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Siemens SKU TK68E57UC Specifications

Made by: Siemens
Type: Specifications
Category: Coffee Maker
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BSH reserves the absolute and unrestricted right to change product materials and specifications, at any time, without notice. Consult the product’s installation instructions for final dimensional data
and other details. Applicable product warranty can be found in accompanying product literature or you may contact your account manager for further details. 
Notes: All height, width and depth dimensions are shown in inches. Please refer to installation instructions prior to making cutout.

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Copyright ©2007 BSH Home Appliances Corporation. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Built-in Coffee and Espresso Maker

Litho Date: 05/07   

Features & Benefits

• Easy-to-use Digital Display with Programmable Function

• Flexible Brewing Chamber - For One or Two Cups Simultaneously

• Height-adjustable Coffee Dispenser

• Adjustable Settings for Strength and Size

• Automatic Cleaning / Automatic Descaling

• Quiet Operation

• Completely Self-Contained Unit, No Plumbing Required




" x 23 


" x 20 



Color Option

Stainless Steel

Programmable Digital Display

Choice of Languages


flavorSwirl™ Coffee Grind System

Adjustable Water Hardness

Replaceable Water Filter

Adjustable Coffee Temperature

Timer Functions, Setting Time

Counter of total brewing cycles

Precise Temperature Control

Thermo Block Pressure System 

15 bar

Separate Chamber for Coffee Beans

Built-in Water Filter

Individual Adjustable Settings for

Strength and Size Performance

Removable Drip Tray and Grounds 


Removable Water Tank for

Easy Filling

60 oz

Automatic Cleaning

Automatic Descaling

Automatic Rinsing

Quiet Operation

Adjustable Economy Shut-off 

Power Rating

120 Volts, 60Hz, 16 Amps


68 lbs.

UL Listed

Siemens Built-In Coffee and Espresso Maker

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