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Genius G12UV Hardware Manual

Made by: Genius
Type: Hardware
Category: Video Game Controller
Pages: 1
Size: 0.03 MB


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Game Device Features 







Game Device Installation 

1.  Make sure you turn your computer on. 
2.  Insert the driver’s disc into the CD-ROM drive, and the setup program will start 

automatically. If not, start the setup program manually by selecting Start/Run and type 
in “E:\setup”(Where “E:” represents the location of the CD-ROM drive), then press the 
Enter key. 

3.  Please follow the instructions on the screen to finish the driver installation. (Some 

operating systems will install the DirectX program automatically first, so just follow the 
instructions on the screen to finish the program installation.) 

4.  After the software installation is completed, you can connect your game device to the 

USB port on your computer. 

5. Click Start / Settings / Control Panel and double click on the Game Controllers 

or Gaming Options” icon. 

6. In the Game Controllers” or Gaming Options” screen, you can calibrate and test 

your game controller before you play any game. 


When you finish the calibration and test, you can now play any game.




1.  The game device has Analog/Digital/Car modes. You can switch to the appropriate 

mode for use. (Default : Analog mode ) 

Hardware / Mode 

Analog mode 

Digital mode 

Car mode 



X & Y axis motion


Left mini-stick 

X & Y Axis motion

X & Y axis motion

X axis motion 

Right mini-stick 

Throttle & Rudder

Throttle & Rudder

Y axis motion   

LED Indicator 

Red light 

Green light 

Orange light 

2.  The driver will work with the DirectX 7.0a or a newer version. Please check the 

DirectX version on your system, and upgrade if necessary. 

3.  The vibration effect occurs according to game software. For details, refer to the game 

software manual.