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Genius TVGo DVB-T31 Quick Manual

Made by: Genius
Type: Quick Guide
Category: TV Tuner
Pages: 16
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1. General Information 

TVGo DVB-T31 is a digital terrestrial TV set top box that lets you watch 
digital TV from your TV and provides high quality digital audio output for Hi-
fi systems or home theaters. Also, the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) 
and Teletext provide you more information on TV programs. TVGo DVB-
T31 is no doubt the choice to fulfill your desire for digital entertainment on 
the go!  

1.1. Features 


Watch free-to-air DVB-T TV programs on TV 


Supports Digital Audio for inputting digital speaker  


Supports EPG(Electronic Program Guide) and Teletext 


Include Active antenna  


Multi-language OSD  

1.2. Package Contents 



Quick Guide 



Remote Control 

AAA batteries*2 




SCART cable 

Power Cord 




Digital Antenna 









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1.3. Remote Control 



















Key Function 


Turns power ON/OFF of the DSR. 


When watching a channel, mutes the sound. 


Enter number of the required menu item or 
Select a channel number to watch. 

TV/RADIO Switch between TV and Radio mode. 



Switches back to previous channel. 


Display favourite channel list. 


Shows information of the current channel. 


Press this key one time to run menu on 

screen, and call command box. 


Moves up/down a page in the channel list. 


Executes the selected item in the menu 

screen, or enters the desired value in any 

input mode 


Display the satellite list or searched channel. 


When watching a channel, change channels, 

or moves to the next higher or lower item in 

the menu. 

When watching a channel, adjust the volume, 

or move to the left or right item in menu. 


Returns to the previous menu on the menu 
screen or escape from the menu. 


When watching a channel, switches the audio 



Calls up the EPG (Electronic Program Guide).


Selects the different audio modes. 


Switches between TV or AV mode. 

POSITION Display position bar on the screen to adjust 

the antenna or for manual search. 


Switches to teletext or subtitle mode. 


Switches to UHF tuning mode. 




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Figure 2: Front Panel  





KEY Function 

POWER/ Power 



Move left or right on the menu by selecting ▲▼ 

1.4. Rear Panel 

















Ant.  IN: connect to Terrestrial  antenna 

Ant. OUT: connect to another receiver 

Connect to a PC for software upgrade 

Connect to TV and VCR or PC using scart cable 

Connect to a speaker 

Digital audio output 

Main connection (AC 90~240V) 


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I N   F R O M  A N T

O U T   T O   A N T






C H 4

C H 3





C A B L E   O R   O F F - A I R




This section explains the installation of TVGo DVB-T31 Always refer to the 
manual supplied with the equipment for the installation of outdoor 
equipment such as the antenna. When adding new equipment, be sure to 
refer to the related parts of the manual for the installation. 

1.5.  Connecting to Antenna and TV 







1.6.  Connecting to TV using RCA Support 












2. Menu Information 

Once TVGo DVB-T31 has been connected correctly to the TV, the 
following menu will be displayed when the power is turned on. 


background image



This menu consists of 5 main 

sections as shown below


• Channel 


• Program 


• Timer 
• User 


• Receiver 


During the installation the OK key confirms a selection and 


shows the Drop Down List Box. You can also use the numeric keys on the 
RCU to enter a numeric value. 

PR+, PR-

 keys allows you to move along the menu bars and all available 

sub-menus should be displayed. Use the

keys to move from left to 

right on the menu or vice versa. 

To leave the menu system at anytime, press EXIT key on the Remote 

User Installation 

This menu consists of 4 sub-menus as shown below. 

• Channel 


• System 


• Parental 


• Factory 


2.1. Channel Search 

1.  Channel : Select desired Channel using 


 keys. Pressing the OK key will 

display a Drop-Down List Box which 

also lets you select the desired channel. 

2.  Frequency : Edit the Frequency. 

3.  Search All Channel : Search all 

avaliable channels. 




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4.  Search Local Channel : Search for a single channel. 
TVGo DVB-T31 will automatically search channels for TV and Radio. 

During this procedure you can see a list of the previously searched 

channels in the Searched List Box on the screen. 
On completion of searching channels, the cursor will be placed on 

 automatically. Now press OK button. 

5.  Set PID:  If you want to set PID (Packet 

Identifier) manually, select TP in the 
“Channel Search Page” and press 
MENU key on the RCU to display the 
command box.  

Then select SET PID command and 

press OK. The set PID menu will be 

Enter the correct value and select OK

6.  Delete  CH :  If you want to delete a 

Channel, please select the Channel 
which you want to delete and then press 

 key on the RCU to display the 

command box.  Then select Delete CH 
command. A confirm message box will 
be displayed. 

Edit Mode

: If you want to edit 

preprogrammed data such as Frequency, please press EDIT mode key 

(Red color key) on the RCU to display the command box. You can then 

move into those columns to change the value.  

2.2. System 


The System Setting menu allows you to se 
t items depending on your environment. 

1.  OSD Language : Lets you select the 

desired language. 

2.  Audio Language: Select the desired 

audio language to be in   top priority 
under the condition that this language is supported by the channel. 

3.  Antenna feed 5V:  Outputting power for active anntenna (Defult is on); 

for passive antenna, pease selet off.  

4.  Screen Format: If your TV supports 16:9 screen format and selected 

channel provides 16:9 format program, select 16:9. 



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5.  Video output: If your SCART supports RGB control, select RGB. 

Otherwise select CVBS. 

6.  TV type: Select the type according to your TV type. 
7.  Start On Channel: If you press OK key, then the channel list is 

displayed. You can select one channel from the list. 

2.3. Parental Lock 

This function allows you to lock the channel with a password in order to 

prevent children from accessing the channel. 
You can also protect your installed data and information using the Install 


•  How to change the Password 

1.  Enter the current password. 

2. Select 


 of Parental Lock. 

3.  Enter new password. 

4.  Confirm your new password entering new 

password again. 


: Default password is 0000. 


:  Once you change the password, please keep it in a safe place 

•  How to use Parent Lock 

1.  To activate parent lock function, go to the 

TV   channel     

Manager Page. 

2.  Press Lock key (Blue color key) on the 

Remote control 

3.  Select the channel which you want to Lock. 

4.  Press OK then   symbol is displayed. 



How to use Install Lock 


Enter the current 


1. Select 


 of Install Lock 

2.  Enter new password 



background image



3.  Confirm your new password by entering new password again 

4.  Exit this menu. 

5.  Select any menu and press OK on the Remote Control. 

6. Then 


Enter Password

 box will be displayed. 

7.  Unless you enter the correct password, you can not run any menu.  


: Default password is 0000 


:  Do not forget your password 

2.4. Factory Default 

If you want to return TVGo DVB-T31 to 
factory default, select Factory Default and 
press the OK key. 

Then a warning message will be displayed. 
To confirm, select OK


:  On selecting factory default you 

will lose all of data and information, which 
was previously installed.   

2.5. Previous Channel Recall 


 PR key on the remote control to 

move to the previous channel you watched. 

2.6. TV & Radio Mode 

While viewing a TV channel, press the 

 key on the remote control to 

change between TV and Radio modes. 








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2.7. TV & VCR Mode 

The TV/AV key on the remote control lets you 
change the mode from satellite to TV or VCR.  

Press once to move to the TV mode. 

Press twice to move to VCR mode. 


General Function 

The following describes the basic functions of TVGo DVB-T31 when 
watching terrestrial TV or listening to terrestrial radio. 

While watching, the current channel information will be shown on the 
bottom of the screen if you press the INFO button on the Remote control. 

2.8.  Select Channel 

If you want to select channel, use CH  key 
on the front panel or PR+, PR- key on the 
Remote Control or numeric keys. 

In addition to the above function, TVGo 
DVB-T31 provides more convenient 
channel change functions. 

While watching, press OK key on the 
remote control. 

A channel list will be displayed on the right side of the screen. If you press 

 key, the channel list will disappear. 

To select a channel, go up or down on the channel list and place the cursor 
on a desired channel. Then, press OK key to watch the selected channel. 

Channel Information 

Every time you change channels, you will receive program information for a 
few seconds. 

While watching the channel you can see the current channel information at 
anytime by pressing the INFO key on the remote control. 



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2.9.  Volume & Audio Control 

1. Volume 


To increase or decrease volume, use VOL 

 on the remote control or ◄► on the front 



: TVGo DVB-T31 has 18 volume levels 

and this can be controlled from the volume level 
of your TV. 

2. Mute 

To mute the sound, press 

 button on the remote control. To bring back 

the normal sound, press this key once again. 

3. Audio 


Press the 

 key repeatedly to select one of three possible Audio settings 

(Left, Right and Stereo)  

The current audio setting will be displayed in the channel information 

4. Language 


Press the AUDIO key on the remote control repeatedly to select audio-
language. This depends on the transmission of audio signal. 

2.10. Favourite 


To create a favorite group list press FAV key 
on the remote control.  

You can access the next favorite group when 
you press FAV key again. 

The method to group favorite channels is 
explained in the Favorite Channel. 

3. Channel Manager 

This function not only allows you to watch 
channels but also do a lot ofinteresting and 
useful things. 


Channel manager consists of TV channel 
and Radio channel.  


background image





: The usage of Radio Channel is same as that of TV channel, in this 

manual only TV Channel manager is explained.  


the left side of the TV channel menu, you can see the channel list. On 

the right side, you can watch the current channel in small Picture in Graphic 
(PIG) mode (1/9 size of the normal mode). You can also see channel 
information under the PIG screen. 

When the cursor is moved from one channel to another, the PIG will 
change accordingly. 

You can use those color keys on the remote control as below. 

1. Delete mode (Red key) 

2. Favorite mode (Green key) 

3. Move mode (Yellow key) 

4. Lock mode (Blue key) 

Pressing the MENU key on the remote control will display the command 

TV channel manager has 3 commands as shown below; 

1. Rename Favorite group 

2. Rename 

3. Sort 

3.2. Favorite  Channel 

When you select channel manager, default 
favorite list will be shown on screen as Favorite 
1. Select your favorite channel and then press 

 key. Then   will be marked next to your 

selected channel name. 

If you want to remove the channel name from the favorite channel list, 
press OK key once again, then the   mark will disappear. 

After the selection of favorite channels press EXIT key twice to save data 
and press FAV key repeatedly to see if each of the favorite groups are 
properly selected. 



background image





 Represents scrambled channel 

•  How to make a favorite group  

1.  When you enter channel manager, the 

default favorite group will be shown once on 
the screen as Favorite 1. 

2.  If you press FAV key on the remote control, 

a new favorite group will be created as 
Favorite 2. 


•  How to edit the name of a Favorite group 

1.  In the favorite mode, press MENU key on the remote control then the 

command box will be displayed on the screen. 

2. Select 

Rename Favorite group” in the command box. 

3.  You can edit the name by using the keypad. 

3.3. Move Channel 

In the TV channel manager page, press Move 

key (Yellow color key) on the remote control 

Select a channel by pressing OK key and move 
the cursor to the location where you want to 
move the selected channel and press OK key. 
Then, you will find that the selected channel 
has moved to the desired location and the 
number of channel has been changed accordingly. 

Check whether the channel number has changed on the channel list.  

3.4.  Lock Channel 

In the TV channel manager page, press Lock 
key (blue color key) on the remote control. 

This  Lock command allows you to lock the 
channel. First select the channel, which you 
want to lock, and press OK key. Then this   
will be marked beside the selected channel 


 To perform this function, you should set up the Parental Lock first. 


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Rename Channel 

In the Main Page, press MENU key on the 

remote control, and then select Rename on the 

command menu. 
This Rename command allows you to rename 

the channel. First select the channel to be 

renamed and press OK key, then a Keypad 

dialog box will be displayed. Enter the desired name.  
Check whether the channel name is changed on the channel list. 

3.5.  Delete Channel 

In the Channel manager, you can enter Delete 
CH mode, if you press Delete key on the 
remote control. Then, if you press Delete key 
repeatedly, the mode will cycle through Delete 
channel carrier

 -> Delete  All -> Delete single 


This Delete command allows you to delete the 
channel permanently. First select the channels, which you want to delete; 
the selected channel number will be marked “X”. If you cancel the 
selection, press OK key again, then the marked number will be back. 

If you decide to delete, press EXIT key and then press OK to delete.    

Check whether the channel number is deleted on channel list.   


: The deleted channel cannot be recovered unless search function 

is performed again. 

3.6. Sort Channel 

In the Main Page, press MENU key on the Remote Control, and select Sort 

on the command menu.  
This Sort menu has a sub command and it allows you to sort the channels, 

as you like.  
You can sort the channels by Favorite, Lock, Scramble and CH name. 

Place the cursor on the desired line, and then press OK key.  
Check whether the channels are sorted properly on the channel list. 


 Radio Channel Manager has the same operation as TV channel 



background image




3.7. Sort Channel 

In the Main Page, press MENU key on the Remote Control, and select Sort 
on the command menu.  

This Sort menu has a sub command and it allows you to sort the channels, 
as you like.  

You can sort the channels by Favorite, Lock, Scramble and CH name. 
Place the cursor on the desired line, and then press OK key.  

Check whether the channels are sorted properly on the channel list. 



 Radio Channel Manager has the same operation as TV channel 


4.  EPG (Electronic Program Guide) 

TVGo DVB-T31 provides EPG function for you 
to get access to the TV Guide (or Radio Guide if 
you are listening to radio channels) that will 
show the titles and other information of the 
current and next programs on different channels. 
The information is only available from the 
network to which the channel you are watching. 

To see the EPG data, press EPG  key on your 
remote control when watching a channel or select Program Guide in the 
Main Page. 

The EPG box will be displayed. 

You can see the channel in the PIG screen; channel list on the left side and 
Program schedule for selected channel will be displayed on the right side. 
The time related to the program schedule is also displayed 

Select one channel and placing the mark on 
the time of Program name which detail 
information you want to know. Then you can 
see blue button, if there is detail information of 
the channel. Press Detail (Blue color key) key 
on the remote control, for the detail information 
box to be displayed. 



background image



If you want to check the previous or next information of the channel, please 
press +6:00 key (Yellow color key) or –6:00 key (Green color key) on the 
remote control. 
Press the blue button on the remote controller 
and more detail of the selected program will be 
displayed on the screen 


: A ‘No data available” message will be 

shown if the selected channel does not provide 
EPG data. 

5. Timer 

You can adjust the real time and program the timer in various ways. 

5.1. Time  Adjust 

You can get the real time from the program 
automatically If the displayed time is not correct, 
you can adjust the real time using this function. 

5.2. Time  Reservation 

Timer can be activated by “Turn on time” 
and/or “Turn Off” Option. 

Timer allows you to program the various timer 

You can set the timer daily, weekly, monthly or