A heart shaped 
symbol will appear next to the selected channel, confirming the selection.

Disable a Favorite TV or Radio Channel

Press the Menu button to access the Program Edit Menu. The list of the favorite 
channels will be displayed. Highlight the desired channel to be disabled. Press the 
FAV button, select the Disable option and press the FAV or OK button to disable. 
Press the EXIT button to exit.

View Favorite Channels

While in normal viewing mode, press the FAV button to access the favorite channel 
menu. Press the LEFT/RIGHT buttons to access the classified Submenu (Movies/
News/Sports/Music). Press the UP/DOWN buttons to browse through the favorite 
channels. Press the OK button to select a favorite channel.

Delete TV or Radio Programs

Press the MENU button to access the Program Edit menu. Select the program to 
be delete and press numeric button “4”. A warning message will appear on the TV 
screen. Press the OK button to confirm deletion. Repeat the above procedure to 
delete more channels.

Skip TV or Radio Channels

Press the Menu Key to access the Program Edit Menu. Select the channel to be 
skipped and press numeric button “2”. A skip symbol will appear. Now the channel 
is marked as a SKIP. Press the EXIT button to save this setting and exit the menu.

Move a TV or Radio Program

Press the Menu button to access the Program Edit Menu. Select the desired channel 
to be moved and press numeric button “1”. A “MOVE” symbol will appear on the TV 
screen. Press the UP/DOWN buttons to move the channel to the desired position. 
Press the OK button to confirm this selection. Repeat the above process to move 
further channels.


The PVR function allows program recording and playback. 
To use the various functions, such as the PVR function, Instant Recording, TV 
Program Guide Timer Recording Function, Timeshift Function, Playback of Recorded 
Program Function, and Multi-Media Player Function, it is necessary to connect a USB 
flash drive or an external hard disk to the USB port of the converter. The maximum 
capacity of HDD supported by the converter box is 3TB (Terra Bytes).


Due to the buffer speed requirement, some 

USB flash drives may not be compatible for use with 
the Timeshift function.
The converter box supports both FAT 32 and NTFS 
file formats.

1. Instant Recording

Press the REC button to start instant recording of the TV program currently being 
viewed. The recording symbol will be displayed in the top left of the screen when 
the REC button is pressed. Press the INFO button to view information about the 
instant recording. Press the STOP button to stop the instant recording.


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2. Electronic Program Guide Timer Recording

Never miss a favorite program again with the Electronic Program Guide recording 
While in TV mode, press the EPG button to access 
the on-screen electronic program guide. Select the 
channel and program to be recorded and press the 
OK button. A schedule event window will appear. 
Select and set the correct parameters to schedule 
the recording. Set the mode option to “record”. 
This program will be automatically recorded at the scheduled time.
Edits can be made to the set timer  recording in the Schedule Event Menu. Edit the 
channel number, name, date, start time, and end time. Select the option of Once, 
Daily, Weekly or Monthly recording as desired.
Once the recording schedule setup has been set, the recording schedule can be 
edited at any time by pressing numeric button "2". The recording schedule can be 
deleted by pressing numeric button “3”.
After having finished the schedule recording setup, press the EXIT button to save 
and exit.

Recording Settings

Highlight “Schedule” to program the channels to be 
recorded at a scheduled time. A menu will appear.

Add lists of programs or channels to be recorded. Only one program/channel can 
be recorded at a time.

3. Timeshift

The Timeshift function allows for pausing of the TV program being viewed. Once 
paused, the TV program will be stored on the connected USB Hard Drive or Flash 
While watching a program, press the PAUSE button 
to activate the Timeshift function and pause the TV 
program. Press PLAY to restart the program. Press 
the REV button to fast rewind up to the point the 
Timeshift function began. Press the FWD button 
to fast forward up to live viewing. Press the STOP 
button to cancel the Timeshift function.
To save the space of the USB hard drive, the recorded program is not stored under 
timeshift mode. This means a previously scheduled recording will not record when 
the Timeshift function is active. It is recommended to not use Timeshift at the same 
time a program recording is scheduled or else the program will not record. 


For the compatibility of HDD and USB devices with Timeshift and PVR 

function, refer to the table below:

USB Device Type

Timeshift Compatibility

PVR Recording


USB Stick




3.5inch HDD




2.5inch HDD




1.8inch HDD




Please note the Timeshift function is not compatible with 1.8inch HDDs.

4. Multimedia Player

Press the MENU button and select “Multimedia”. View Photos, play MP3 music files 
and view Movie files via the multimedia player. 
NTFS, FAT 32 and FAT 16 file systems are supported.


Supported Files


.jpeg / .bmp / .png


.mp3 / .acc


.avi / .mpg / .dat / .vob / .mkv / 


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5. Formatting A Portable Hard Disk

A format hard disk function is included. Formatting 
a hard disk will permanently delete all the data 
on the hard disk. It is strongly recommended 
to backup all data before formatting a hard disk 



Possible Cause


Power button has 
been pressed, but 
nothing is displayed 
on screen.

The power outlet has 
malfunctioned or is 
providing no power.

Make sure the box is plugged into a 
functioning wall outlet.

TV picture drops out 
and the converter 
box displays “No 

Antenna is not 
properly connected 
or antenna is in a bad 
reception area.

Talk to a local TV antenna technician 
about reception problems in the local 
area and whether a new antenna 
would be beneficial.

Receives digital TV 
but some channels 
are missing.

Antenna is not 
properly connected 
or you are in a bad 
reception area.

Talk to a local TV antenna technician 
about reception problems in the local 
area and whether a new antenna 
would be beneficial.

Remote control is not 

The batteries are 
exhausted or there is 

Replace the batteries and make sure 
there is no direct sunlight on the 
remote control or the converter box.

Remote control is not 
facing or too far from 
the converter box.

Adjust the position of the remote 
control and move closer to the 
converter box.

Picture is breaking up. The signal is too weak. Check antenna cable and connections.






Input Frequency


RF Input Level


IF Bandwidth





Decoder Format

MPEG 4 AVC/H.264

Output Format

576P, 720P, 1080i, 4:3 and 16:9 1080P

Output Port

HDMI (V1.3C)


Decoder Format

MPEG-1 (layer 1&2&3), AC3

Audio Output

Coax, RCA

USB 2.0

Supported Capacity


Supported Media



Supply Voltage

DC 5V 2A

Maximum Power Consumption


Standby Power Consumption



Disposal of the Producte

Under no circumstances should you dispose of the product in normal 
domestic waste.
This product is subject to the provisions of European Directive 2012/19/EU.

Dispose of the product via an approved disposal company or your municipal waste 
facility. Please observe currently applicable regulations.
Please contact your waste disposal center if you need any further information.

Disposal of Batteries

Used batteries may not be disposed of in household waste.

All consumers are statutorily required to dispose of batteries at a collection point 
provided by their local municipality or retail store.
The purpose of this obligation is to ensure batteries are disposed of in a non-polluting 
manner. Only dispose of batteries when they are fully discharged.

The product's packaging is made from environmentally friendly material 
and can be disposed of at your local recycling plant.


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Customer Service/Kundenservice/Service Clients

Atención al cliente/Assistenza Clienti/



To ensure speedy handling of your 
issue, please call or email us for 
Phone: +1 909-391-3888
             (Mon-Fri 9:00am - 6:00pm PST)
Email: ushelp@1byone.com


To ensure speedy handling of your 
issue, please call or email us for 
Phone: +44 158 241 2681 
             (Mon-Fri 9:00am - 6:00pm UTC)
Email: ukwebhelp@1byone.com


Pour vous assurez une assistance rapide 
en cas de problème, veuillez envoyer 
un e-mail.
Email: euhelp@1byone.com


Per supporto immediato in caso di 
bisogno, la invitiamo a contattarci via 
Email: euhelp@1byone.com


To ensure speedy handling of your 
issue, please email us for assistance.
Email: cahelp@1byone.com


Für eine zügige Bearbeitung ihres 
Problems, melden Sie sich bei uns wie 
Email: euhelp@1byone.com


Para garantizar una rápida atención de 
su problema, favor envíenos un email 
para ayudarle.
Email: euhelp@1byone.com