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Made by: NEC
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Digital Cinema Projectors

Digital Cinema Projector Series


MM2000 and MM2000B alternative content processors 

Ideal as an independent unit (MM2000) or as a built-in enhancement (MM2000B)  
of NEC digital cinema projectors, the MM2000 and MM2000B convert  
video signals from various external sources—such as PCs,  
analog/digital tape decks and satellite receivers—to allow  
DLP Cinema® projectors to screen everything from live concerts  
and sporting events to computer presentations.



Integrated Realta® video processor with Hollywood Quality  

   Video (HQV®) technology


3-D motion adaptive de-interlacing with multi-directional  

   diagonal filter for standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD)


Multi-cadence detection including automatic detection of 3:2 / 2:2 

   pull-down signals and many other film formats


Per-pixel motion adaptive noise reduction for SD


Per-pixel detail enhancement brings out more visible details


Full 10-bit image processing for SD, HD and video sources


High contrast images with NEC’s unique contrast enhancement technology for SD



One-touch selection of input signals from NEC Digital Cinema Projector Series models


Quick and flexible connection of input signals from four input modules



Analog/RGB input board


Video input board



Single HD-SDI input board


DVI input board


HDCP-compliant DVI  

   input board


Slots available for  

   additional analog/RGB  
   input boards and video  
   input boards

NEC Display Solutions

500 Park Boulevard, Suite 1100

Itasca, IL 60143


DLP Cinema and the DLP Cinema logo are registered trademarks of 

Texas Instruments. All other brand or product names are trademarks or 

registered trademarks of their respective holders.  

Product specifications subject to change. 6/09 ver. 1.


2009 NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. All rights reserved. 




The standalone MM2000 is compatible with all models of the 

NEC Digital Cinema Projector Series, while the built-in MM2000B 

is available only with the NC2500S-A and NC1600C-A.