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HP SureStore AutoBackup PC100 User's Setup Manual

Made by: HP
Type: User's Setup Guide
Category: Storage
Pages: 1
Size: 0.09 MB


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E:\My documents\Windows NT\AutoBackup User Setup.doc

HP SureStore AutoBackup PC100 User Setup

Version 6

30 January 2001


User must have administrator rights.

Close all applications.

Run Internet Explorer 4 or later version (not Netscape).

Enter web address:


- the welcome page will be displayed.

Click the  Next>  button

- the Select Installation Type page will be displayed.

Click the Create New Computer Backup Account button

- the  Create New Backup Account

 page will be displayed.

Enter the following details:

Account Login Name: your normal NT username eg men6rjw
Account Password:

your normal NT password

Confirm Password:

re-type your password

Computer Description: surname comma space firstname space

Eg Ward, Roger

Click the  Next>  button

- the Completing the HP SureStore AutoBackup Setup Wizard page

will be displayed.

Note the information about selecting the Run or Open option and about the security warning.

Click the Install button.

Select the Run or Open option rather than the Save option when given the choice on what to do with
the downloaded file.

Click the Yes button when the Security Warning is displayed.

Restart the PC when given the choice.  This still needs administrator rights at this stage.

When the PC has restarted choose the Back up Now option when given the choice.
This first backup will take 15-60 minutes but the PC may still be used for other tasks.

Following the first backup any previous backup on the School Windows NT server should be
removed by deleting the folder H:\username\Backup and all its contents.  The Backup to Server
batch file and its shortcut should not be used again.