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HP iPod plus HP Quick Setup Manual

MP7001 mp5001 - Apple iPod Mini

Made by: HP
Type: Quick Setup
Category: Portable Stereo System
Pages: 1
Size: 0.06 MB


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background image

USB connector to PC

Headphone jack

Hold switch 


Power Adapter

iPod Dock

(with some models)

Press once to play, press and hold to turn off iPod.

Press once to start a song over, press twice to play 
the previous song, press and hold to rewind.

Press once to skip to next song, press and hold to 

Press to go back to previous menu.

FireWire  (IEEE 1394)  

Click Wheel

Press around outer circle 
to browse menu items and 
to adjust volume.

Select button

Press center of circle to select.


Transfer and Play


Quick Setup

Step 1 Charge the Battery

Connect your iPod to the iPod Power Adapter    
using the iPod Dock Connector to FireWire  
Cable   . Charge from two to four hours. Remove 
the cable when done charging.

Step 2 Install the Software

Insert the iPod CD in your PC and follow the 
onscreen instructions to install iTunes and the  
iPod software.

When asked by the installer, connect your iPod to 
the PC using the iPod Dock Connector to USB 2.0 
Cable   . It might take a few seconds to be 
recognized. See the User’s Guide for other 
connection options.

Step 3 Import Music to Your PC

There are three ways to get music into Apple iTunes:

Import music from your PC
• First check to see if you already have music in 

iTunes. If you selected to find music files during 
setup, your music was imported.

• If not, open iTunes and drag your My Music 

folder into the iTunes Library in the Source list.

• See the User’s Guide to learn more about  

file types.

Import music from your favorite CD
• Open iTunes.

• Insert your audio CD.

• Select the CD title in the iTunes Source list and 

click the Import icon.

Buy music from iTunes (available in some 
countries/regions only)
• Open iTunes.

• Make sure you have a live connection to  

the Internet.

• Click Music Store in the iTunes Source list.
• Click Account Sign In and follow the instructions.

Step 4 Transfer Music to Your iPod

Make sure your iPod is connected to your PC. 
Click File from the iTunes menu bar and select 
Update Songs on your iPod.

Step 5 Play

Use the Click Wheel and Select button to browse 
for a song. Press the Play or the Select button  
and enjoy.

iPod Dock 

Press any button to turn on iPod.

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iPod, and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the US and other countries.  
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