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Genius VideoCAM GF112 Manual

Made by: Genius
Type: Manual
Category: Webcam
Pages: 11
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VideoCAM GF112 Features 


Snap Shot button 

2 Lens 

3 Adjustable 




Installing the VideoCAM GF112 

1.  Please install the driver first and then connect VideoCAM 

GF112 to the USB port. 

2.  Installing the VideoCAM GF112 driver   


a. Insert the VideoCAM GF112 Installation CD into the CD-ROM 


b. The Autorun screen will bring up the installation screen. Click on 

Driver” then simply follow the on-screen instructions. 

c. Install “DirectX from the CD. 



If the Autorun screen doesn’t start, please follow these 


z  Click on “Start Menu”. 
z  Type D\SETUP.EXE , then click “Enter” key. 

(Assume your CD-ROM is in Drive D) 

3.  Insert the VideoCAM GF112’s USB cable to your desktop’s 

or laptop’s USB port. 


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4.     Complete software and hardware installation. You can   

    install the software you would like for video   
    conferencing or chat with your friends. 



To remove the driver installation:   

Windows Environment: 

Please go to the taskbar and follow “Start” Æ “Program” Æ “VideoCAM 

GF112”Æ Click “Uninstall”, then follow the on-screen instructions to 

remove the driver. 



Genius Application (Windows Only) 

You can use our software to capture the real-time image, record or 
execute the simply security function. 
To run the software, please go to the task bar and follow “Start”
Click “Program”
Æ Choose “VideoCAM GF112”Æ Click “VideoCAM 
GF112”. Or you may execute the software by simply clicking the 
shortcut of “VideoCAM GF112”. 


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After installing the driver of VideoCAM GF112, the system will automatically 
create a file (C:\WINDOWS\Album or C:\WINNT\Album)to save the images 
you take using the Genius Application.   

1. Description for the major icon 


Preview mode 


Snapshot mode 


Video Clip Mode   


Security monitoring system 


Exit the Genius VideoCAM Series UI 


Camera Control 



In the “camera control section”, you can personalize your camera 

settings for different circumstances. 


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- You can flip the image horizontally or vertically by choosing “Image Mirror” 

or “Image Flip”. 

- When the light is not sufficient, you may click on “Low Light” to get a clear 



You can adjust different values for different circumstances and environment 


You may adjust values toward image appearance. Before adjusting values, you 

have to unclick “Auto” to unlock.   


-Press “Reset” to return to the manufacturer’s settings. 

-Press “Restore” to return to the previous settings. 

-Press “Save” to save the values you set up. 


Select the correct frequency according to the country where you are using the 
web camera. (Before doing this, you will need to select “Indoor”.)  


-If your web camera is located in backlight position, you may click “Backlight 
compensation” to get a sharper image. 
-You can have a black-and-white photo effect by clicking on “B/W Mode”. 


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2. Preview Mode


You can use the function buttons on the control panel to zoom in/out and 
move upward/downward/left/right. 




Zoom in the image 


Zoom out the image 

Move the image upward 

Move the image downward 


background image




Move the image to the left 


Move the image to the right 

Resolution Selection 
There are 2 categories of resolution: 

RGB24 and 

I420. You can select 5 different image resolutions for 

each of them. The file size of I420 will be smaller than 

RGB24. So, I420 may be the better choice for 



3. SnapShot Mode


You can press the Snapshot button          in the right of the circle to take a 
picture right away and share with your friends. 



background image




Send photo by e-mail 

Shoot continuously   


Zoom in the image 

Zoom out the image 


Move the image upward 


Move the image downward 

Move the image to the left 

Move the image to the right 

Resolution selection 

This section shows the resolution you selected in 

the “Preview Mode”. If you want to change the 

resolution, please click “

”to go back to the 

“Preview Mode” to make the changes.




4. Video Clip Mode



You can record real-time image in this section. 


background image




Send photo by e-mail 


Convert AVI files into MEPG-1 format 


Start recording 


Stop recording 
Exit the Video Clip Mode 


To Crea




 to start; Press 

to stop 


to return


to the video recording mode 

This function has to be under the resolution of RGB24 320 x 

240 or I420 320 x 240. Please make sure the resolution is 

correct before executing this function.



background image



Resolution selection 

This section shows the resolution you selected in the “Preview 

Mode”. If you want to change the resolution, please click 

”to go back to the “Preview Mode” to make the changes.


5. Security Monitoring System


This function records any movements that appear in front of your monitor 

automatically. It can also record anytime until the HD is full. If there’s no 

movement, it will shut down automatically after four seconds otherwise it 

will be active when detecting new movement. It’s a great security 

monitoring system at times when you’re not around. 






Start recording 


background image




Stop recording 


Setup time of the security monitoring system 


Set up the degree of the variance for every 
second of recording image. When the differences 
are over the setup degree, the system will alert 


Set up the different alerting sound effects 




In “Security Monitoring System” section, you can record in any size of 

image resolution. If you want to change the resolution, please click 

”to go back to the “Preview Mode” and make the changes.



MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM 


MSN Messenger 

a.  For live video function, you’ll need MSN Messenger version 6 or later. If 

you don’t have it, please refer to the website: 


 to download. 

b. Now, get to sign onto MSN Messenger service. 

c.  Choose a friend on the contact list and Click “OK” to confirm.   

d. Double-click on your friends, who are available to chat. Click on the web 

camera icon


background image



e.  Your friend will then receive an invitation message. When your friend 

confirms to talk, the video chat will start. 



Yahoo Messenger 

a.  Download Yahoo Messenger at 


 and finish the 

registration, if you don’t have it. 

b. Sign onto Yahoo Messenger. 

c.  From the main window, click Tools menu, then select “Start My Webcam”. 

d. Right-click on a name in your Messenger List and choose “View 


e.  Your friend will then receive an invitation message. When your friend 

clicks YES, the video chat will start. 



AOL Instant Messenger 

a.  You can download AOL Instant Messenger free at 



and finish the registration, if you don’t have it. 

b. Sign onto AOL Instant Messenger. 

c.  Click on “Show Messenger Lists” and choose the friend you want to start   

with video chat with.   

d. Your friend will then receive an invitation message. When your friend 

confirms to talk, the video chat will start. 




Please make sure you already installed the camera driver and connected 

the camera to the computer before running video conferencing or video 

chat programs. 


Please make sure you close other webcam programs before running the 

video conferencing or video chat program.