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Genius HS-04U User Manual

Made by: Genius
Type: User Manual
Category: Headphone
Pages: 15
Size: 4.07 MB


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HS-04U User’s Manual   






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Table of Content   


1 HS-04U 


2  Introducing Xear 3D Sound Technology…………4 

3  Function Structure and Overview…………………...5 

4  System Requirement and Installation………………6 

5  User Interface and Function Control …………...…..9 















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1. HS-04U introduction 

















Plug the USB into your computer and system will search the USB device automatically. In the 
original , the volume will show green light , once Microphone mute on , the volume button will 
show red light. 





Volume up 

Volume down 

Mic mute 




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2. Introducing Xear 3D Sound Technology   

This guide will help you to understand how to use the new generation USB Digital Audio 
with exclusive Xear 3D


sound technology. All kinds of applications can get maximum 

support. You can quickly take advantage of these great features to enjoy amazing sound 
effects even better than consumer electronics devices. Xear 3D™ Sound Technology is a 
unique and innovative total audio solution. This patented 3D sound technology not only 
supports real-time 3D gaming and industry-standard 5.1CH or 7.1CH DVD, but also offers 
an immersive virtual 5.1Ch and 7.1CH sound field to the users regardless of what type of 
output device is actually utilized. Thanks to Xear 3D™ Sound Technology, even if you are 
using a pair of earphones or 2CH speakers, you can still get a better virtual 5.1CH or 7.1CH 
environment capable only by Xear 3D™ Sound Technology. Better yet, all audio formats 
can be converted to thrilling 3-dimensional audio by this technology.    Personalized and 
optimum 5.1CH/7.1CH listening environment and experience is thus achieved.   



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3. Function Structure and Overview   

The following shows the function overview of the driver. Optional features mean optional 
offers decided by system manufacturers.   


Xear 3D Driver Function Diagram   





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4. System Requirement and Installation   

This device must be applied on USB specification products. You should confirm your PC 
operation USB function, USB 1.1 or 2.0.   

Case 1--No external driver installed


• OS Support: Win98SE, WinME, Win2000, WinXP, Mac OS 9.0 and 10.1   
• System recommended: use Intel Pentium III or AMD K6 500 CPU above   
• At least 256MB RAM   
• At least 50 MB hard disk space For good sound quality, please adjust your system’s H/W 
acceleration and Sample rate conversion quality to Full and Best.   


Note: Some USB Host Controllers may have problem with data stream package loss, this will 

influence output audio data and make some discontinuous sound. But this is very rare. 
Sometimes, if you plug a USB Personal Multi-media Device on PC system and OS 
cannot auto change audio device to USB audio, please switch the audio device to USB 
audio sound and audio devices properties in control panel.   

Case 2--Install Xear 3D technology driver: 

• OS Support: Win98SE, WinME, Win2000, WinXP   

• System recommended: use Intel Pentium III or AMD K6 500 CPU above   

• At least 512MB RAM     

• At least 50 MB hard disk space   

• Supports direct sound 3D   

Note: Windows OS has default USB driver support, but does not support HRTF 3D, EAX , 

Virtual Multi-channel sound effect and Dolby Digital sound DSP function. If you want to 
enjoy these fancy features, you must install the Xear 3D sound audio driver.   


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Before you install the Xear 3D sound audio driver, you must make sure that the USB 
Multi-media Sound Device is already connected to the PC system already.   

If your PC system has more than one USB connecting port, please remember which 
one is connected for installation, and when the next time when you plug this USB 
Multi-media Sound Device to a PC, you have to plug it into the same port. 

Xear 3D Sound Audio Driver Installation Step: 

Turn on the PC system and connect the USB Multi-media Sound Device to the PC system.   



Insert Installation CD on your CD/ DVD ROM, it will pop up auto run information.   


Select install driver only or both driver and demo program then click “Next” to continue the 
installation. The demo program includes a simple helicopter and rock shooting for 3D sound.   


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Set up will install USB audio kit to default path and folder.   

When set up program complete installation system will need to restart to initialize the 
driver. After you reboot and the system is running up again, you will see a small icon in 
the lower right of the screen. You can click it to open the Xear 3D Sound driver functions. 
If your PC system has more than one USB port, you can just plug the USB Personal 
Multimedia Device to any USB port. If it connects properly, the driver will detect which port is 



When the USB sound icon is showing, it means the Xear3D sound driver was initialized and 
is working now. If you have more than one USB port and you forgot which one was installed 
with the Xear 3D sound driver, this icon will show you are connected to the right port.   



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5. User Interface and Function Control   

Using Analog Output or Digital S/PDIF-Out   

1.Analog Output channels Mode: Earphone, 2CH, 4CH, 6Ch and 8CH for selection


2.Digital Output: Turn on this button to select SPDIF Out data format


3.Digital Output Mode: Select Dolby RTCE or PCM


4.Audio Jack Connected Displa

5.DSP Mode: Click to change different DSP Mode. (Default supports Xear 3D


6.Virtual SPEAKER SHIFTER: can open SPEAKER SHIFTER windows for control


(See next page for more information) 
7.Dolby Headphone: Open Dolby Headphone environment effectively.   
8.Digital Volume Control: Open each channel to adjust digital volume. (See next page 
for more information)   

.Channel Display & Speaker Test: Shows analog output channel status and directly 

click speaker graphic for sound testing.   
10.Auto Sound Test: Auto test every channel for sound effect.   
11.Stop Auto Sound Test: Stop auto testing. 





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Main Setting : 


1.Volume Up Control   

2.Volume Down Control   


4.Counter Clockwise   

5.Manual Rotation   

6.Manual Shifter   


8.Shifter Drag   
Dolby Headphone Sound Effect   

1.Reference Room   

2.Living Room   

3.Larger Room   
Digital Volume Control   

1.Reset Volume   

Mixer :   

Playback Volume Control 


1.Balance Control   

7.SW Synth Volume Balance   

2.Volume Up/Down Control   

8. SW Synth Volume Control   

3.Master Volume On/Off   

9. SW Synth Volume On/Off   

4.Wave Volume Balance   

10.CD Volume Balance   

5.Wave Volume Control   

11.CD Volume Control   

6.Wave Volume On/Off   

12.CD Volume On/Off   


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Recording Volume Control   


1.Stereo Mixer Balance   

6.Microphone Record Volume On/Off   

2.Stereo Mixer Control   

7.Microphone Record Advanced Setting   

3.Stereo Mixer On/Off   

8.Wave Volume Balance   

4.Microphone Record Balance   

9.Wave Volume Control   

5.Microphone Record Volume Control  10. Wave Volume On/Off   

Effects : 




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Environment Size   



2.Concert hall  




4.Music Pub   


5.More option: 27 mode for selected   




9.Ten Band Equalizer Adjust   


18.Pre-Set Mode (Metal)   

10.Pre-Set Mode (Default)   


19.Pre-Set Mode (RAP)   

11.Pre-Set Mode (Dance)   


20.Pre-Set Mode (Classic)   

12.Pre-Set Mode (Bass)   


21.Pre-Set Mode (Vocal)   

13.Pre-Set Mode (Treble)   


22.Equalizer User Define On/Off   

14.Pre-Set Mode (Live)   


23.Pull to select user define mode   

15.Pre-Set Mode (Rock)   


24.User Define naming key in   

16.Pre-Set Mode (Soft-Rock)   


25.Add new user define mode   

17.Pre-Set Mode (Jazz)   


26.Del user define mode   


Karaoke :




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Click this button to control all karaoke 


Can reset all settings to default value   

3.Start Microphone Echo Function 

Select this button to pop up a dialog box to 
enable microphone function. Click “OK” button 
to select recording source and enable 

4.Echo Low/High Control Bar   

Adjust echo low/high   

5.Magic Voice Function (Optional) 

This function only supported in multi-channel 
audio products. When you enable microphone 
echo then can pull down the menu to select 
magic voice. Magic voice provides 5 different 

6.Start Key Shifting Function   

Select this button to enable key shifting 
function and control.   

7.Key Shifting Low/High Control 

This function can adjust tune of background 
music to fit your singing.   

8.Start Vocal Cancellation Function 

Select this button to enable vocal cancellation 
function and control.   

9.Vocal Canceling Control Bar   

This function can control singer’s vocal of 
background music and cancel it as possible.   

Symbol for Separate Collection in European Countries 


This symbol indicates that this product is to be collected separately. 

The following apply only to users in European countries: 



This product is designated for separate collection at an appropriate 

collection point. Do not dispose of as household waste. 



For more information, contact the retailer or the local authorities in 

charge of waste management. 


Sümbol eraldi kogumiseks Euroopa maades 


See sümbol näitab, et seda toodet tuleb koguda eraldi. 

Alljärgnev kehtib ainult kasutajatele Euroopa maades: 

•  Seda toodet tuleb kasutada eraldi vastavas  kogumispunktis. Ärge 

likvideerige seda kui olmejääki. 

•  Kui teil on vaja enam teavet, võtke ühendus jaemüüja või kohaliku     

autoriteediga, kes on vastutav jäätmekorralduse teeninduse eest. 


Symbole de collecte séparée dans les pays européens 


Ce symbole indique que ce produit doit faire l’objet d’une collecte 


Ce qui suit ne s’applique qu’aux utilisateurs résidant dans les pays 

européens : 





background image








•  Ce produit a été conçu afin de faire l’objet d’une collecte séparée 

dans un centre de tri adéquat. Ne vous débarrassez pas de ce produit 

avec vos ordures ménagères. 

•  Pour plus d’informations, contactez votre revendeur ou le service 

assurant l’élimination des déchets. 


Symbol für Mülltrennung in der Europäischen Union 


Dieses Symbol bedeutet, dass dieses Produkt separat entsorgt werden 


Folgendes gilt nur für Benutzer in der Europäischen Union: 

•  Dieses Produkt muss an einem geeigneten Sammelplatz angeliefert 


Entsorgen Sie das Produkt nicht im Haushaltmüll. 

•  Weitere Information erhalten Sie von Ihrem Einzelhändler oder von 

der für Entsorgung zuständigen örtlichen Behörde. 


Σύμβολο για χωριστή περισυλλογή στις ευρωπαϊκές χώρες 


Το σύμβολο αυτό υποδεικνύει ότι το συγκεκριμένο προϊόν πρέπει να 

περισυλλέγεται χωριστά. 

Τα ακόλουθα ισχύουν μόνο για χρήστες σε ευρωπαϊκές χώρες: 

•  Το προϊόν προορίζεται για χωριστή περισυλλογή σε κάποιο 

ενδεδειγμένο σημείο αποκομιδής απορριμμάτων. Μην το απορρίπτετε 

ως κοινό οικιακό απόρριμμα. 

•  Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες, επικοινωνήστε με το κατάστημα 

λιανικής που σας προμήθευσε το προϊόν ή με τις αρχές που είναι 

αρμόδιες για τη διαχείριση απορριμμάτων. 


Az elkülönített hulladék-elhelyezésre figyelmeztető szimbólum az 

európai országokban 


A szimbólum arra figyelmeztet, hogy a terméket külön hulladéklerakókban 

kell gyűjteni. 

A következő figyelmeztetés kizárólag az európai felhasználókra 


•  A terméket az elkülönített hulladékgyűjtést figyelembe véve tervezték. 

Ne dobja ki a készüléket háztartási szeméttárolóba. 

•  További információkért vegye fel a kapcsolatot a viszonteladóval 

vagy a helyi hulladékgazdálkodásért felelős hatósággal. 


Simbolo per la raccolta differenziata nei paesi europei 


Il simbolo indica che questo prodotto si può raccogliere separatamente. 

Quanto segue si applica soltanto agli utenti dei paesi europei: 

•  Questo prodotto è stato progettato per la raccolta differenziata presso 

un punto di raccolta appropriato. Non gettarlo insieme ai rifiuti di 


•  Per maggiori informazioni, rivolgersi al rivenditore o all'autorità 

locale responsabile della gestione dei rifiuti. 


Atsevišķas atkritumu savākšanas simbols Eiropas valstīs 


Šāds simbols norāda, ka izstrādājums ir jānošķir no citiem atkritumiem 

Šie norādījumi attiecas tikai uz lietotājiem Eiropas valstīs: 

•  Izstrādājumu paredzēts savākt atsevišķi no citiem atkritumiem tam 

piemērotā savākšanas vietā. To nedrīkst izmest kopā ar sadzīves 


•  Lai iegūtu papildu informāciju, sazinieties ar mazumtirgotāju vai 

vietējām institūcijām, kas atbild par atkritumu apsaimniekošanu. 






background image









Simbolis atskiram atliekų išmetimui įvairiose Europos šalyse 


Šis simbolis nurodo, kad šis produktas turi būti išmetamas atskirai. 

Sekanti informacija taikoma tik Europos šalių vartotojams: 

•  Šis produktas sukurtas atskiram išmetimui tam tikrame atliekų 

surinkimo taške. Neišmeskite kaip buitinių šiukšlių. 

•  Dėl tolimesnės informacijos, susisiekite su mažmenininku arba 

vietinės valdžios organais atsakingais už atliekų tvarkymą. 


Symbool voor gescheiden afvalophaling in Europese landen 


Dit symbool geeft aan dat dit product afzonderlijk moet worden opgehaald. 

Het volgende geldt alleen voor inwoners van Europese landen: 

•  Dit product werd ontworpen voor gescheiden inzameling op een 

geschikt inzamelingspunt. Het hoort niet bij het huishoudelijk afval. 

•  Neem voor meer informatie contact op met de verkoper of de 

plaatselijke overheid, belast met het afvalbeheer. 



Symbol zbiórki selektywnej w krajach europejskich 


Symbol ten wskazuje, że produkt powinien być zbierany selektywnie. 

Poniższe uwagi dotyczą wyłącznie użytkowników w krajach europejskich: 

•  Ten produkt jest przeznaczony do zbiórki selektywnej w odpowiednim 

punkcie zbiórki. Nie należy pozbywać się go razem z odpadami 

gospodarstw domowych. 

•  W celu uzyskania dalszych informacji należy skontaktować się ze 

sprzedawcą lub z miejscowymi władzami odpowiedzialnymi za 

gospodarkę odpadami. 


Símbolo para a recolha separada em países da Europa 


Este símbolo indica que este produto tem de ser recolhido separadamente. 

Os seguintes pontos aplicam-se somente a utilizadores de países europeus: 

•  Este produto está designado para a recolha separada num ponto de 

recolha apropriado. Não elimine este produto como lixo doméstico. 

•  Para mais informações contacte o vendedor ou as autoridades locais 

responsáveis pela gestão do lixo. 



Símbolo de recogida selectiva en países europeos 


Este símbolo indica que este producto debe eliminarse por separado. 

Las cláusulas siguientes se aplican únicamente a los usuarios de países 


•  Este producto debe recogerse separadamente en un punto de recogida 

adecuado. No elimine este producto con la basura normal. 

•  Para más información, póngase en contacto con el vendedor o las 

autoridades locales encargadas de la gestión de residuos. 


Symbol pro třídění odpadu v evropských zemích 


Tento symbol označuje, že tento výrobek je třeba zlikvidovat jako tříděný 


Pro uživatele v evropských zemích platí následující zásady: 

•  Tento výrobek je třeba zlikvidovat jako tříděný odpad v příslušné sběrně. 

Nelikvidujte s běžným komunálním odpadem. 

•  Další informace vám poskytne prodejce nebo místní orgány zodpovědné 

za likvidaci odpadu.