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NEC SB-L007KK Specifications

Made by: NEC
Type: Specifications
Category: Computer Hardware
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Internal HD-SDI Card for NEC Large-Screen LCD Displays 

Achieve broadcast-grade video 
with the NEC SB-L007KK, an 
internal card that provides an 
HD-SDI input without using 
additional space or power. 
Designed for use with NEC M 
Series and NEC MultiSync® 
20 Series large-screen LCD 
displays, this expansion board 
provides an SD/HD SDI input 
and loopthrough, and comes 
standard with a three-year 

NEC Display Solutions

500 Park Boulevard, Suite 1100

Itasca, IL 60143



MultiSync is a registered trademark, and Multeos is a trademark 

of NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. Product specifications 
subject to change. 2/09 ver. 2.


2009 NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. All rights reserved. 

NEC Displays Supported

NEC M Series

40” M40-AV

40” M40B-AV

46” M46-AV

46” M46B-AV

NEC MultiSync 20 Series

40” LCD4020-AV

40” LCD4020-IT

40” LCD4020-2-AV

40” LCD4020-2-IT

46” LCD4620-AV

46” LCD4620-IT

46” LCD4620-2-AV

46” LCD4620-2-IT

52” LCD5220-AV

65” LCD6520L-BK-AV

65” LCD6520P-BK-AV

Input Signal  

Digital Video Output Signal

525-line SD-SDI @ 29.97Hz  

525-line progressive DVI-D @ 29.97Hz

625-line SD-SDI @ 25Hz  

625-line progressive DVI-D @ 25Hz

720p HD-SDI @ 50Hz, 59.94 Hz, 60Hz   720-line progressive DVI-D @ same frame rate as input

1080p HD-SDI @ 23.98Hz, 24Hz  

1080-line progressive DVI-D @ same frame rate as input

1035i HD-SDI @ 29.97Hz, 30Hz  

1035-line interlaced DVI-D @ same frame rate as input

1080i HD-SDI @ 25Hz, 29.97Hz, 30Hz   1080-line interlaced DVI-D @ same frame rate as input

Operating Temperature


5°C to 35°C / 41°F to 95°F



10% to 80%

Storage Temperature


0°C to 60°C / 32°F to 140°F

Net Dimensions (WxHxD)


155 x 40 x 287mm

Net Weight 



Regulatory Approvals





Installation Guide, Ferrite Core x2

Limited Warranty


3 years, parts and labor

SD/HD-SDI Video Input

SD/HD-SDI Video Output

Audio Extraction

SMPTE259M @ 270Mb/s 


SMPTE292M to 1485Mb/s  

Video Processing  

24-bit, 4:4:4

Active Looping Signal 

Equalized & Relocked 

Input Format 


Number of Channels 

1 stereo channel

Sample Rate 

48 kHz

1x via BNC Connector