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Made by: geneye
Type: User Manual
Category: Medical Equipment
Pages: 23
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Table of content

1. Precautions 

2. Safety Information 


- Proper Use 


- Electrical Safety 


- Environment 


- Biological Safety


- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

3. Introduction 

4. Main Technical Parameters


- Structure Overview 

5. Installation Procedures 


- Unpacking and Packing List 


- Removal of the Transport Security System  



- Sample Adapter Installation  

6. Operating Procedures 




Automatic Program


- User-defined Program 


7. Cleaning & User Maintenance 

8. Troubleshooting 

9. Warranty Statement 

10. Disposal


- End of Life Disposal

11. Relevant Standards & Regulatory Requirements


- EC Declaration of Conformity


- Regulations

12. UPHO Accessories




























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1. Precautions

Please read, understand and practice the following precautions when 

operating instructions your UPHO.

Know the limitations and hazards associated with the use of this 


• Do  not  operate  this  equipment  in  an  environment  where  other 

unshielded devices are being used, that radiate electromagnetic radiation.

•  Do  not  use  sharp  objects  such  as  a  pencil  point  or  ballpoint  pen  to 

intreact with the touch screen, as damage may result. Please use a suitable 

soft point stylus or your finger tip.

•  This equipment should only be operated in temperatures between 10º C 

to 40º C, transported and stored in temperatures between 0º C to 50º C, 

with relative humidity less than 70%.

•  Do not disassemble, modify or remodel the unit or accessories.

•  This device should be kept out of the reach of children.

2. Safety Information

Before using UPHO, it is essential you read this user manual carefully and 

pay particular attention to the safety information. 

The instructions and safety information in the user manual must be 

followed at all times to ensure a safe operation and to maintain UPHO in a 

safe operating condition.

The advice given in this manual is intended to supplement, not supersede, 

the normal safety requirements prevailing in the user’s country. 

Proper Use

This product is intended to be used for research purposes only.



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Other applications are not covered by Geneye warranty. The product is not 

suitable for use in diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

Improper  use  of  UPHO  may  cause  personal  injuries  or  damage  to  the 

instrument.  Geneye  shall  not  be  held  responsible  for  any  injuries  or 

damages resulting from non-observance of the operating instructions and 

safety information in this manual.

If any abnormality, such as excessive noise, excessive vibration or 

over-heating is observe during operation, please immediately shut off the 

power at the main switch (rear of instrument) or at the electrical power 

socket and call for professional service.

• Do not attempt to move UPHO during operation.

• UPHO  should  only  be  operated  by  suitably  qualified  and  trained 

personnel  in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice. 

• Do not make any modifications of the instrument. 

• Disassembly will void the warranty. 

• UPHO should only be used in combination with Geneye accessories, such 

as sample adapters and spare parts. 

• Do not continue to use UPHO or UPHO accessory if damage is occurred.

• Damage or personal injury can occur if UPHO sample adapter set is not 

securely installed before operation (see User Manual Section 5.3).

• The  use  of  sample  adapters  other  than  the  Geneye  sample  adapters 

described in this user manual may lead to the UPHO being damaged.

• Avoid spilling water or chemicals onto or into UPHO. Damage caused by 

water or chemical spillage will void the warranty.

• Do not leave UPHO unattended during operation.

• The machine must be placed on a flat laboratory bench (preferably solid 


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wood or stone countertops) to minimise  vibration during operation.

• The machine is designed for frequent use with short run times (typical 

run time is 1 minute). Do not use long run times (>5 minutes) when 

operating UPHO.

• The  UPHO  accessories  (e.g.  adapters,  cans,  beads)  may  become  worn, 

depending on the frequency of use and the material to be homogenized.  

They should be regularly checked for wear and tear and replaced if 


Electrical Safety

To ensure satisfactory and safe operation of your UPHO, please follow the 

safety instructions below at all times:

• Do not attempt to adjust or replace any internal parts of your UPHO - if 

there is a fault, please call for professional service.

• When UPHO is not in use, switch it off at the power switch, on the back 

panel of the unit (please see picture on page 7).

• If UPHO will not be out-of-use for a long period of time, switch off the 

power switch, on the back panel of the unit and unplug the power cord 

from the power outlet.

• To protect the internal circuits and parts from damage, please do not use 

running water to clean your UPHO: use a soft  damp cloth.


• Excessive  exposure  to  direct  sunlight  may  bleach  exposed  parts  of  the 

instrument and eventually cause damage to plastic parts. UPHO should be 

located out of direct sunlight.

Biological Safety

• Samples may contain infectious agents. You should be aware of the 



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health hazard presented by such agents and should use, store, and dispose 

of such samples according to the required safety regulations.

• The laboratory manager must take the necessary precautions to ensure 

that the surrounding workplace is safe, and that UPHO operators are 

suitably trained and not exposed to hazardous levels of infectious agents.

• When  working  with  volatile  solvents,  toxic  substances,  etc.,  you  must 

provide an efficient laboratory ventilation system to remove steams that 

may be produced.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

• Operators  must  wear  the  appropriate  level  of  personal  protective 

equipment as required for the particular laboratory environment in which 

the System will be used. This may include: laboratory coat, gloves, safety 

glasses and safety shoes.

• Operators must not operate the equipment if feeling unwell.

3. Introduction

The traditional sample grinding with a Pestle & Mortar is a very slow 

method, that can only process one single sample at a time and has a high 

risk of causing cross-contamination. Besides that, after such a procedure, it 

is necessary to clean and disinfect the equipment. Efficient sample 

disruption/grinding is a prerequisite for nucleic acid, protein and other 

biomolecules extraction and purification procedures.

Incomplete sample disruption can lead to significantly reduced recovery 

yields of the molecules of interest and can increase the risk of clogging 

when using purification columns or magnetic particles later in the 


UPHO is a versatile bead mill device designed for rapid, efficient and 

simultaneous disruption of up to 64 samples. A wide range of sample 

adapters are available for UPHO providing sample flexibility and leading to 

reliable and quality results.



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This bench device is one of the most advanced sample preparation 

systems available today. UPHO was specifically developed for routine as 

well as difficult and resistant samples, compatible with 3 types of grinding 

and lyses thoroughly and quickly a wide variety of biological samples 

including plant and animal tissues, cells, bacteria and yeast.

Each sample is simultaneously disrupted and homogenized by high-speed 

shaking with a bead/beads in a sealed tube (bead milling), allowing an easy 

and reproducible isolation of stable RNA, active proteins and full-length 

genomic DNA.

The ergonomic design of the instrument ensures an easy loading of the 

disposable centrifuge sample tubes that remain securely sealed during the 

grinding process, effectively avoiding sample cross-contamination.

The homogenization speed (frequency) and duration run-times are 

digitally controlled via UPHO’s intuitive touch screen, improving the 

consistency for multi sample lots. 

The different beads sizes (0,1 – 15 mm) and bead materials (wolfram steel, 

metal, glass and ceramic) makes the grinding process more complete and 

efficient with UPHO when compared to other available methods.

Moreover, thanks to UPHO’s design and options for the use of cryogenic 

liquids to freeze samples, the sample temperature remains constant 

throughout the homogenization process.



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4. Main Technical Parameters

• Run-time setting: 1 (sec) - 9999 (min)

• Oscillation frequency setting: 1 – 70 Hz

• Acceleration: <2 seconds to reach maximum speed

• Power rating: 195 W

• Power requirement: 220 V - 240 V~, 50 Hz, 2.5 A, 375 W

• UPHO dimensions: � 460 × 460 × 530 mm (length × width × height) 

• Weight: 35 kg

• Operating temperature: 10 ºC ~ 40 ºC (relative humidity: �70%)

• Storage temperature: -20 ºC ~ 50 ºC (relative humidity: �93%)

• Maximum noise emission: 65 dB

• Interface: Touch screen



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Structure Overview - Front

 Protective cover

Security screw

Adaptor retainer

Display screen/ Operation panel

Cover latch

Structure Overview - Back

ON/OFF button

Power supply plug




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5. Installation Procedures

Unpacking and Packing List

• Carefully remove the UPHO mainframe, accessories and documentation 

from the wooden shipping crate. 

• Check  that  you  have  received  all  the  item  in  the  quantities  on  the  list 

below.  If anything is missing, please contact your supplier. You will also find 

detailed information on the contents of the package on the packing list in 

the shipping crate. 


UPHO mainframe

User and Cell Disruption Manuals


Sample adaptor security screws

(NB. one screw may be in the mainframe)

Power cord

Quality  control report

Warranty card








Quantity Name



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•  Inspect the unit for any damage that may have occurred during shipment. 

If the equipment is damaged, report it to the carrier and contact your 

supplier. Save all packaging material in the event a return is necessary. 

• UPHO comes fully assembled, requiring a minimum set-up. Please install 

the equipment on a clean, dry-stable surface far away from any compatible 

electrical outlet.

• Allow some space around UPHO for proper ventilation. This unit is "FOR 

INDOOR  USE  ONLY".  Avoid  operating  in  areas  of  excessive  humidity  or 

extremes of temperature.

Removal of the Transport Security System

• A  transport  security  system  is  located  on  the  underside  of  UPHO: 

comprised of 4 bolts (circled on picture below). THIS SYSTEM MUST BE 


• Remove  the  4  transport  bolts  from  the  UPHO  by  TILTING THE UPHO 

SLIGHTLY TO EXPOSE THE TRANSPORT BOLTS (as seen in the picture) and 

using a 13 mm x 16 mm metal wrench. DO NOT TURN THE UPHO ON ITS 


• Please  retain  and  carefully  store  the  4  transport  bolts,  as  they  will  be 

needed to reinstall if UPHO needs to be transported in the future.

• Operating UPHO with transport security system installed, or transporting 

UPHO without the transport security device installed, can lead to damage 

to the mechanical components of the instrument.



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Sample Adapter Installation

• Make sure UPHO is connected to a suitable power outlet.

• Load the filled (sample, buffer and beads) and capped sample tubes into 

the cavities of the sample adapter, so that they fit in the holes. It is preferred 

to position the tubes symmetrically in the sample adaptor to reduce 


• When all sample tubes are loaded, place the sample cover on the sample 


• Open  the  protective  cover  on  the  sample  compartment  cover  by 

releasing the cover latch, remove the security screw if present, and slide the 

sample adapter (and cover) on to the adaptor retainer ensuring that the 

sample adaptor fits over the rectangular metal locator on the adaptor 


• Thread the security screw on to the adaptor retainer tighten down until 

the sample adaptor and cover are securely in position – 

Security screw should by finger tight and not over tightened. Please note 

that the sample adapter body may wear with prolonged use.



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• Close protective cover on the sample compartment and secure with the 

cover latch.

• Press  PLAY  button  (on  the  touch-screen)  to  start  running  the  selected 


• The  program  will  not  start  if  the  protective  cover  is  open  or  the  cover 

latch is not secured.

For hard samples, you can use the following adaptors and cans:

6. Operating Procedures

Suggestions and recommendations with the most common grinding 

parameters (time, frequency, beads type and size) are listed on the “Cell 

Disruption Guide”,  provided with UPHO.



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Automatic Program

Main Menu

When you power on UPHO (in the back of the device), the main menu 

window will appear in the screen, together with a green light.

By touching the screen, you can execute several operations:

• Decelerate button: to decrease grinding speed 

• Accelerate button: to increase grinding speed 

• Play: to start the chosen program

• Stop: to stop the program

• Pause: to pause and restart a program



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User-defined Program

UPHO allows the user to define a program. Please follow these steps:

1)  On the main menu, touch the “SETUP” button. This window will appear;




2) On the “Choose” column, there are 10 boxes, each one of them 

corresponding to a certain program defined by the user. When the user 

touches a box, it will turn yellow.

3)  After that, please touch the “Modify” button, at the bottom of the screen. 

The “Modify” button will turn yellow as well, after you press it.

4) This will now allow the user to set the different parameters: Running 

Time, Grinding Cycle State and Frequency.



M - Minutes
S - Seconds

Number of grinding cycles during 
running time. Recommended to always  
set as “100”



background image

5)  To define a program name, touch the box on the “Group” column, in the 

same line as the yellow “Choose” box.  

6)  After that, a pop-window will appear as follows:

7)  Write the name of the program by touching the different keys. Click on 

ENT button to set.



background image

8)  By touching the other boxes, the user can define other parameters such 

as “Running Time - Minutes and Seconds”, “Grinding Cycle State” and 


9)  Once the user has defined the program, click the “Apply” button at the 

bottom of the screen to save it. 

10)Then, click on “Close”, the main display will appear. Click on PLAY button 

to start the grinding process.

11)The user can always modify later its own programs, by choosing a 

certain program on the Group column.

12)After a long period of time non-use time, the main menu will turn black.

7. Cleaning Maintenance

• Before cleaning your UPHO, be sure to switch the UPHO off at the main 

power switch (back of the instrument) and disconnect your UPHO from the 

power outlet.

• If solvents or saline, acidic, or alkaline solutions are spilt on UPHO wipe 

them away immediately. 






background image

• Do  not  use  spray  cleaning  or  disinfectant  liquids  onto  surfaces  of  your 

UPHO - use a soft cloth dampened with cleaner and / or disinfectant

• Do not autoclave any part of UPHO (except beads)

• The different adapters should be cleaned after use using mild detergents 

or 70% ethanol, rinsed with distilled water, and then dried using paper 


UPHO is supplied to you with a two-year Manufacturer’s warranty which 

runs from the delivery date.


8. Troubleshooting  


Common problem

No power

No display on the


    Touch screen shows 
 incomplete or ununsual 

Possible cause


    CPU needs to be reset

Turn off the UPHO using the Main Power Switch 

located on the back of the instrument

Wait 30 seconds

 Turn the UPHO back on

Check main voltage

Check that the voltage of the unit matches 

that being delivered by the main power supply

Make sure the unit is plugged in properly

Check and replace fuses if blown

Change switch

On/Off switch broken

Faulty fuse


Change fuse

Change switch

Contact supplier

Instrument does not run

Motor temperature above 65ºC

Wait for temperature to drop below 60ºC

Incorrect voltage selected

Power off the unit and select appropriate voltage. 

If problem persists, contact supplier

Faulty Motor or Controller

Abnormal running noise

Security Screw not locked in place 

Faulty bearing 

Contact supplier

Secure Security Screw in place and lock down properly

Tube leakage

Speed is too high

High temperature or pressure

 inside sample tubes

Reduce processing time or speed

Touch screen keys do not work

Plug connector loose

Faulty key

Contact supplier
Contact supplier


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9. Warranty Statement

The Manufacturer’s warranty supplied with this UPHO does not cover wear 

from normal use; it does not apply if the UPHO or parts of the UPHO have 

been altered, repaired or replaced by anyone other than an employee of 

Geneye or Geneye’s authorised Service Partners.

Warranty does not apply to any instrument which has been damaged 

through accident, negligence, failure to follow operating instructions, or 

from the use of electric currents or circuits other than those specified on 

the plate affixed to the instrument, misuse, or abuse.

Geneye reserves the right to change, alter, modify, or improve any of its 

instruments without any obligation whatever and to make corresponding 

changes to any instrument previously sold or shipped.

10. Disposal

End of Life Disposal

Reuse, recycling and recovery. The presence of this label on a product 

means that the product contains electrical or electronic materials and 

therefore must not be disposed of as unsorted waste but instead is treated 

separately. The presence of these materials may, if not disposed of properly, 

have potential adverse effects on the environment and human health.

Within the European Union, operators are urged to recycle such products 

when being replacedwith a newer version or when they have outlived their 

useful lives. 

11. Relevant Standards & Regulatory Requirements



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The UPHO flexible bead mill device, a product of Geneye, is designed for rapid and efficient 
disruption of up to 64 samples simultaneously (Automated Samples Grinder)


The UPHO device is in conformity with the requirements of the following European  
Directives (and their associated amendments): 

The tests on the above designated product complies with the requirements of Council 
Directive 2014/35/EU relating to Electrical Equipment designed for use within certain 
voltage limits. 

Warning: This is a class A product. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio 

interference in which case the user may be required to take adequate me asures. 




Date : January 15th, 2018                                        


Mr. B. Coissac  

Title :  Managing Director 

For and on behalf of: Biowire Ltd Suite D 6/F, Ho Lee Commercial Building

38-44 D’Aguilar Street, Central,


Hong Kong 


Product Description:


UPHO device


Product Part Number:





Machinery Directive  


Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) 


Electrical Safety Low voltage Directive (LVD) 


Harmonized standards 

EN ISO 12100:2010,EN 61010-1:2010, 
EN 61326-1:2013,EN 61000-3-2:2014, 
EN 61000-3-3:2013 

Restrictions on the use of Certain Hazardous 
Substances (RoHS) 


Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and 
Restruction of chemicals (REACH) 



background image


UPHO also complies with other applicable European Directives and 

International Standards, particularly:

• The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive and the 

Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive

• EN  61010-1:  ‘Safety  requirements  for  electrical  equipment  for 

measurement, control and laboratory use. General requirements’




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12. UPHO Accessories



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Thank you for 



We are sure it will 
become an integral 
part of your laboratory!

Visit us on the Web at www.geneye.com

E-mail us at info@geneye.com

Because of technological developments related to the products, systems, and/or services 
described herein, the data and procedures are subject to change without notice. 
Please consult your Geneye representative or visit www.geneye.com to verify that this 
information remains valid.
© 2017, Biowire Ltd. 

IFUGYUPHOa January 2018