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Siemens HF35M630 Features And Benefits

Made by: Siemens
Type: Features And Benefits
Category: Microwave Oven
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Features & Benefits

• Powerful 1,200 watt Microwave with 10 power levels

for highest performance

• A 2.1 cu.ft. cavity with a 16 1/2" turntable offer plenty of space 

• Convenient Sensor and Auto recipes simplify the use

Features & Benefits

• Perfect design solution for installation of a microwave over a

single built-in oven

• Hides the microwave with a liftDoor which has the same

dimensions as the built-in oven door

• Easy installation

• Perfectly matches Siemens built-in wall ovens (HB30S51, HB30D51)

Microwave Oven HF35M360

Microwave goes with liftDoor HZ15L560UC

SKU HF35M630 / HZ15L560UC


Microwave Oven



Microwave Power

1,200 watt

Power Levels


Microwave Technology


Cavity Size

2.1 cu.ft.


Recessed Glass 15"

Sensor Cook

18 recipes

Quick Defrost

Smart Sensor Reheat

Auto Reheat Beverages

Sensor Popcorn

Keep Warm


Amber scroll text


Kitchen Timer

Delay start

Quick Min

More / Less

Pause / Stop



Power Supply

120 Volt, 60 Hz

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Siemens Built-In Microwave Oven with liftDoor

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