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NEC PowerMate 40-GB Release Notes

Made by: NEC
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NEC PowerMate eco 40-GB Hard Drive Release Notes  1 


NEC PowerMate eco 

40-GB Hard Drive Release Notes


The NEC 40-GB Hard Drive comes in a specially designed cradle that fits in the front drive 
bay of the NEC PowerMate eco™ computer. Swapping your optical drive and hard drive is 
quick and easy. You can change front bay devices without disassembling your system.  

The NEC PowerMate eco does not support hot swapping or warm 

swapping the hard drive in or out of the front bay — do not install or remove the hard drive 
while the system is powered on or in a sleep state. To prevent data loss and damage to the 
hard drive and the system, always power off the system before swapping the hard drive.  

To install the hard drive: 


Save your work, exit Microsoft




, and power off the system. 


Remove the storage device currently in the front drive bay of the PowerMate eco 

At the rear of the PowerMate eco system base, pull the drive release button out 
from its recessed position until it is perpendicular with the base. 

Positioning the drive release button 

A – Drive Release Button 

Press the release button in towards the front of the system to release the drive from 
its connector.  

From the front of the system, pull the drive out of the drive bay. 

Return the drive release button to its recessed position on the system base. 


Insert the rear of the hard drive into the drive bay. Press the drive into the drive bay to 
secure it into the drive bay connector.  


Power on the system. 

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