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JVC DR-MV150B Faqs

Made by: JVC
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DVD-RAM can be used to record on your 
For recommended recordable DVD discs, please
refer to page 3 in your owner’s manual.  

When your DR-MV150B is first turned on, it will flash
"Hello" as the internal EPROM chip is updated with

c Please wait until "Hello" stops flashing before you

attempt to use the remote control or front panel
buttons. It takes 25-30 seconds until the set
can be operated when a disc is on the tray.

Your DR-MV150B has a progressive scan feature.
This feature only works with a TV that accepts a pro-
gressive scan signal.

c If the picture is distorted, press OUTPUT

STATUS button and select 480i.

c If the picture is distorted, press OUTPUT STATUS

repeatedly until the picture appears normally to
change the resolution setting.

There is no signal output from COMPONENT OUT
when HDMI is connected and 720p/1080i/1080p is
selected at OUTPUT STATUS.

c Press OUTPUT STATUS button and select either

480i or 480p in order to watch the video signal

c You must "Finalize" the DVD before it can play in

another DVD player.
Please see page 22 in your owner’s manual.

This unit doesn’t have an Auto Clock Setting. You will
need to manually set your clock as shown on page
15 of your owner’s manual under the Initial Setup
Wizard. You can also look on page 17 of your
owner’s manual and follow the directions for Clock

During the Initial Set Up, I am being asked
to set the Clock. Does this model have Auto
Clock Set?

My newly recorded DVD plays in my 
DR-MV150B but does not play in other DVD

My DR-MV150B is showing no picture.

When the resolution is set to 1080p in VCR
playback, the picture can be distorted. 

My DR-MV150B is showing a distorted 

When I turn on my DR-MV150B, it flashes
"Hello" and all the buttons on the remote
control and the front panel will not respond
for 10 - 15 seconds. Is this normal?

What DVDs can I use to record on my 

Thank you for your purchase of the JVC DR-MV150B DVD Video Recorder.
If you have any questions regarding the hookup or operation of your DR-MV150B, please contact our
Customer Care Center at 1-800-252-5722.

Please Note:
Be sure to connect the AC power plug into the power outlet after all other connections are completed.

DR-MV150B Quick Guide FAQ’s

JVC Customer Care Center


For additional troubleshooting tips please refer to pages 49-51 in your owners manual.