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Genius GPS 801 User Manual

GSM 801

Made by: Genius
Type: User Manual
Category: GPS
Pages: 17
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Genius Advanced Technologies



User Manual

Android App


Iphone App


Genius GPS / GSM 801

Real Time Car GPS Tracker


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Genius Advanced Technologies



Genius GPS / GSM 801 

Real Time Car GPS Tracker

Welcome to use this real time car GPS tracker Genius-801.This product 

is with GPS module and GSM module, that has many new and unique 

functions, such as built in rechargeable battery for power down alarm & 

tracker removed alarm, built in microphone for listen sound in car, real 

time uploading current location to server, playing back history tracking 

on website or mobile phone, SMS locate with google map, sensitive 

shock sensor built in to control power saving etc. the tracker can auto 

configure APN & GPRS setting, also user can send SMS to set the APN 

& GPRS. it is very easy to install and using, just connect the power sup-

ply is OK, and it is wide working voltage range (9-30V), it can be used 

as car (12V) or tuck (24V) bus etc.

With GPS and GSM, the tracker sends the present location informa-

tion  through  GPRS  to  internet  server,  so  that  user  visit  the  website         


 with the applied user’s name and password (de-

fault user name and password are the last 7 digitals of the ID) through 

any computer with available internet, current location checking, history 

tracking playing back, alarm & running report etc can be operated, it is 

used for alarm, fleet management, anti-hijack etc. Normally the platform 

service charge is free (some distributor maybe sale different package 

of 1 or 2 years service charge free), please confirm your expired date 

after login the website, and the tracker will be active after the tracker 

power on.

User can download Android or iPhone iOS app software to android or 

iPhone mobile phone, click the app, logon with user name and pass-

word, you can locate current location & display history tracking, the 

user name and password is same with the website login. Also following 

999GPS official account on WeChat software, map or text description 

location  can  be  sed  back  by  WeChat.  Basically  using  mobile  phone 

send SMS or call the tracker can get the SMS of the current location 

Google map link. 

This GPS tracker can be used as car alarm, fleet management, driver 

management etc, it can be used for tracking cars, company vehicles, 

buses, taxis, trucks, etc.


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Genius Advanced Technologies



Before Using

1. Power ON / OFF

If the tracker is powered OFF, connect the power wire to the car battery 

can make the tracker power on automatically, also press and hold the 

ON/OFF Button and release after the GREEN LED is ON, the tracker 

will power on. 

If the tracker is powered ON, press and hold the SOS button until the 

GREEN LED flash quickly, release the button, and press the SOS but-

ton 3 times quickly, then the GREEN LED will turn off and the tracker 

will power OFF.

2. Install SIM card

Remove the battery cover according the following diagram, and remove 

the battery, the SIM card socket can be seen, Push the SIM card cover 

up to release the socket (to “OPEN” direction in the following diagram), 

and put the SIM card into socket (Pay attention to that the SIM card 

metal contact pin need face down to the socket), cover the SIM card 

metal  cover  and  push  the  cover  to  “LOCK”  direction  to  lock  the  SIM 

card. And then put the battery in and lock the battery cover.

Genius GPS






SOS Button




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Genius Advanced Technologies




1> This tracker use 2G GSM network, and it upload tracking only 

through  GPRS,  it  can  not  work  in  CDMA  network  or  3G(WCDMA  or 

CDMA2000) network. (Many 3G SIM card can use 2G GSM network, 

this kind of SIM card can be used in this tracker).

2>  Enable  the  SIM  card  GPRS  service  (some  SIM  card  need  send 

SMS or USSD command to enable GPRS function), order a GPRS data 

package (20-30M/month) can save data charge (Normally the tracker 

will use about 20M GPRS data every month)

3> Please confirm the PIN code of the SIM card is disabled.

4> Before installing or uninstalling the SIM card, please power off the 


3. LED flash indicator

GREEN LED Flash once 


GREEN LED Flash twice 


GREEN LED Flash three times 
GREEN LED Flash four times 
GREEN LED ON continuously 
GREEN LED OFF continuously 
GREEN LED Flash fast 


RED LED Flash once   


RED LED Flash twice   
RED LED Flash slowly        

4. Power supply
For CCTR-801, the tracker uses the 9-30V DC power supply, too high 

voltage or AC voltage may damage the tracker or even cause accidents, 

it is necessary connecting to car battery all the time, after the backup 

battery is full, the built in recharging circuit will stop recharging, and if 

the tracker is not move, the tracker will go to sleep, then the tracker will 

cost few power to protect the car battery, this will not make the car bat-

tery can not start car engine.

GSM & GPS working well
GSM working well and no GPS signal 
GSM & GPS working well but battery low
GSM working well, battery low and no GPS signal
GSM searching network 
Power off 
Incoming a call or sending SMS
Uploading current tracking
Can not upload tracking now
The tracker is being charged


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Genius Advanced Technologies




12V/24V car battery


GND (Car Body)


Cut Relay Driving 


(Immobilizer Control)


External SOS button

Note:  The  first  power  on  and  locate 

maybe delay over 10 minutes to wait recharging the battery, the 

built in recharging circuit will auto stop charging after the battery 

is full.

5. Power Down Alarm:

When the tracker power supply is off or the voltage is too low, the 

GREEN LED of the tracker will flash 3 times, and then the tracker will 

send power down alarm SMS to the preset phone. This means the 

tracker power is removed or the tracker is removed, please confirm.

Power Down Alarm



6. Back to Factory Setting

Send the SMS command to the tracker can reset the tracker setting to 

the factory mode (just like new tracker). The SMS command is FAC-

TORY*123456. FACTORY is command, 123456 is tracker password.

The Antenna of GSM and GPS are built in the tracker. So please leave 

the tracker away from big metal, that will reduce the GSM and GPS 

8. Using Condition

The working temperature is -20º to 60º, over this range the specification 

maybe can not reach the standard level. the storage temperature can 

reach to -40º to 80º. 

Simply Using Step

1. First to buy a 2G GSM phone SIM card and enable GPRS service, 

order a data package 20-30M (Normally tracker will use 20M data 

every month), install in the tracker, please refer Before Using 2.

2. Connect the tracker power wire to the car battery or press the ON/

OFF button till the Green LED on continuously, the tracker is powered 

on, put the tracker outdoor for easy get GPS & GSM signal.


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Genius Advanced Technologies



3. Check LED flash, refer Before Using 3 for detail, If Green LED flash 

once  means  GSM  and  GPS  signal  well. And  Red  LED  flash  once 

means the location has been uploaded to the server.

4. Call the tracker or send SMS “LINKLOCATE*123456” to the tracker, 

the tracker will reply the tracker location with Google map link by 


5. Visit & login the tracking platform www.geniusgps.com, display cur-

rent location, playback history tracking etc can be operated, platform 

user name and password is the last 7 digital numbers of the tracker’s 

ID (for example ID is : CC8001401234567, and then the user name 

is : 1234567, password is :1234567, user can change the password, 

send  SMS  “ID*123456”  or  “CHECK*123456”  to  tracker  can  check 

tracker ID).

6. iPhone Android App,Wap,WeChat also use the same user name and 

password with website login, downloading & installation please refer 

the platform operation guide.

7. Fleet user can be created for easy fleet management.

8. This tracker can auto configure APN & GPRS user name & pass-

word,  if  the  auto  configure  is  not  right,  the  Red  LED  will  flash 

twice, the tracker can not upload location to server, then you need 

send  SMS  to  tracker  to  change  the APN  &  GPRS  manually,  send 

“CHECK*123456” to tracker can check the APN auto configure, call 

the tracker SIM card supplier to confirm the APN & GPRS is right. 

Send “APN*123456*apnname” and “USERNAME*123456*usernam

e*password” to tracker can change the APN & GPRS setting, please 

refer the following for detail.

Basic Locate Operation & Setting

1. Add authorized phone number

  Send SMS“ADDPHONE*123456*A*number”(Not including the quo-

tation  marks  “  ”,  Number  means  the  telephone  number  you  want 

preset, the following is same) to tracker is OK, “ADDPHONE” is a 

command; “123456” is password; “A” is authorized number location, 

every tracker have 3 authorized phone number locations, A and B, 

and C,  so you can set 3 phone numbers, if the add operation is suc-

cess, the tracker will send back the information ”Add Preset Phone 

OK”, if the password is not right, the operation is fault, the tracker will 

send back information “Wrong Password”.


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Genius Advanced Technologies



2. Making a call trigger reply Google map link SMS(Platform is not 


    Call the tracker SIM card number, 

after ring 3 times, the tracker will 

hang up the call automatically and 

locate immediately, a few seconds 

later, the tracker will send back 

SMS with current location google 

map website link. user click the 

website link to visit internet, the 

map will display on mobile phone. 

If the tracker has set the author-

ized phone number, then only 

authorized number calling the 

tracker can trigger the tracker lo-

cate and reply SMS, other phone 

number calling has no response.

  The SMS information sample is 

as follow:




3. Send a SMS trigger reply Google map link SMS(Platform is not 


  Send SMS “LINKLOCATE*123456” to the tracker also can trigger the 

tracker  locate  &  reply  Google  map  link  SMS,  “LINKLOCATE”  is  a 

command,  “123456”  is  password;  if  the  password  is  not  right,  the 

operation is fault, the tracker will send back information “Wrong Pass-

word. The SMS & map examples are same as above

4. Arm / Disarm (Shock Alarm) by sending SMS

  Send SMS “SHOCKALARMON*123456” to tracker, “SHOCKALAR-

MON”  is  a  command,  “123456”  is  password,  the  tracker  will  send 

back the information “Set Shock Alarm ON” to indicate the operation 

is success and go to arm state, if the password is not right, the opera-

tion is fault, the tracker will send back information “Wrong Password”.

  After go to shock alarm state, the system will check shock sensor, if 

the shock sensor is trigger (only continuously shock can trigger the 

shock alarm to avoid trigger by mistake), the tracker will send alarm 


background image


Genius Advanced Technologies



and location information by SMS to the authorized phone number, 

and send the alarm information to the website server, also the tracker 

will call the authorized number A first, if no answered then B and C, if 

3 authorized all no answered, then stop calling, If the tracker is trig-

gered continually, every authorized phone will receive max 3 alarm 

SMS per hour.


  If the authorized number have been set, use the authorized phone 

number to send SMS “ARM#” to the tracker also can trigger the track-

er to enter arm state. 

    The shock alarm SMS is as follow:

    Shock Alarm


  Send SMS “SHOCKALARMOFF*123456” to tracker, “SHOCKALAR-

MOFF” is a command, “123456” is password, the tracker will send 

back the information “Set Shock Alarm OFF” to indicate the operation 

is success and disable the shock alarm, if the password is not right, 

the operation is fault, the tracker will send back information “Wrong 


  After disable the shock alarm, the system will not check shock sensor 

again. Also send SMS “CANCELALARM*123456” to the tracker can 

cancel this alarm setting.

  If the authorized number have been set, use the authorized phone 

number to send SMS “DISARM#” to the tracker also can trigger the 

tracker to enter arm state. 

Senior Locate Operation & Setting
1. Add / Delete / Check authorized number:

  The authorized phone number is used to send alarm information by 

SMS, or use mobile phone to locate the tracker without platform, if 

the authorized phone number is not set, then the alarm information 

can not send to user by SMS (alarm, battery low, SOS, etc). The Add 

command please see “Basic Locate Operation & Setting”.


  Delete authorized phone number by SMS

  Send  SMS  “DELETEPHONE*123456*A”  to  the  tracker,  “DELETE-

PHONE”  is  a  command;  “123456”  is  password;  “A”  is  authorized 

phone number location, there are 3 locations “A” and “B” and “C”; 


background image


Genius Advanced Technologies



if the delete operation is success, the tracker will send back the in-

formation  ”Delete  Preset  Phone  OK”,  if  the  password  is  not  right, 

the operation is fault, the tracker will send back information “Wrong 



  Check authorized phone number by SMS

  Send SMS “CHECKPHONE*123456” to tracker, “CHECKPHONE” is 

a command; “123456” is password; if the operation is success, the 

tracker will send back the information “Preset Phone A:13987654321; 

B:13876543210; C:13765432100 , the phone number is just an ex-

ample. if the password is not right, the operation is fault, the tracker 

will send back information or “Wrong Password”.

2. Change / Check Tracker Password

    The tracker password is used to protect the tracker only can be oper-

ated by owner, every SMS command need follow tracker password, 

the  default  tracker  password  is  123456,  for  higher  security  please 

change the tracker password.


  Change tracker password

  Send  SMS  “CHANGEPASSWORD*123456*888888”  to  tracker, 

“CHANGEPASSWORD”  is  a  command;  “123456”  is  old  password; 

“888888” is new password; if the operation is success, the tracker 

will send the information “ New Password: 888888” to every preset 

phone number, if the password is not right, the operation is fault, the 

tracker will send back information “Wrong Password”.

  Note: Only The authorized phone can change the password.
  Check tracker password

  Send  SMS  “CHECKPASSWORD”  to  the  tracker,  “CHECKPASS-

WORD” is a command, if the operation is success, the tracker will 

send back the information “Password:888888”; “888888”is an exam-


  Note: Only The authorized phone can check the password.

3. Set APN & GPRS

  This tracker use GPRS to upload the information to internet server, 

most mobile company SIM card need enable GPRS service first & 

set APN and GPRS user name & password, please call your tracker 

sim card mobile phone company to confirm.

  This  tracker  can  download  &  configure  APN  &  GPRS  username 

password automatically after power on according the different SIM 


background image


Genius Advanced Technologies



card in the tracker, if the APN & GPRS user name password are not 

right (Red LED will flash twice), then you need sending SMS to track-

er to change them manually, please confirm the auto configuration 

of APN & GPRS user name password is right, call your tracker SIM 

card mobile phone company to get the APN & GPRS setting, send-

ing SMS “CHECK*123456” to tracker can check the current APN & 

GPRS auto setting. if the APN & GPRS are not right, please set by 

the following description.


  Send SMS “APN*123456*apnname” to the tracker, in which, “APN” is 

the fixed command, “123456” is the password and “apnname” is the 

APN name of a mobile phone company. Having successfully been 

made, there will be a SMS “APN: apnname”.


  Send SMS “USERNAME*123456*username*password” to the track-

er,  “USERNAME”  is  a  command,  “123456”  is  the  password  of  the 

tracker; “username” is the mobile company GPRS user name, “pass-

word” is the mobile company GPRS password, if the operation is suc-

cess, the tracker will send back the information “Username:username, 

Password:password”, please call the mobile phone service hot-line 

to get the GPRS username and password, some mobile company 

it is not necessary to set the GPRS username and password. if the 

password is not right, the operation is fault, the tracker will send back 

information “Wrong Password”.

4. Set Website Server IP address 

  The tracker IP address has been set to default :,8011 

in factory, for normally this is not necessary to change, If our server IP 

is changed, we will notice on the website. But if you need upload loca-

tion to your own server, send SMS “IP*123456*,8011” 

to the tracker, in which, “IP” is the fixed command, “123456” is the 

password and “,8011” is the IP address & port of the 

your own server. Having successfully been set, there will be a SMS 


5. Set the upload time interval

    The GPS location information upload time can be set from 30 to 999 

seconds.Send  SMS  “INTERVAL*123456*yyy”  to  tracker,  “INTER-

VAL” is a command, “123456” is password, “yyy” is the interval time 

from 30 to 999, unit is second. The tracker will send back informa-

tion “INTERVAL:yyy ”, if the password is not right, the operation is 

fault, the tracker will send back information “Wrong Password”. 30 


background image


Genius Advanced Technologies



seconds is the default interval time. Longer upload interval time can 

save battery and GPRS data cost, but this will make the total mileage 

to more error. 

6. Keep Tracker Online

    Send SMS “KEEPONLINE*123456” to tracker can make the tracker 

keep online all the time, “KEEPONLINE” is a command, “123456” is 

password, the tracker will not go to standby mode after the tracker 

stop moving, it means the tracker will turn on the GPS module all the 

time, then user can control the tracker all the time, this mode will cost 

some GPRS data and power battery, this mode can be canceled and 

got to default shock sensor control mode (If the tracker stop moving 

2 minutes, it will turn off GPS and go to standby mode to save GPRS 

data charge & car battery) by sending SMS command “CANCELA-

LARM*123456”.  If  the  shock  sensor  sensitivity  is  not  high  enough 

or the car is stolen, enable this mode can make the car can be con-

trolled all the time. 

7. Remote Turn Off Car Engine (Cut Oil Power)

  Send SMS “STOPENGINE*123456” to tracker, “STOPENGINE” is a 

command, “123456” is password, the car engine will be turned off 

immediately.  The  tracker  will  send  back  information  “Turn  Off  Car 

Engine Success”, if the password is not right, the operation is fault, 

the tracker will send back information “Wrong Password”.


  The output current of the tracker is smaller than 500mA, so a relay 

is necessary to install to turn off the car engine, and also a diode is 

necessary to add to protect the tracker driving wire, the diagram is as 


The  remote  turn  off  car  engine  can  be  disabled  by  “CANCELA-

LARM*123456”  command,  also  “RESET*123456”  command  can  dis-

able this command.


background image


Genius Advanced Technologies



Attention: Turning off engine is very dangerous when car is driving, this 

will make the car difficult to control and maybe cause a accident, so we 

recommend make the relay cut the start motor wire, this will make you 

can not remote turn off car engine, but you can make the car engine 

can not be started.

8. Listening or Monitor sound around tracker 

  Send SMS “LISTEN*123456” or “MONITOR*123456” to tracker, “LIS-

TEN” and “MONITOR”is a command, “123456” is password, then the 

tracker will make a call back to the SMS sender, user pick up the call-

ing and then the sound around the tracker can be listened. Hang up 

the calling will stop the LISTEN & MONITOR command.

9. Check tracker setting

  Send SMS “CHECK*123456” to tracker, “CHECK” is the fixed com-

mand, “123456” is password. The tracker will send back information 

including  software  version,  ID  S/N  number,  IP  address,  authorized 

phone number, GPS and GSM signal etc. if the password is not right, 

the operation is fault, the tracker will send back information “Wrong 


The following is an example :

801,V Mar 03 2014,CC0801C00820800,ShockContr

ol,,8011,30, A:13987654321 B:13876543210,GPS 





:Product Model

    V Mar 03 2014 


:Software version date


:ID S/N number



:Uploading Mode 

(Keep online or Shock control),8011 

:Server IP and Port




:Upload Interval Time


:Authorized number (A/B/C)

    GPS OK 


:GPS status



:GSM signal strength



:APN name




:GPRS user name



:GPRS password



:Sim Card MCC+MNC



:Current Cell ID







background image


Genius Advanced Technologies



Note: This command usually be used to check the tracker current sta-

tus & configuration, if the tracker can not work well, this command can 

check what the problem is.

10. Re-power On & Reset Tracker

  Send  SMS  “RESET*123456”  to  tracker,  “RESET”  is  a  command, 

“123456” is password. The tracker will send back information “Reset 

Tracker and cancel all alarm setting”, if the password is not right, the 

operation is fault, the tracker will send back information “Wrong Pass-


  The tracker will power off and then power on automatically, this will 

take a few minutes, and then cancel all the alarm setting in the track-

er, including shock alarm, turn off car engine etc. 

11. Back to factory configuration

  Send SMS “FACTORY*123456” to tracker, “FACTORY” is the fixed 

command, “123456” is password. The tracker will send back informa-

tion “Set factory setting OK”, if the password is not right, the operation 

is fault, the tracker will send back information “Wrong Password”.

  After this, The tracker will cancel all the alarm setting in the tracker, 

including shock alarm, move alarm, geo-fence alarm, over speed 

alarm, delete all the authorized phone number, delete the APN and 

GPRS  user  name  and  password,change  the  tracker  password  to 

123456, reset the IP address, reset the system working mode and 

the interval time, and so on. 


  1> If forgot the password, you can not reset by the SMS command.

  2> After back to default set, if the IP/APN/GPRS name & password 

are changed manually, you need set these again by sending SMS.

12. Cancel All Alarm Setting

  Send SMS “CANCELALARM*123456” to tracker, “CANCELALARM” 

is a command, “123456” is password, the tracker will send back in-

formation “All Alarm Cancel”, and cancel all the shock alarm setting 

in the tracker. if the password is not right, the operation is fault, the 

tracker will send back information “Wrong Password”.

  Note: RESET and FACTORY also can cancel all alarm setting, 

about the difference please see above.

13. SOS Emergency

  In the normal mode press the SOS button and don’t not release 

(Press  button  over  6  seconds),  the  GREED  LED  will  flash  quickly, 


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a few seconds later the GREEN LED will turn OFF, then release the 

button, the tracker will send SOS help information to all 3 preset 


  The SOS SMS information sample is as follow: 

  HELP !


  If user receive the HELP information, please note that the SOS button 

must be pressed, please call the driver to confirm with the user is safe 

or not or call the police.

  The SOS function need installing the external SOS button, install the 

external SOS button in a hidden place that driver can press the but-

ton, connect one wire of the SOS button to GND (car body), another 

wire of the SOS button to tracker SOS wire.


1. This tracker use 2G GSM network, and it upload tracking only through 

2G  GPRS,  it  can  not  work  in  CDMA  network  or  3G(WCDMA  or 

CDMA2000) network, Some 3G card can work in 2G GSM network, 

then this kind of 3G SIM card can be used in this tracker, please call 

mobile phone company to confirm the sim card support 2G GSM net-

work or not.

2. Please confirm that the SIM card PIN code has been disabled, Other-

wise the tracker can not find GSM network, the Green LED will keep 


3. Also  please  confirm  the  SIM  card  has  enable  GPRS  service,  the 

tracker will cost 20-30M GPRS data every month, order a GPRS data 

package can save money.

4. The antenna of GSM and GPS is built in tracker, please note that the 

install location of the tracker must can receive the GPS signal, nor-

mally the back of the seat or arm rest box or under the back window 

or room on the panel etc. please leave away the tracker from big 


background image


Genius Advanced Technologies



metal, and keep away from the magnetic components.

5. The tracker built in high capacity Li battery, recharge one time can 

use about 15-20 days (standby), please use our OEM DC adapter 

for charging, change the working mode can extend the working time 


6. The tracker built in GSM and GPS module, so please power off the 

tracker at the special place that restrict using mobile phone, such as 

on the plane, etc. 

7. The GPS need 10-200 seconds to locate the position, when the GSM 

signal is weak or the network is very busy, the SMS maybe delay to 

send by the GSM network, this is normal.

8. The tracking data on our server will keep 6-12 months, the old data 

will be deleted.

Trouble Shooting:

1. The tracker auto power off: please confirm the tracker battery have 

enough power, and try to recharge it; and confirm the adapter is work-

ing well (When charging the LED on the adapter is RED, if the LED 

is GREEN means the charging is finished, the charging process will 

cost 5-10 hours ). 

2. After power on the tracker, the tracker GREEN LED keep on, and it 

has not any repose, and no ring, please confirm the SIM card has 

been installed properly, the SIM card PIN code is disable, and the 

SIM card has enough charge, and the mobile phone can work well in 

that place. If the tracker work well the Green LED will flash once every 

4 seconds.

3. If the tracker can not upload location to website, please confirm the 

SIM card has GPRS function, and the APN or GPRS auto configure is 

right, (Send SMS “CHECK*123456” to check auto configure, and call 

the mobile phone hot line to confirm APN & GPRS). if the tracker do 

not move, the tracker will not upload tracking, try moving the tracker.

4. If the tracker can not send back information by SMS, please confirm 

the SIM card has ID caller display function and SMS service function, 

and please read the SMS information of the tracker sending back, 

and check the instruction & password is right or not.


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Genius Advanced Technologies



5. When call the tracker, it has ringing, but it will not hang up the calling, 

please check the tracker has set the authorized phone number, use 

the authorized phone call the tracker, or delete the authorized  phone 


6. Can not login the platform: send SMS to check the ID of the tracker, 

then try again, if not success please contact your supplier.

7. After go out the under ground park, some tracking maybe lost, the 

GSM and GPS module will take a few minutes to receive signal and 

re-locate, some tracking maybe lost, this is normal.

8. Some time some location point is lost, this is normal, in the transmit 

process, some point maybe lost, but this will not happen very often.


GSM Module
GSM Frequency
GSM / GPS Antenna
Working Current
Standby Current
Working Temperature

SIMCOM 900 or 800
850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Built in
< 1.5 mA
-20 0C to +55 0C

GPS Module
GPS channel
Locate precision
GPS Hot Start Time
GPS Cold Start Time
Recharging Current
Storage Temperature

Sirf-Star or MTK
32 channels
10-20 Meters
1 second
36 seconds
< 5.5V/500mA
-40 0C to +80 0C


background image


Genius Advanced Technologies




  This system has been tested before sold. We strongly recom-

mend you to get this system installed by professional. There is 

a one-year warranty except the following condition:


  1. Installed, fixed, or changed by personally or unprofessional.


  2.  Warranty  will  eliminate  if  the  ownership  of  the  tracker  has 

been changed.


  3. Parts damaged by man-made.


  4. Battery, adapter, wires, etc.


 this device is just an auxiliary product that applying 

the location of current object, we have not any responsibility if 

you have damage or lost in using this tracker.

Notes: The explanation of this manual is belonged to our com-

pany, some small changes may not notice customer, if you 

have any problem please contact us, thanks! 

Customer Name

Customer Phone


Purchase Date


Tracker SIM card

Serial Number

Expired Date