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Yamaha Hi-Hat Attachment HSAT930 Owner's Manual

Made by: Yamaha
Type: Owner's Manual
Category: Music Pedal
Pages: 1
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Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha HSAT930 Hi-Hat Attachment. The HSAT930 is
specifically designed for use with the Yamaha HS1100 or HS1000 Hi-Hat Stands. To
obtain maximum performance and longevity from this product, please read this Owner’s
Manual thoroughly.

When attached to the hi-hat stand (HS1100 or HS1000), this prod-
uct delivers improved foot pedal stability.


1) Loosen the bolt q and wing nut.

2) With the bolt w , loosely fasten the attachment onto the hi-hat

stand frame. (Do not tighten the bolt at this time.)

3) Secure the foot pedal to the clamp plate.

4) Set the foot pedal to the position you prefer.

5) After the position of the foot pedal has been determined,

tighten the wing nut.

6) Next, tighten the bolt q .

7) Finally, tighten the bolt w  with the supplied L-shaped drum


*Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

Printed in Japan




Wing Nut



Clamp Plate

Foot Pedal





HS Frame